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The councilors approved the name change of the municipal library in the session on Monday (25). Thus, from now on, the place will no longer be called “Rui Barbosa” and will be renamed “Antonio Modanesi Municipal Public Library”. Councilor Arthur Spindola’s proposed name change had a favorable vote of all councilors, and according to experts, it represents a revenge for a historic injustice.

Historian Eliana Bello, for example, states in her page Historia de Indaituba that Antonio Modanesi, in the 1940s, personally built a library at Rua Candelária 771 with a collection of 1300 volumes, and gave it to everyone looking for books. For him. In 1964, through Act 825, the collection was donated to City Hall.


The dignitary was born in Atibay in 1903 and worked for decades at the city’s former energy company Light. Periodically, Modanesi went to the company headquarters in Sao Paulo to write down the electricity bill payment slips. On this trip, he brought books on the most diverse subjects: art, philosophy, engineering, law, botany, and so on. By the age of about 50, Antonio Modanesi had fulfilled the dream of his life: he acquired a property in Rua Candelaria where he established the first library in Indaituba.

The dignitary lived in Indiatuba for 41 years and married Eva Mores Modanesi with whom he had nine children. He died on December 11, 1964 in Pirasikabata.

To justify the bill, Arthur Spindola writes that “the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates was the son of Fenaret, a doula. Plato, his disciple, tells us that Socrates said that his craft was like his mother’s. Like Socrates, there was a midwife, but also a midwife of light: electricity, the bringing of power to some point in the city, and a light that never goes out: democratic knowledge, implemented in book form. “

Other issues

At yesterday’s session, the councilors put forward 65 proposals, most of which were on education, health and mobility. See some of them.

Wilson Índio da Doze has signaled to the mayor of the municipality to implement a free mobile service station for pets. The councilor argues that most homes currently have one or more pets and that the cost of veterinary care is high. “Today, the city already offers a free service for dogs and cats in Joao Resio Campestre, but it’s a place far away from the population.” Traveling veterinary care can provide services other than castration, such as counseling and general examinations, says Indio da Dodge.

Anna Maria dos Santos recommends implementing an ordered access protocol for post-consultation follow-up on the SUS Care Network. “Citizens who use SUS – explained MPs – have been advised of the following disadvantages regarding test schedules, home visits and high-cost medication schedules, which cause them discomfort during the long wait process.” The guided access protocol must consider vulnerabilities and risk criteria, support for regulatory centers and other mechanisms that facilitate access to services – he explained.

Sergio Teixeira saved the finish of his return to the central bed of Avenida Itoro near the number 639 in the vicinity of Cidade Nova. Counselors explain that returns are difficult to access, often without visibility and have a high risk of accidents. “It’s safe to return to a crossroads that has already been properly signed,” he observed.

Alexander Perez proposed that the Municipal Department of Education include English education in the first year of elementary school I in public schools. “Although the National Common Curriculum Base establishes an obligation to teach English in schools from the 6th year of primary school, the application of the subject from the first year of primary school brings many benefits for the students as it stimulates logic, concentration and cognition. To better prepare them for the depth of language learning in function, primary school and high school ”, justifies the councilor.

Ricardo Franca hinted at adopting “Do Olhinho in Tests” on the Municipal Health Network. The “Olhinho test” is a test performed to identify a neoplasm called retinoblastoma – the most common intraocular tumor in childhood and which mainly affects young children. Among the signs – Franka is told – is the bright reflection of the doll, like the reflection of a cat’s eye. “The success of the treatment depends on the detection of the disease while it is still in its infancy,” he said.

Pepo Lepinsk called on the health department to intensify the fight against dengue transmitter Aedes aegypti mosquito among other diseases. “Emergency measures are needed because the number of dengue cases has been increasing in recent months,” the mayor stressed. “It is necessary and urgent to use smoke vehicles in all neighborhoods, in the city center and at strategic points, and inspections are intensified by special agents to identify possible outbreaks.”

Helio Ribeiro Jardim has proposed to build a football field on the existing site on Jose Milanesi Street in Itamaraka. The construction of the ground will benefit the residents who need a suitable place for leisure time, the councilor pointed out. In addition – he continued – it will serve as a stimulus for the practice of sports, which will create a healthy profession for young people and adolescents.

Luiz Carlos Chiaparin suggested reviving the swimming pool area at Centro Esportivo Romolu Joppi. According to the MLA, the revitalization of the place will bring more quality of services and more satisfaction to the citizens. Chiaparin has proposed to install another shower in the pool, removable canopy on the side wall in cold season, maintenance of leaking heater and hooks for users to hang their bathing suits.

Resident Veredas
Othniel Harfuch has requested the implementation of a unit of the Social Assistance Reference Center (Cras) to serve the residents of the Veredas da Conquista residential housing complex and surrounding areas. Harfuch argues that the cross provides an important service to the social security of families living in poverty and those facing family relationship problems.

Arthur Spindola defended the creation of a project that trains young people to act as “environmental monitors” on weekends and holidays. The MLA pointed out that the activities that the youth can develop include cleaning efforts, dengue prevention campaigns, battery collection projects, forest path guides and community agro-garden creation and maintenance.

Celine Carvalini in the corner of Rua Octacilio Furlan in Jardim Morada do Sol, Rua Joao Martini emphasizes the need to implement a speed bump, speed bump or higher pedestrian lane. The Member of Parliament said that accidents are happening every week at the intersections of these roads.

Leandro Pinto suggested running an awareness campaign for motorcyclists aimed at preventing accidents and saving lives in traffic jams. The councilor said motorcycles are a means of transportation that often lead to accidents. This is why raising awareness is so important, as it promotes safety and well-being, not just for motorcyclists, but for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists who use our roads every day. Explains

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