Nadal arrives last in the French Open after Zverev was forced to remove and injure | French Open 2022

Rafael Nadal is the French Open final for the 14th time in his career as an impressive, long and confusing semi-final as Alexander Zverev was forced out of the second set after his parents’ foul chased the ball and was sent off. court on a wheelchair.

After competing for more than three hours but not being able to complete two sets, Nadal won 7-6 (8), 6-6 ret. progress to the end.

Nadal, who turned 36 on Friday, will now play the 14th edition of the French Open with 22 titles, his French Open record now 111-3 (97%). After winning the Australian Open, they have tried to win two major annual competitions and go to the semi-finals.

“Very difficult, isn’t it?” He said Nadal had retired from Zverev. “And sadly for him, to be honest, he was playing an incredible game. He’s a very good friend of the team. I know how he fights for great success but so far he was unlucky.

“What I’m sure of is that he won’t win even one, more than one, so I wish him all the best.”

As the rain around Paris and the new Roland Garros roof were used in the first game of the actual results this year, internal conditions were impossible for Zverev’s fall, removing material from the equation.

With the humidity under the roof, Nadal was sweating profusely in the second game and Zverev got into the starting lineup and hit hard as usual, Nadal’s toppin worked hard and tried to force his opponent.

It started with a powerful 92 minute opening, the length of all the football games, which produced always the same big and dangerous ones.

For the first time in a row, Zverev was on fire. He started the game very well, falling to the ground where he reached 80% dropping the ball inside the start while Nadal was just a spectator.

The eighth game has begun and the tensions are rising, however, his problems which he is well aware of with his second half and his future were evident.

He lost his job but later took a 6-2 lead in the game. Fighting against each other would have ended the set, but instead Nadal kept all four sets. After Zverev missed a simple volley at 3-6, Nadal produced a winner at the point. While Nadal continues to struggle with his game, he woke up to steal Zverev’s game with an amazing shooting winner.

Zverev shakes hands with the judge when he is forced to leave. Photo: Yoan Valat / EPA

Nadal broke serving at the start of the second set, suddenly on top of his base. But as in his nine rounds of matches against Felix Auger-Aliassime, when he refused to step up this lead with two sets to one, he threw a number of dangerous games. The result was confusing, very low which was sometimes hard to see.

The Spaniard struggled against the start, relying too heavily on his shot instead of the powerful wickets, and Zverev made two mistakees in the break, including three errors in the game as he worked 5-3. At 5-4 for Zverev, eight of the first nine games were a break.

As the pair headed for the tiebreak and Nadal attacked the game at his job, Zverev rushed forward and twisted his right knee.

He immediately started screaming in agony and was immediately escorted to a wheelchair, which was so rare that it immediately indicated the seriousness of his injuries. Shortly afterwards, and when Nadal left the courtroom, Zverev returned to court with a stick and greeted the crowd as his respite was confirmed.

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    Even though he made it to the finals, Nadal would not be satisfied with his performance as he was in the lead with his unlimited fighting spirit and athleticism. However, in his interrogation in court, Nadal politely indicated that his performance was not necessary at the time: “It has been a very difficult game, three hours and we have not completed the second set,” he said. he said. “So it’s one of the biggest challenges on this trip today as he plays at a very high level when playing with him.”

    He continued: “It is hard for me to say much these days. Obviously, for me, as everyone knows, being the last of Roland Garros is sometimes a dream come true, without a doubt. But at the same time, to end that way … I’ve been in a small room with Sascha before we went back to court. Seeing her cry there, is such a difficult time so good luck to her. ”

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