Murillo Benicio is married to Antonelli, Negrini, Falabela and many more; Remember

Murillo Benicio is already married to a number of artists (Photo: Reproduction / Globo / Instagram)

A picture of Murillo Benicio with his children and his ex-wife, Giovanna Antonelli, resonated on social media this Monday (9). Many did not think that the actress was already married to the actor. Surprisingly, after all, Murillo has already married several celebrities and it’s hard to remember all the heartthrob relationships so far.

Handsome, intelligent, a partner and owner of a tough career, Murillo has won many incredible celebrities. It’s worth remembering that even Anita would like to be on the list. Recently, the singer went on Instagram to show his interest in the actor. “Oh, friends, are you unmarried? Because I don’t want to be lured by other people’s fists,” he wrote.

In “Pantanal”, Benicio is 50 years old and despite being in the media for so long, he prefers to keep a low profile in his personal life. Those of us who are not prudent, remember who went through his life …

Alessandra Negrini

Murillo Benzio and Alessandra Negrini were involved in their youth (Photo: Reproduction)

Murillo Benicio and Alessandra Negrini were involved in their youth (Photo: Reproduction)

Murillo and Alessandra met at Globo and started dating at a very young age. The actor is 24 years old and he is 25 years old. In 1996, they moved in together, but in 1998 they only formalized their marriage. Unfortunately, the breakup happened the following year. It is worth remembering that during their relationship, they had their first child: Antonio Benicio Negrini. The young man followed in his parents’ footsteps and made his debut in “Amor de Ma”.

Carolina Ferez

He met Murillo Bencio and Carolina Ferez

Murillo Benicio and Carolina Ferraz met in “Por Amor” (Photo: Estevam Aveler / Globo)

Carolina and Murillo officially started dating in 1999. They met, however, in 1997, during the recording of the soap opera “Por Amor”, where they played brothers Leonardo and Milena. At the time, rumors were circulating that Benicio was still married to Negrini and had an affair with actress Mario Cohen. The relationship lasted only two years and ended in violence.

Giovanna Antonelli

Murillo Benzio and Giovanna Antonelli with their son (Photo: Reproduo / Globo)

Murillo Benicio and Giovanna Antonelli with their son (Photo: Reproduction / Globo)

One of the most talked about marriages of the time, Giovanna and Murillo lived together for about five years and had one son: Pietro Antonelli Benicio. The relationship began during the soap opera “O Clone” and the two even earned the title of “Most Famous Couple” by People Magazine in 2002. According to Giovanna, the latter occurred for “complete inconsistency of mood.” At the time, rumors were circulating behind the scenes that Murillo was more reserved and “controlled the steps” of the actress, who had previously appeared and wanted to regain her freedom.

Guilharmina Guinle

Guilhermina and Murillo Benzio had a friendly outcome (Photo: Felipe Panfili and Roberto Filho / AGNews)

Guilhermina and Murillo Benicio had a friendly outcome (Photo: Felipe Panfili and Roberto Philho / Agennews)

Murillo and Guilharmina Guinel met during the shooting of the movie “Unforgettable”. They started dating and decided to go together the following year. The relationship lasted four years between 2007 and 2011. The reason for the separation was not disclosed, but the two guaranteed that it was friendly.

Deborah Falabela

Murillo Bencio and D'Bora began to live

Murillo Benicio and Deborah begin living in “Avenida Brasil” (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Murillo and Deborah had a long relationship. The two began dating during the recording of “Avenida Brasil”, but their relationship became formal as soon as the feud was over. They were together from 2012 to 2019, when they announced the end of the stable union. Many have regretted this decision.

Manuela Dias

Manuela Dias and Murillo Bencio (Photo: Roberto Filho / Brazil News)

Manuela Dias and Murillo Benicio (Photo: Roberto Filho / Brazil News)

Murillo had an affair with Manuela Dias, author of “Amor de Mãe”. The couple’s relationship began in 2019, when they were still preparing to record Fuileton (in the role of Benicio Raউl). The breakup took place more than a year later, in July 2020.

Cecilia Malan

Murillo Benzio is currently dating Seklia Malan (Photo: Reprodu'o / Globo)

Murillo Benicio is currently dating Cecilia Malan (Photo: Reproduction / Globo)

Murillo Benicio and Cecilia Malan, although they did not anticipate the romance, have been together since the end of last year. The information was published by UOL columnist Lucas Passin. According to him, the actor will divide himself between a recording of a remake of “Pantanal” and a trip to England to see a journalist working as a reporter for the Globe.

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