More than 60 patients have been transferred to Into-AC from Hospital da Kryansa in the wake of severe respiratory syndrome. Acre

Amid rising hospital admissions for children with respiratory syndrome and demands for a reform, the government has decided to relocate patients to the Rio Branco Children’s Hospital facility and the acre-building of the Institute of Orthopedics and Traumatology (Into-AC). The transfer of 83 children has started today, Saturday (11).

Children’s hospital bed problems and lack of structure have become more apparent in recent days, with a record of at least nine deaths of children aged 2 months to 4 years with respiratory syndrome.

With only nine ICU beds in the unit, which is a reference for child care in the state, children were dying in emergency rooms in the capital and some were dying awaiting transfer. As was the case with 10-month-old Theo Dantas.

Due to increasing demand for hospital admissions, PSs in the capital have even opened pediatric beds. According to the director of the unit, the hospital currently has 20 beds, one semi-intensive with four beds, two emergency and two other beds under observation. This Saturday (11), 16 children are hospitalized, none of whom are in semi-intensive care.

Now, with the renovation and relocation of children’s hospitals, all child care is transferred to Into, not just in the case of Respiratory Syndrome. However, according to the Department of Health, parents who have sick children They must first locate the Second District Emergency Care Unit or, in the most severe case, PS, and then transfer patients to Intu at the request of the doctor.

In all, the Into should have 100 pediatric beds, 37 more than the Hospital de Criansa. The government has not disclosed the exact number of beds to be provided in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and pediatric ward.

The state has become a reference in the care of patients infected with the new coronavirus. At the end of March this year, as the incidence of the disease decreased in the state, the unit stopped providing treatment against Covid-19 and started operating as a hospital foundation (Fundhacker) complex.

In recent days, there has been an increase in the incidence of respiratory syndrome in children. Mothers and fathers are desperate for bed delays for their children to be hospitalized and complain of medical negligence.

According to data released by Sesacre last Wednesday (8), since April, there have been 96 cases of children admitted to the hospital in the Rio Branco emergency room. Oh g1 This Saturday (11) tried to update these numbers with Health, but is still waiting for a response

Into-AC will take children with respiratory syndrome – Photo: Odier Lil

The government said the decision to cancel the building tipping facility and transfer of patients from Hospital da Criansa to Into was scheduled to take place on Thursday (9). Through this it will be possible to work for reform and expansion.

Also due to the high demand for care in the case of Respiratory Syndrome, the government has stated that Rio Branco is going through emergency rooms and the Emergency Care Unit (UPA) and bed extensions in the second district.

Children die of respiratory syndrome in Rio Branco and parents complain of negligence – Photo: Private Archive

Complaint of negligence of parents

Families of children who died of flu syndrome in Rio Branco are still looking for explanations for the loss of young children. At least four mothers have already joined and expressed a desire to go to court against the state because they realized that the care of the victims was neglected.

In general, they report that when children were admitted to the capital’s health unit with flu-like symptoms, their condition soon worsened and there were no beds in the intensive care unit (ICU) for hospitalization. The government has said it will not comment on the matter.

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Acre said the 1st Specialized Public Prosecutor’s Office for the Ministry of Health and Defense would investigate any omissions in the service. Availability of pediatric beds, medicines and supplies from the state public network for the care of children and children infected with the respiratory virus.

“We are going to find out if there is any omission in the care of the children, who have unfortunately died, and we are at the disposal of the family. Earlier in the week, we called for a campaign to warn the population. We are experiencing an increase in hospital admissions and as a result, the possibility of reactivating the beds available at Into should be evaluated. Soon, we will conduct another inspection together with our technical team, to assess the occupancy of the bed and the regularity of the service, ”the publisher highlighted Osimer Sales in a note sent to the press.

Due to increased demand for care, Health announced on Wednesday (9) that it has opened 10 vacancies for semi-intensive care at the Children’s Hospital and 16 infirmary beds for children at PS.

Joelma Dantas, a government employee, is the mother of 10-month-old Theo Dantas, who died last Tuesday (7) while waiting for the ICU to be emptied at Da Child in the PS Hospital in the capital. “I want justice for the families of these nine children,” he said.

“I am trying to contact eight other mothers who have been suffering from the same condition for the last two months. Then, we want to take the matter to the Ministry of Public Works and seek justice for blaming the state, because last year an expert even talked about this serious syndrome and warned the health department that it should be prepared. So it is the result of all negligence and they have to pay for it. It could have been avoided, “said Joelma.

Sem has urged parents not to take flu-infected children to schools in the capital

The virus causes severe cases

Infectologist Searle Lobato explains that respiratory syncytial virus causes flu in severe cases and explains that it prefers the upper respiratory tract, but it can also infect other organs.

“Hepatitis is caused by a tendency for other organs, the heart and the liver to be directly involved. Thus, they come with a greater aggression, compromise of other organs, and sometimes even independent of the baby’s immune system. It may even have a good immune system, but the inflammation is so severe that it can spread to other parts of the body, ”the expert explained.

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