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National Day for Prevention of Abuse and Exploitation of Children and Adolescents

Reporting is one of the most effective ways to combat abuse and exploitation. Dial 100. The call is free and the identity of the complainant is kept secret. Do not let abuse go unnoticed!

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The municipality of Kazama, through the municipality’s social development department, expresses its loyalty to the National Day Against the Abuse and Exploitation of Children and Adolescents – Orange Mayo.

Established by Federal Law No. 9.970 / 2000, May 18 is National Day for the Fight against Child and Adolescent Abuse and Sexual Exploitation.

The date was chosen as an indication of the “Araselli case”, of a girl who was abducted at the age of 08, drugged and physically and sexually abused for several days, before killing, disfiguring her body with acid in an empty space. Left. In the city of Vittoria in the state of Espirito Santo.

Types of sexual violence:

Sexual abuse: Any obscene or sexual relationship between a child or a teenager, an adult adult or a teenager. When the victim is under the age of 14, it is considered sexual violence, since the law on a minor under that age understands that he or she still cannot consent to a relationship.

Sexual harassment is usually practiced by a person with whom the child or adolescent has a faith relationship and who participates in their interaction. This violence can manifest itself in or outside the domestic environment.

Sexual abuse: Use of children and adolescents for sexual purposes mediated by gain, value objects or other elements of exchange. Sexual exploitation occurs in four ways: prostitution; Pornography Trafficking network; And, sexually motivated tourism.

In this case, both the person who pays for the services or materials and the mediator who mediates the exploited child or adolescent to their exploiter are committing the crime.

How to report:

Guardian Council

The Guardian Council is active in advocating for the rights of children and adolescents and works to prevent sexual violence.

In Kazama, the Board of Governors is located at the following address:

Rua Etelvino Inocêncio da Silva, no. 56 – District of Jordan
Contact number: (11) 4446-0033

Dial 100

Anonymous reporting can be done via DISQUE 100, which is open 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays.

Social services

Unified Social Assistance System – Kazama Municipality develops SUAS, services, programs, projects and facilities that work to prevent family vulnerabilities and social risks and to take special care of families and individuals in the event of a violation of rights.

Access to all of these public provisions occurs through social assistance tools and units, such as the Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS) and the Specialized Social Assistance Reference Center (CREAS).

The Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS) and the Specialized Social Assistance Reference Center (CREAS) come together to mobilize, sensitize, inform, and mobilize the community to participate in dialogue circles in the fight for the rights of children and adolescents.

Unit address and telephone number:

Social Development Secretary
Eve. Antonieta Pasquarelli Hairstyle, no. 245 – District of Jordan
Contact number: (11) 4408-0299 / (11) 4447-2370

Rua Constantino Francisco de Almeida, no. 367 – Paraiso – Polvilho District
Contact number: (11) 4448-1881

CRAS D Polvilho
Roberto Lopez of Rua Flademi, no. 114 – Polville District
Contact number: (11) 4448-2001 / (11) 4448-1609

Jordan’s CRAS
Rua Rubens Barbosa, no. 131 – District of Jordan
Contact Number: (11) 4446-0000 – Extension – 7555

CRAS Center
Pedro Dominges Street, no. 251 – Headquarters District
Contact number: (11) 4447-4113 / (11) 4447-1863

Eve. Antonieta Pasquarelli Hairstyle, no. 187 – District of Jordan
Contact numbers: (11) 4408-7035 / (11) 4408-7023

Campaign 2022 – May Orange
Access materials prepared by Kazama Municipality for information and awareness on combating sexual violence against children and adolescents.

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