Most of the babies that died in Kovid in 2022 were born during the epidemic

The distorted appearance of the plague continues to unfold daily in Ciara with or without masks. At least from January to April 38 children People up to the age of 11 have died here in Kovid – 28 of them, the absolute majority, even 2 years old.

To give you an idea, as if the coronavirus has at least taken away 1 baby per week From 2022 to now. The data covers records from Integra SUS, the State Department of Health (SESA) and up to April.

In the case of the field, the scenario changes: more than that 14 thousand children confirmed As of April, only 29% were among the children. The majority (59%) of infected people aged 5 to 11, age group have already been vaccinated; And the other 12% matched children aged 3 and 4.

Dr. Roberio Leit, a pediatric infectologist, highlights that the number of deaths due to covid in children under 1 year of age is even more expressive. This is because “these children have an immature immune system, the respiratory tract is more vulnerable.”

It is also possible that, according to Roberio, “most of the children who died had some related condition, such as heart disease, for example”. People in this age group are most likely to be exposed to viral respiratory complications and death.

Social isolation and immunity

The children born of the epidemic were bitter from the outset the harmful effects of social isolation, necessary for protection against covid. The results, then, were multiple – from biological to behavioral.

“Theoretically, children during epidemics, at times of greater isolation, may have less training in their immune systems, putting them at risk for complications. But it’s a theory, you can’t say that, “explained Roberio Leit.

Separately, many children are no longer vaccinated against other diseases, such as pneumococcus, a bacterium that exacerbates respiratory conditions the most.

Roberio Late

Infectious specialist

Infectious experts emphasize that when a virus like Kovid inflames the respiratory tissue, it breaks down the natural barrier to protection. “Opportunistic” bacteria And dangerous.

Epidemiologist Ligia Kerr warned in an interview Green sea system, That “Kovid is not finished and is taking children, who are most at risk”. Such as other respiratory viruses Influenza And the cynical virus adds to the risk for both boys and girls.

Ligia depicts that society is “playing with fire” by exposing children, especially those under the age of 5, for whom there is no approved vaccine against covid.

What to do to protect children?

Photograph: Rodrigo Carvalho

The use of masks by parents, guardians and family members has been strengthened by Roberio Leite as an essential and important strategy to protect those who have contact with children. Also, doctors emphasize the need to vaccinate them.


Vaccine target

“It’s important that children have an up-to-date vaccination schedule for an already protected disease. If they do get covid, they will already be ready for these other infections. Because, if they both deal with it, the situation could get worse, “he said.

Ceará has not reached the goal of general vaccination since 2018. In 2021, even amid ongoing campaigns by Sesa and municipal health departments, Ceará had the worst rate of childhood immunization coverage in 27 years. None of the six vaccines given to children last year reached safety targets.


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