Mothers and children come together for a better city to enjoy childhood

If urban space is often hostile to adults, it can be more difficult for children to see. For generations who have lived with the screen since birth, the experience of the world outside the home has become a challenge. Safe vehicles, more trees, access to sidewalks and playground specialists, just a few of the demands of parents and children themselves. According to the survey, cities that combine the needs of this age group help improve child development.

Photographer and cultural producer Draca Lobo’s interest, 47, began exploring places to walk with her two young children. Then he decided to join forces. “Other mothers and I wanted to take the kids out of the house to play and live a decent life in the city,” she says.

It was the seed of a collective that became Instituto Jardins da Infância in 2018. The group has created a itinerary of weekend recreational and educational activities in an open space of the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture and Ecology (MuBE). “We took over 2,000 moms to play with us. At one party, there were 500 children, “he said. “Children are building body knowledge and have to run to expend energy. At the events, we also had gastronomy classes and instructions on how to walk safely on the surrounding streets. ”

The exchange of children also begins. “The children of Jardine went to Parisopolis, the extreme south, and the children of Parisopolis came to Jardine,” says Draca. Jardim Angela was another destination. “In 2021, in partnership with the Municipal Secretary of Culture, we conducted a project at the CEU (Centro Educacional Uniificado) in Tikatira, East, to bring artists to the workshop in addition to drawing a wall,” he said.

Through contributions from Jardine’s mothers, an activity is performed in a nearby square, such as San Martin – currently occupied by most children – and the activity is replicated in a perimeter square. The next stop is Brasilândia (northern region).

Free on the street

Website developer Carolina Borges, 39, has also changed her mind about S শিশo Paulo. “Before I got pregnant, the city was good for me. After that, I observed the challenges of walking on the road, bus stop or subway. The city has started shutting down, “he said, adding that he has 10 and 7-year-old daughters

First, the strategy was to participate in the city council, putting the issue of childhood on the agenda. In 2018, he and his mother Ocupa Mãe made the group official. The most recent association involves the weekend and the holiday season. Carolina, who had already pushed for the program to return in November 2021, complained that vehicles had hit the road and put children at risk.

“Despite being closed, the motorcycles went off the road during the holidays. One of the couriers apologized but said he was late. He is also a victim: he went out for work and the path he was given was on a vacation road, “he said.

In a note, Google states that for the most accurate update of off-road signage, Google Maps uses a variety of sources, such as transit agencies, real-time traffic data, and user-submitted information, which can report errors. City Hall said the vacation routes were chosen after analysis, to avoid collisions with hospital or bus routes. From now on, there will be a council of residents in each area.

“This is part of a process to restore public space,” observed architect and town planner Antonio Claudio Fonseca, who has noticed a growing trend over the past 15 years.

Children’s Committee

And how do children participate? Jundiai, in greater Sao Paulo, formed a committee in 2018 with 24 members aged 9 to 11 from six areas of the city. In the final draw of the group formation, 164 competed. “I’m asking my friends for ideas for advice,” said Caleb Couto, a 10-year-old member of the forum. Every two weeks, the Children’s Committee discusses everything from headquarters improvements to the idea of ​​urban intervention. Each year, a document containing the claim is delivered to the mayor. The answer to a request was Mundo das Krianas Park, which has 170,000 m² green area and toys.

“Interventions for children’s participation are possible: interactive bus stops, wide sidewalks, colorful stairs,” listed Claudia Vidigal, a Brazilian psychologist representing the Bernard Van Leer Foundation, who invested in childhood and advised Jundia. “And although children do not care about comfort, parents need structural support when they are out with the little ones. Bathrooms, changing tables and seating for children, ”he said.

Together with Instituto Cidades Sustentáveis, Bernard van Leer created the Urban95 program, which trains public managers in this area. In total, 24 cities have interventions supported by Urban95.

In S সাo Paulo, Territórios Educadores is one of the projects of social urbanism focused on childhood. Based on data on social vulnerability, the first areas of action were defined, such as Cidade tiradentes (eastern region) and Brasilendia (northern). City Hall says it plans to renovate and expand sidewalks, reduce traffic congestion and improve lighting and infrastructure in leisure areas.

Paula Mendonça, an educational adviser at the Instituto Alana’s Child and Nature program, says that routines away from roads and green areas are detrimental to health. “If this way of life is not reconsidered based on the right to move in the city, it could harm the health of children. They tend to be more obese and have earlier myopia. ”

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– Right to play: Square, several neighborhoods spread out, and parks with green areas, toys and fun elements are important. Holiday Road – Vehicle Off – Complement.

– Safety: Policing makes the streets more inviting to walk and enjoy the streets as leisure. Areas of quiet traffic with low speed limits give more confidence Low pollution is another attraction.

– Inclusion: Access to space and sidewalks with inclusive toys for children with disabilities allows everyone to enjoy the city.

This information has been known from the newspaper. State of So Paulo.

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