NAACP summons Jack Del Rio’s post office after Jan. 6 ‘dust up’ comments

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Jack Del Rio’s recent tweets and comments have attracted a lot of attention from NFL allies and a well-known human rights organization.

Derrick Johnson, President of the NAACP, has called on the Washington Commanders’ co-ordinator to step down or be removed because of his comments compared to Jan. 6 at the Capitol to the national protests that followed the assassination of George Floyd.

“It is time for Jack Del Rio to step down or be suspended,” Johnson said in a statement Thursday. “His words may not be offensive or obscure. The January 6 attack – an attempt to seize – was far from ‘a dust storm.’ Every day we learn a lot about how our democracy came to be an autocracy. ”

Svrluga: Jack Del Rio can choose his own words. Authorities can choose their own coaches.

Officials with the NFL did not respond to a request for comment on Johnson’s remarks.

On Monday, Del Rio responded to Norm Eisen’s tweet from the Brookings Institution research team, with Eisen backing the report ahead of Jan. Discussions of the 6 committees, which are due to start on Thursday evening.

Del Rio tweeted: “I would like to understand the ‘whole story’ of why the heat of violence, robbery, vandalism is not being talked about but this is ??? #CommonSense.”

Asked about his tweet Wednesday after a stint in the gym, Del Rio called the Capitol attack “dusty,” annoying current and former players, fans and elected officials.

“Yes, let’s do something. What did I ask for? Simple question, “Del Rio told reporters Wednesday.” Why don’t we look at those things if we want to talk? Why don’t we look at those things? Because it’s hard for me to say – I can watch it, see pictures on TV, people’s lives are being ruined, businesses are heating up. No problem. Then we have dust in the Capitol. Nothing was burned, and we are not talking – we are going to do something great. “

The group did not respond to a report on Wednesday, and Superintendent Ron Rivera declined to discuss Del Rio’s tweets with reporters earlier in the day. Rivera said he “did not worry” Del Rio’s tweets would affect the locker room and if there was anything to address, he said it would be like “a secret affair.”

del rio commented on Twitter Wednesday evening is he apologized as a result of his comments, he claims to be referring to Jan. 6 attacks like dust were “irresponsible and reckless.” He added: “I base my decisions on violence in communities around the country. I say this and express my support as an American citizen for conducting peaceful demonstrations in our country. “

But by then, two Virginia state senators – Scott A. Surovell (D-Fairfax) and Jeremy S. McPike (D-Prince William) – said they would no longer agree with the bill by approving stadium officials and helping to mobilize the party in Virginia. . Surovell wrote on Twitter that the NFL’s “indifference & intolerance” in Del Rio’s comments was a clear “deception” and “a clear indication that we will not see any more votes on sports betting this year.”

The DC House of Representatives said on Thursday it would not agree to bring the group to the District at RFK Stadium, and Virginia Senate General Richard L. Saslaw (D-Fairfax) pulled out the Commonwealth’s efforts, saying it would not. voting on a stadium bill this year.

The President of the Senate is leaving a document to bring Commanders to Virginia

“Obviously this wasn’t helpful, to put it mildly,” Saslaw told The Post, citing Del Rio’s comments, “but there are a lot of other things out there. There were so many things out there that a lot of people were saying, ‘Saslaw, this thing has to wait. ‘ ”

For the past two years, the Judiciary has been at loggerheads over allegations of sexual harassment and harassment by former co-workers, financial misconduct, investigation into the illegal supply of antiretroviral drugs by her former sports coach, research the continuation of the House Committee on Monitoring and Changes in the working class culture and the way the NFL is operating, as well as further research on the recent allegations of Snyder’s rape.

The team also struggled to fill the void in FedEx Field, last year being one of the NFL’s worst offenders.

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