Napoli-Roma 1-5 (2 ‘Cherubini, 4’ aut. Barba, 49 ‘Obaretin, 56’ Cassano, 68 ‘and 86’ Satriano): the match is over, Napoli has been heavily defeated

95′ – The referee’s three-time whistle, Napoli-Roma ends.

92′ – Satriano avoids the closing moments and doesn’t return to the discipline.

91′ – The match was stopped. When I’m on the floor, the medical workers intervenes instantly.

90′ – The referee provides 5 minutes to recuperate.

90′ – Naples likelihood! Giannini tries a strong shot from distance that finally ends up on the crossbar.

89′ – Roma’s likelihood! Amazing save by Boffelli who avoids the Giallorossi’s sixth objective.

87′ – The followers in the stadium begin to roar and depart the stadium.

86′ – FOR ROMA! SATRIAN! Twice the quantity 21 hit the ball into the internet after Boffelli’s intervention in Koffi’s shot.

85′ – Roma are in charge of the recreation and hold possession.

83′ – Substitution for Roma: Koffi enters and Cassano exits.

78′ – Substitute Frustalupi: D’Avino enters Obaretin exit, Letter enter Rossi exit.

77′ – Substitution for Roma: Pagano enters as Faticanti comes out.

71′ – Cold break given by the referee.

70′ – Substitution for Napoli, double change: Russo replaces Iackarino, Giannini replaces Lamine.

68′ – FOR ROMA! SATRIAN! Roma who reaches the flooring is Cassano who affords a kiss to Satriano who beats Boffelli.

62′ – Substitution for Napoli: Sahli enters as Marranzino exits.

56′ – FOR ROMA! CASSANO! 3-1 to Roma, Cassano in entrance of the objective is not improper.

55′ – Substitution for Roma: D’Alessio joins Tahirovic on the method out.

49′ – NAPLES GOAL! OBARETIN! Napoli begin strongly at the starting of the second half and shorten the distance.

1-2 Napoli, Obaretin community

46′ – The second half begins: instantly two modifications for Roma: Cherubini for Falasca, Oliveiras for Costacesco.


52′ – The first half of the recreation ends.

51′ – We proceed to play, Keramitsis down after a foul by Rossi in the penalty space of ​​the Giallorossi.

48 ‘Another likelihood for Rome! The Romans press, this time Cassano tries to shoot.

47 ‘- Rome luck! A combat in opposition to the Giallorossi that ends with Satriano’s shot.

45′ – The referee provides 5 minutes to recuperate.

45 Naples luck! Rossi lights up and touches the internet with a great shot from distance.

42 ‘- Rome luck! Roma reply with Tahirovic’s shot that finally ends up broad of the objective.

41 Naples luck! Lamine lights up and reaches the floor and tries to serve Rossi who, nonetheless, is anticipated by his opponent.

39 ‘- Iaccarino warned.

37 ‘- Rome luck! From the growth of the nook kick Cherubini tries the volley.

34 ‘- Oliveiras warned.

29′ – Cold break given by the referee.

26 Cherubini warned after Cherubini took a powerful motion in opposition to Barba.

17 ‘- Roma’s threats had been stopped by the decisive intervention of (*68*).

15 ‘- Ammonite Obaretin and Tahirovic.

14′ – A dialogue on the pitch between the gamers, the match referee referred to as Obaretin and Tahirovic to him after the argument.

4′ – ROME TWICE! AUTHORITE BEARD! Rome once more, this time Napoli with out luck and Barba’s objective in the nook.

2 ‘- ROME GOAL! CHERUBI! The Giallorossi instantly took the lead when Cherubini beat Boffelli simply two minutes later.

1 ‘- He began the recreation, he beat Napoli first.


11.00 am -Groups are collaborating.

10.30 am – Designs are in the yard to heat up. The begin is anticipated at 11am.


After the defeat of Liverpool, Frosinone and Sassuolo, Frustallupi’s crew has been invited to win and rating factors in opposition to Roma who haven’t misplaced since the begin of the season and this comes from three wins and a draw. Matteo Marchisano is additionally on the pitch, on a stick, to comply with his teammates.

NAPLES (3-4-2-1): Boffelli, Barba, (*68*), Lamine, Nosegbe, Obaretin, Spavone, Iaccarino, Rossi, Gioielli, Marranzino.
Available now: Turi, Letter, Pesce, Pontillo, Lorusso, De Pasquale, D’Avino, Mazzone, Russo, Sali. Teacher: Frustalupi.

ROMA (4-3-3): Baldi, Missori, Chesti, Cherubini, Pisilli, Cassano, Keramitsis, Oliveiras, Faticanti, Satriano, Tahirovic.
Available now: Razumejevs, Del Bello, Ubert-Jacquemin, Vetkal, Padula, Pellegrini, Koffi, D’Alessio, Majchrzak, Louakima, Falasca, (*49*), Graziani, And Costacesco. Teacher: Do you drive?

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