national history? The Delaware State team bus stops, heading for Georgia

Students at Delaware State University have received training on discriminatory practices and questionable legal procedures, with a rental bus passing through Georgia as their class.

It is a lesson he will remember for a long time, but his presence has raised eyebrows beyond the DSU campus in Dover.

Her lacrosse women’s team was heading north to I-95 in Liberty County, Georgia, southwest of Savannah, on April 20. The Hornets were returning home after playing their final game of the season at Stetson University in Deland, Florida, on April 19.

Bus driver Tim Jones was initially told he was wrong on the left lane when the bus was towed, according to DSU student book The Hornet Newspaper and its page. The incident was described in detail in an article published Friday by Sydney Anderson, the second lacrosse football player on the bus.

Liberty County, Georgia, consultants are investigating the assets of a Delaware State women's lacrosse group on a photo taken by a football player from a bus.

A video accompanying a story by DSU Saniya Craft shows an official saying, “If you have anything in your wallet, maybe we’ll find it, okay? I’m not looking for a bit of marijuana but I’m sure those who lead these guys are upset with you when we find anything.”

By this time, members of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office had begun removing players’ bags from the car’s parking lot to investigate after asking Jones to open them. Police had a dog that smelled of drugs at the scene.

Officials learned that the passengers were in the lacrosse team.

“If there is anything suspicious in there,” said his deputy on the bus, “please tell me now, because when we find it, what do you think? We can’t help you. ”

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