MT | The number of missing children increased by 14.81% during the epidemic Mato Grosso

Number of cases of missing children under investigation in the state 14.81% increase In 2021 When compared to 2020, according to information obtained from the Civil Police g1 Medium Information Access Act (LAI). According to experts, due to the growing economic situation and domestic violence, children and adolescents have become easy targets.. Finding a quick way, they resort to human trafficking. The situation worsened during the epidemic.

Among the other municipalities, Cassares, Randonopolis, Barra do Garcas, Nova Cana do Norte are the most open cases within the state. In 2020 alone, four of the missing are 1-year-olds and two more are just a few months old. This age group repeats itself in 2021 with ages ranging from 1 to 14 years.

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According to police, 23 unusual cases are under investigation. These are situations where police authorities have not yet been able to define the crime. In other words, there is a lack of information to confirm and proceed with the investigation to make it a criminal act, which contributes to closing the cases.

In the last three years, the cases under investigation have changed significantly. In 2019, 80 procedures were launched. In 2020, there were 81, which represents a significant increase of 1.25%. In 2021, the case jumped to 93, an increase of 14.81%.

This year, 37 cases have been opened. Not all new episodes. Many have continued for years.

Open case against missing children in MT

Total policing process has been started

Source: Civil Police

In the case of cases that have been completed, the scenario is a little different. In 2019, there were 17; In 2020, there were 11, which decreased by 35.29% due to the epidemic. In 2021, the number of final cases reached 66, with a 500% increase.

In 2022, the data coincided with the mid-May period, where six cases ended.

The case against the missing children at MT has ended

The whole number of the whole police system

Source: Civil Police

However, not all cases were settled satisfactorily. In other words, not all children like son Samuel Victor da Silva Gomez Carvalho could be found. The investigation against him seems complete. However, the family has not yet found him and is still looking for him.

Although there is no official data on human trafficking related to the disappearance of children and adolescents, experts say g1 State that none of the victims actually disappeared. They are always somewhere and the general idea is to feed them this illegal market.

For public safety expert and sociologist, Rodriguez Snyder de Amorim Suza, the scenario presents a variety of extremely complex challenges across the country.

“The biggest cause of disappearances of children and adolescents is the derailment of the human trafficking market. These children and adolescents are abducted for various purposes, including child sexual exploitation, illegal adoption, begging, slave labor and even trafficking. “, He said.

Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. According to him, this social situation grows on the edge of society because the subject is not talked about.

“Domestic violence is still rarely discussed in public and is silenced by family members. It is a fact that the vast majority of child abuse in the home is perpetrated by relatives or acquaintances,” he said.

In addition, another provocative factor in this situation is due to the parents or guardians dealing with the situation. According to Rodriguez, no one is ready to see their son lost. However, there are help systems that can help you cope with this moment of pain and frustration.

“Usually, parents do not know how to deal with the disappearance of their son or daughter. Public campaigns that address the issue in various contexts are rare or non-existent. Lack of information on how to approach the issue is still a matter of concern and little comment,” he said. Said.

Judge and Representative of the State Committee for the Prevention and Prevention of Trafficking in Persons (CETRAP), Renata do Carmo Everesto Pereira, The main targets of trafficking are children and adolescents within the state and those who are going through it Socio-economic difficulties.

“The country’s economic situation and vulnerability have led to an increase in the number of trafficked people, especially in Mato Grosso.

For the police, the internal case is an unknown one. Most of the open investigations are in remote areas, in rural areas and with very little information about the victims and some leads, which makes the work of the police difficult. No such cases are filed in the capital and metropolitan areas.

For Renata, the challenge within the state is being closely monitored and carefully monitored by Cetrap.

“This number is higher in the interior and it is still being observed. Everything related to vulnerability and economic situation. Mainly to the adolescents with the promise of earning money and the illusion of improving their financial condition. Internally it is more for their financial reasons. The situation”.

According to him, the best way to prevent these crimes is through prevention, education and publicity in schools on how to make employers and potential criminals aware. “The best way is to prevent,” he said.

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