More than 100 infants and children in the ICU row; The Society of Immunology advises parents and guardians to avoid taking minors out of the house.

The number of infants and children waiting for ICU beds in Parnambuco has increased, according to a list sent by the government to the Public Ministry (MPPPE). There were 91 names on the waiting list on Tuesday (18). This Wednesday (18), 109 minors were waiting for vacancies. Accordingly, the Brazilian Society of Immunization (Sbim) has asked parents and guardians to avoid taking minors out of the house in the coming days.

Also according to this Wednesday’s list, 79 minors were waiting for an ICU bed for patients with severe respiratory disease. That number stood at 72 on Tuesday.

Also on Wednesday, the Parnambuco government called a press conference to address the problems caused by the high number of patients in need of intensive care.

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Health Secretary Andre Longo said there had been an increase in respiratory illnesses as never before, with greater severity and a greater frequency of requests for children’s beds.

“The number of requests for ICUs for children has tripled since last season. In 2022, we recorded an average of 50 weekly job requests. Last week we reached 150. It’s something that really goes beyond any plan, “he said.

The Brazilian Society of Immunization recommends that parents and guardians who can, leave their children at home for the next two weeks.

“If possible, it is best to avoid day care centers in particular. And I don’t just say school and day care, I say kids party, mall, crowded place. Because we are at the top of the spread of this virus. We hope that in June these numbers will begin to reduce and alleviate the health system, “said Pediatrician Eduardo Jorge da Fonseca Lima, a representative of Sibim’s Parnambuco region.

Parnambuko has 227 beds for infants and children, including Srag. 101 of them are in ICU, but occupy 89% – Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

Eduardo George added that this was the number of patients with asthma that had not been seen for many years. One explanation, he said, was that pregnant mothers in 2020 and 2021 were protected from the Kovid-19 epidemic, staying home, wearing a mask and, therefore, most did not have a viral infection and did not pass antibodies to the mothers. Kids.

“It simply came to our notice then. It was hoped that with this return to normalcy the incidence of shortness of breath would increase. This was more serious behavior than was expected. We are at the top of the circulation of this (respiratory) virus. We hope that these viruses will start to decrease in June, “he said.

The pediatrician recalled the importance of washing hands and nasal passages with saline solution and said that in more serious cases it was necessary to look for a major pediatric emergency. “When there is a more persistent symptom, such as fever and shortness of breath for 3 to 5 days. Initially, families should seek a primary health unit,” he declared.

ICU waiting list on May 18, 2022

SARS Children ICU 75
Clinical Children ICU 17
Total 92
SARS neonatal ICU 4
Neonatal ICU Neonatology 13
Normal adult ICU SARS 3
Other than normal adult ICU 72
Total 75

Secretary Andre Longo said respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) predominates in children up to 2 years of age and rhinovirus in boys and girls from that age. And the situation is similar in other states.

RSV is one of the main agents of acute respiratory infections, which can affect the bronchi and lungs. Rhinovirus is the cause of the common cold, capable of developing more serious infectious conditions in children.

“In children up to 2 years of age, RSV is found in more than 40% of cases. In other groups, rhinovirus predominates,” he observed.

More beds and professionals

The state says it has increased the number of beds for children with respiratory problems. There were 56 vacancies and now there are 116. “It will have to open 80 more beds in two weeks,” the state said in a note.

The state public network on Thursday (19) approved the launch of 30 new pediatric ICU beds.

These are distributed by UPAA Guyana (10) in Jonah da Mata Norte; Palmars Regional Hospital (10), in the Mata Sul area; And Holland Brits de Albuquerque at the Maternity Hospital (10),

This Wednesday, nominations of 369 candidates to strengthen the state’s public health network were published in the state’s official gazette.

In addition to the two health monitoring inspectors, there are 72 doctors, 129 health analysts (high level professionals) and 166 health assistants (mid-level professionals).

Among the doctors, 14 are pediatricians and 46 are physical therapists, who will strengthen the transfer to the pediatric reference unit.

Also this Wednesday, the board of Maria Lucinda Referral Hospital in Recife reported that “it has the highest capacity of care”.

The unit further stated that the ICU has all the beds and 14 patients in critical condition (red and yellow room) are in critical condition, four of whom are pregnant.

Accordingly, the responsibility is to “ensure” the safety and efficiency of the treatment of all patients with a “limited” service.

“The appropriate authorities have already been informed. We hope that the situation will return to normal as soon as possible, “the statement added.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office for Health Protection in the capital presented a factual report to investigate the waiting list on Monday (16) and said it would hold a virtual hearing with SES-PE and Kramp on Thursday to address the issue. .

This Wednesday, the MPPPE said the government had officially explained the reason for the increase in demand for ICU beds until Thursday (19).

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