More than 90 children and infants are waiting for ICU vacancies in Parnambuko; “The situation is chaotic,” said the doctor Parnambuko

The number of minors waiting for vacancies in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) has reached 91 in Parnambuko this Tuesday (17). A list sent by the government to the Public Ministry (MPPPE) indicated that there were 11 children and 80 children in the row. Of these, 62 beds are required for patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome (Srag).See the full list below)

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Nine-month-old Aila Olinder received a red card in the emergency department of a health unit at Pexinhos. With pneumonia and a condition considered serious, he waited two days for an ICU bed until he was transferred to Baro de Lucena Hospital in Recife on Sunday (15). A day later, the girl was taken to Holland Brits de Albuquerque Maternity Hospital.Watch the video above)

Aila, just nine months old, waited two days for an ICU bed and made two transfers – Photo: Reproduction / WhatsApp

Her mother, 24-year-old housewife Ingrid Concepcion, could not hold back her tears as she talked about her daughter’s condition on social media.

“We’re in a disaster. Why don’t you have a hospital bed? You don’t know how hard it is to see your daughter in such a state and not be able to do anything,” she said.

He said on the phone g1 That girl has now been intubated in the neonatal ICU of the maternity hospital. “It’s a complete mess. Demand is very high. My daughter had a red password and it took three days to get to where she is today. And it made the situation worse,” he said.

Data from the State Department of Health (SES-PE) shows that the number has doubled since last week. On May 8, there were 40 requests for ICU beds, four for adults and 36 for children. On Sunday (15), the number of requests reached 73, three for adults and 70 for children.

ICU waiting list on May 17, 2022

SARS Children ICU 58
Clinical Children ICU 22
Total 80
SARS neonatal ICU 4
Neonatal ICU Neonatology 7
Total 11
Normal adult ICU SARS 0
Other than normal adult ICU 47
Total 47

A doctor working at six public health units in Recife and the metropolitan area told G1 that the condition was very serious and that he had even seen oxygen taken from a less serious child to help someone with seizures.

Fearing retaliation, he prefers not to be identified, but says infants and children wait up to four days for a place in the ICU bed. With a serious health condition, the delay is sometimes fatal.

“The situation is chaotic. The babies are dying. In my shift, I had a two-month-old baby who waited four days. In the room, we were finally able to move. , Remembered.

According to doctors, at least three deaths have been reported in 15 days. In addition to the two-month-old baby, she learned of the deaths of other seven- and nine-month-old babies. (Watch the video below).

Respiratory diseases put children on ICU bed waiting list in Parnambuko

“If we have Barao de Lucena and Impe [Instituto de Medicina Integral Professor Fernando Figueira] Work, vacancies, we have other possibilities before trying to intubate. And we don’t have that, “he said.

The doctor added that the shifts were “off” due to the situation. “Only those who come are seriously ill. Fever, itching, diarrhea, do not show up. And one problem after another with our families, those who do not understand that there are no vacancies, they get angry,” he said.

Patients report a pediatric emergency on social media – Photo: Reproduction / WhatsApp

The Capital Health Defense Attorney’s Office said in a note that it monitors the daily list of ICU professions and started a real news on Monday (16) in the wake of the waiting list increase.

Also on Monday, an official letter was sent to state health secretary Andre Lango, stating that within 72 hours, “the reasons for the significant increase in the waiting list for children’s ICU beds with Srag in the state health network, in the last few weeks, as well as measures taken to address the problem”.

Public Ministry Parnambuco has given the government a deadline to come up with a solution to the shortage of ICU vacancies for infants and children.

Public Ministry Parnambuco has given the government a deadline to come up with a solution to the shortage of ICU vacancies for infants and children.

In a note, the state health department said Parnambuco was currently experiencing its seasonal period for respiratory disease, when, historically, a larger event occurred. (Watch the video above).

SES-PE acknowledges the increase in the flow of pediatric care and says it occurs across the hospital network, public and private.

The Secretariat further explained that infectious cases such as respiratory syncytial virus and rhinovirus predominate, and less than 2% of bed bugs detected in public networks have covid-19 infections.

The government said it was working to expand the network and serve the public “in a decentralized and regional way”.

On Sunday (15), there were 73 requests per ICU, three for adults and 70 for children – Photo: Reproduction / Seplag

SES said it maintains contact with class entities and reference services and held a meeting Tuesday in the state to address pediatric care, but did not report what was defined at the meeting.

The SES says that since last year, more than 30 ICU beds have been opened to the public, and currently, there are 233 vacancies for infants and children with respiratory problems in Parnambuco’s public health network.

106 in ICU and 127 in ward. Overall occupancy of these beds is 72%, ward vacancies 63% and intensive care 87%.

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