Model – Judicial Consensual Divorce – Ratification of Agreement

Hon’ble Judge of ____ Family and Inheritance Court of District [CIDADE/UF]

Divorce NameNationality, Married, Occupation, Carrier of Identity Card / RG nº ___________, registered with CPF/MF underneath nº ___________, Resident and Rua ____, nº ______, Neighborhood, City of _____, CEP: _____, Electronic Address : ______, and

Name of Divorced PartyNationality, Married, Occupation, Carrier of Identity Card / Registered with CPF/MF underneath RG No. ___________, No. ____________, Resident and Domicile of Rua ____, No. ______, Neighborhood, _____ City, CEP: _____ , Electronic Address: ______,

By the lawyer that it’s subscribed (Attached Power of Attorney – Doc. 01), Your Excellency is honored primarily based on Art. 731 of the CPC, and Article 1,571, IV of the Civil Code and Article 226, Paragraph 6 of the Federal Constitution (together with the wording supplied by Constitutional Amendment No. 66/10), to suggest ratification

Consensual Divorce

Publish and require the next:

1 – Marriage

The candidates are married to one another, based on the regime (inform the property regime, if earlier than or after Law 6.515/77 and state the existence of a prenuptial settlement), whose act befell on that day (marriage date). At which era the applicant begins to signal ______ (marriage certificates hooked up – Doc. 02).

However, the candidates have already separated de facto, with no prospect of reconciliation. Hence they need to dissolve the wedding, that’s the reason they resort to the judiciary demanding approval of this consensual divorce underneath the next situations:

2 – Children

From this union 02 (two) youngsters have been born, specifically: Child named 01, born at __/ __/ ____, and son named 02, born at __/ __/ _____, therefore reckoning ages with __ and ___, respectively ( Attached Birth Certificate – Docs.03 & 04).

3 – Guard and go to regime

Guard can be to share. But the kids will stay on the tackle and within the neighborhood of the mom.

As for visitation/cohabitation rights/duties, it may be freely exercised by both dad or mum.


They agree that the guardian can go to them throughout the weekend from 8am on Saturday to 6pm on Sunday and should take them to the mom’s home and return them on the appointed time. It can also be established that folks stick with youngsters throughout all lengthy holidays (from 9am on the primary day of the vacation to 6pm on the final day) aside from half of the varsity holidays. Alternate Christmas and New Years (and so on.).

4 – Alimony

4.1 – Between spouses: They declare that having ample earnings for his or her upkeep and subsistence, they mutually waive any and all alimony.


They decide the quantity, begin date, time period and technique of fee (payroll low cost, account deposit, and so on.);

4.2 – For youngsters: For upkeep of minor youngsters, the dad or mum shall pay X% (proportion) of their internet earnings (gross wage, much less earnings tax and fewer INSS) together with thirteenth pay, go away, additional time, additional, separation pay (besides: FGTS and Final Compensation Fund), direct from the kid’s wage. Deducted and deposited month-to-month in checking account No ___, Bank _____, Branch _____ owned by the kid’s mom.

In case of unemployment, an quantity equal to __ (__) minimal wage has already been fastened.

It must be famous that these values ​​are set globally for each youngsters, i.e. upkeep “Intuitive Family”.

5 – Change of identify

That on account of divorce, the applicant shall use her maiden identify, which is: _________.


That she’s going to proceed to make use of the identify adopted on the event of her marriage.

6 – Products

At the time of union, the couple didn’t purchase valuables and the furnishings and utensils that supplied the widespread residing house have been already shared by the divorcees.


The following sources are acquired for the couple to share:

1. Real property description, registration and acceptable actual property registration, assessed at an estimated worth of R$ XXXX,XX (quantity in phrases), registered within the Municipal Registry underneath No. __________.

2. Likewise different merchandise. (Docs. 05 and 06).

7 – Product sharing

Divorced individuals determine to divide property as follows:

1. The divorcee shall be entitled to the usual fraction of __% or the whole share of the property, described in merchandise ___, equal to BRL XXXX.XX (quantity in phrases).

2. The divorcee shall be entitled to a regular fraction of ___% or the whole thing of the property, described in merchandise ___, equal to R$ XXXX.XX (quantity in phrases).

8 – Act

Constitutional Amendment nº 66/2010, amending § 6 of the Federal Constitution (CF), coming into into drive Article 226, doesn’t make divorce a situation of prior judicial or de facto separation, granting spouses the total train of their autonomy bathroom.

Therefore, after 2010, divorce turned a compulsory regulation, the place the expression of a celebration’s will was ample for its decree, with out situations or situations, because the temporal necessity is required and the 2-stage system in order that the wedding may be dissolved by divorce.

Article 1571, IV of the Civil Code (CC), states that conjugal union ends by divorce.

Article 731 of the Code of Civil Procedure (CPC) lists the necessities for granting divorce by consent. Everyone took half on this excellent.

Therefore, there’s a authorized requirement to grant divorce by consent.

9 – Requests and necessities

In view of the above, don’t want to keep the prevailing connection between them as per Section 731 of the Code of Civil Procedure – CPC, Your Excellency requests:

the) Article 98 et seq of CPC. And underneath the phrases of Article 5, Item LXXIV of the Federal Constitution (CF) it’s essential to grant the advantages of free justice, because the petitioners are poor individuals within the authorized sense of the time period, based on the hooked up assertion (Doc. 07);

b) Subpoena of i. Representative of the Ministry of Public Affairs (MP);

c) Attributes of the request, approving the settlement, underneath the current situations, decreeing the divorce of the couple and issuing the suitable registration warrant on the Civil Registry Office and the Real Estate Registry Office;

d) A listening to to aim conciliation is waived, given the agency intention of the events, who signal this exterior settlement; And

and) The events expressly waive the enchantment interval.

The worth (quantity in phrases) of BRL XXXXX.XX is given, which corresponds to the worth of the product added to the quantity of 12 (occasions) installments of meals allowance.

phrases which,

They requested for adjournment.

City/State, XX/XXX/20XX.

(Signature of divorced celebration)

(Signature of Divorcing Party)


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