More than 600 cases of violence against children in Piaui; Psychologists warn about the symptoms

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Piaui has already filed 667 reports of violence against children and adolescents in the first five months of this year alone. At the same time in 2022, there were 3,136 cases of human rights violations against these people, according to the Ministry of Women, Families and Human Rights.

In 2021, according to a ministry survey, Piauí recorded 1,302 complaints against children and adolescents and 4,994 human rights violations.

Today is World Anti-Child Abuse Day, Portal green Psychologist Luana speaks with Victoria to explain the effects of aggression on the development of children and adolescents.

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According to professionals, these aggressions can disrupt the learning process as well as cause various disorders such as anxiety and depression. The effects are short, medium and long term.

“The effects are catastrophic and short, medium and long term. There are many effects of physical violence, but mainly the effects of mental violence. This can present problems in learning. This has a tremendous effect on mental skills as this child begins to live with violence and he thinks it is right and tends to repeat that behavior. They are also children who have a tendency to develop some kind of disorder in the long run, especially anxiety, depression, self-loathing, suicidal ideation and even suicide, attention deficit or hyperactivity, so these are harms that are monotonous, even irreparable, ”he explained.

According to Luana Victoria, it is essential to have regular conversations and conversations with children and adolescents to identify if something is wrong.

“In between the parents, in the people around, with this child, to explore, what was the day like, what was the time like, with the caring, with Ayad, what was it like at school, conversations in this game, very funny to fascinate this child and This child understands that he can feel safe, ”the psychologist highlighted.

Psychologists also cite examples of symptoms that these listeners may experience when they are subjected to some form of aggression or abuse.

“It is also important to observe the child’s body, to observe the child’s behavior, that the child becomes very extroverted and suddenly becomes an introverted child, or that the child becomes introverted and suddenly becomes a very extroverted child. The child wants to avoid where he was attacked, the one who attacks him wants to avoid him. So this is the way to draw the attention of parents to something that is not right, ”he added.

When these minors are victims of aggression, Luana Victoria explains that it is important to have emotional support in addition to family and school work to deal with negative behavior.

“So you need to develop in this child more skills of love, affection, affection, attention and teach him / her how to deal with his / her emotions in a positive way. So families have a fundamental role to play in doing this, but if they do not know how to deal with it, it is important to seek the help of some psychological follow-up. It is also important to mention the school environment, even for the school to understand some of the child’s behavior and to help in this process, ”the professional said.

Board of Governors

The Guardian Council is also a very important body in monitoring and enforcing violence against children and adolescents. Guardianship counselor Renata Bejera told that one of the agency’s main allegations is parental separation, when a parent takes action against another parent.

“Every day we get complaints about bullying, especially when the couple breaks up, allegations of abuse by both mother and father. There are a lot of fights between couples, the problem of having children and we know it’s a parental separation, “he said.

According to the counselor, after receiving the complaint, the parent council is leaving the family aside and giving instructions. When children or adolescents do not have the conditions to stay at home, the agency sends them elsewhere.

“We go to the place, talk to the parents, we tell the parents to go to court first to ask for custody, and we follow the case, go to the residence to see how the child is, want a report. School. When we see that the child cannot stay in that house. “Then we get him out, we intervene,” Renata Bezera insisted.

DPCA Headquarters, south of Teresina

How to report

In Teresina, allegations of aggression against children and adolescents can be made to the DPCA for the protection of children and adolescents, in addition to the Guardian Council and the Social Support Center. Check out the information below:

  • Police Department for the Protection of Children and Adolescents (DPCA)

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 18:00

Address: Rua Otto Tito, s / n, Bairro Redenção, Teresina – Piauí.

Central / Northern Region: (86) 3215-9313. Duty: (86) 99490-7886

Southeast: (86) 3215-9360. Duty: (86) 99460-3138

Southern Region: (86) 3227-6714. Duty: (86) 99454-2102

Eastern Region: (86) 3233-8841. On duty: (86) 99470-0654

  • Specialized Reference Center for Social Assistance (CREAS)

Northern Territory – Airport Neighborhood. Phone: (86) 3213-6144

Southeast – Sao Joao neighborhood. Phone: (86) 3237-4115

Southern Region – Red District. Phone: (86) 3223-0712

Eastern – Fatima Para. Phone: (86) 3215-9330 Phone: (86) 3216-2676

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