More than 170 children await daycare centers and school places in Pirasununga | Sao Carlos and Araquara

At least 177 children are waiting for places in day care centers and municipal schools From Pirasununga (SP). At the same time, the city has two inactive institutions that will serve 240 children simultaneously. In this situation, the locals are angry.

In one of these places, day care school professor Adriana Dolphini Montanheiro was the target of vandalism, breaking glass windows, destroying bathrooms, and stealing wires and power boards.

Also, medicine packages are used in the accumulation of garbage and dirt in the rooms.

Pirasununga school unit vandalized – Photo: Victor Diagnel / EPTV

  • More than 900 children are on the waiting list for a place at the Rio Claro day care center and municipal school.

According to the Municipal Department of Education, this day-care has the capacity to serve 160 children aged 0 to 5 years.

A plaque shows that the construction received more than R $ 1.3 million from the state government. Work began in 2017 and was supposed to end the following year, but Day Care never worked.

Businessman Ronaldo lives right in front of the Augustinho Day Care Center and regrets leaving.

“It simply came to our notice then. Many mothers need a day care center for their child and it is abandoned there. It’s a shame, it’s a tragedy, “he said.

For Baker Fabiana de Macedo Coelho, the abandonment situation caused outrage. “I think it’s unreasonable, a lot of parents have to work and have no place to put their children. Since there is a day care center and it is not open, ”he said.

Pirasunungar Day Care School was attacked and destroyed by vandals – Photo: Victor Diagnel / EPTV

Elsewhere in Pirasununga, Sebastiao Gonsalves Kindergarten and Elementary Childhood Education School, also known as Tio Canebo, have the capacity to accommodate 80 children, but are closed.

The justification is that the place will be renovated and expanded. The work, which will cost BRL 691,000, began in 2018 and is expected to be completed in the same year, which did not happen.

After more than three years of delays, day-care will begin operations in May 2021, according to City Hall, but the inauguration was postponed due to the epidemic.

Until October last year, a heavy rain had wreaked havoc across the city, parts of the unit had collapsed and it had not yet been repaired.

Day care and early childhood education schools are also closed in Sebastiao Gonzalez Pirasununga – Photo: Victor Diagnel / EPTV

Pirasunanga Education Secretary Paolo Rosa said a tender would be opened for the renovation of the school.

“Some parts of it were damaged in the rains in October last year, the storm that hit Pirasununga affected one-third of the units. So for security reasons we can’t keep anyone inside the unit. We are in the process of bidding for this unit. We believe the unit will be ready in about four to five months, “he said.

The city government estimates it will cost about R $ 80,000 to renovate the school.

Regarding Professor Adriana Dolphini Montanahero Day-Care School, the Department of Education has no idea how much it will cost to reclaim the site, as the work is a partnership with the state.

“There was a huge erosion, one robbery after another, they took away all the electrical wires, smashed the graffiti and sprayed, practically destroying the unit. So we are making a huge effort, even as a result of the mayor’s determination so that we can recover that unit as soon as possible. We are still working on the expectation of opening by October, November, ”he said.

The roof of the day care center in Pirasununga could not withstand the rain – Photo: Victor Diagnel / EPTV

Although the situation has not been resolved, said Education Secretary Hire at least 14 teachers and monitors And, with that, serve the children’s part waiting for a vacancy According to him, students in other units will be assisted.

“We’re constantly calling these kids, so the line moves a lot. Of course, there are parents who would say that their child has been waiting for a place in day-care since October, and it is true that we have not been able to absorb it. I am particularly concerned that the demand for vacancies is much higher in the North Zone. But we are trying to call these children, ”he said.

The state education department has said that the preservation and care of the heritage is the responsibility of the municipality, since the building was inaugurated in July 2021.

The EPTV report, an associate of TV Globo, made several attempts to contact the State Department of Public Security (SSP) about policing in the area, but received no response.

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