MLB Week Review: Bryce Harper celebrates Mother’s Day along the way; The loss of the Red Sox hit five

Five weeks into the 2022 season, we are starting to get a clear picture of the shape of the Major League baseball. Teams have played 14 percent of their schedule with one week in the books. The size of the models is growing and hope is growing or losing due to fans at baseball.

As the teams head to start the new week, we wanted to repeat the weekend with the best minutes of the past three days in baseball, as well as what’s on the pitch next week. Let’s get to it.

Highlights of the Sabbath

We’re clever baserunning suckers, so it should come as no surprise that we are acknowledging Randy Arozarena’s savvy play Friday night that saw him score from the second half of the Rays against the Mariners without a ball from infield.

Arozarena stood in second place when Harold Ramirez hit the third shot. Eugenio Suárez threw the ball and tried to play, but accidentally overturned from the ground to the second. By the time the Mariners’ defense recovered, Arozarena had reached the middle and was able to enter well.

Check out:

Arozarena run to close the gap, 5-5, and the Rays will later win the game thanks to a timely run by Manuel Margot.

Return for Mother’s Day / successful walk

It seems clear that probably most of the fans who were present on Sunday were there for Mother’s Day. MLB tickets remain a fantastic gift and spending time at the ballpark during the day is a family affair, after all. The home team won in 13 of the 18 games scheduled, so it was fun.

In addition, the four wins in particular were a huge success for the home fans who attended the ninth.


The Guardian started things. They were bottom, 3-2, in the Blue Jays with only five left on the table. Owen Miller’s house built things. Then, with two exits, the Guardian held a rally and directed the Oscar Mercado single. Emmanuel Clase closed the deal and Cleveland is now 14-14.

This was a small victory that we will highlight here.


The Padres followed the best of the game, falling 1-0 in the fourth with the Marlins battling for the sixth. He was still 2-0 Marlins with two outings and one in nine when CJ Abrams decided to expand the game and bring the winning victory in the form of Jorge Alfaro. Then, boom. Exit number one.


Seattle was on the wrong track. After 11-6 starts, the Mariners lost 10 of their last 11, including a broken heart Friday night. They almost swept and dropped their seventh consecutive season, trailing 1-0 to ninth. With one outside, however, Abraham Toro went deep to build the game.

In 10, the Mariners caught the Rays on board, even though there were only runners. This made things easier for the Mariners in the lower half, when they placed the runner in third place. After deliberately walking towards Adam Frazier, Ty France went through the clutch.

Also obvious here: The Mariners set the stage for George Kirby. The first choice for 2019 (20th general) jumped from Double-A, where they reached the 1.82 ERA with 32 beats in 24 2/3 innings. Skipping such a level did not cause any problems on Sunday, as they worked six unlimited runs, allowing only four hits and hitting seven without moving.


Angels were in danger of throwing the series into the National Nationals. It was 4-2 Nats entering the Ninth. After one trip, Taylor Ward opted for it and it looked like Angels were cooking with Mike Trout coming to the plate as the winner of the contest. Trout came out, however, and when Shohei Ohtani jumped in the first yard and came out twice, things started to get tough. But then Ohtani gave a double build game. Anthony Rendon has followed with a successful knock.

Angels hold the first position at 19-11.

An additional, interesting twist is that three walking wins happened within 15 minutes of each other.

Harper, Phillies gives Scherzer a loss

Give the Phillies Bryce Harper player the following: he knows how to benefit from a vacation. Harper was playing two types of games on Sunday in honor of Mother’s Day. Check out:

Ideally, he brought a lot of interest to his weapons by hitting the home run in the first two games on Sunday against the Mets. The blast gave the Phillies a 1-0 lead and caused Harper’s mother to scream:

This was Harper’s sixth visit home this season, for those who follow. He entered the day hitting .240 / .297 / .490 (127 OPS +) in his first innings of 111 innings. Harper then went 2-0 up with an RBI single in the third inning.

The Phillies won 3-2 (boxing), giving Mets ace Max Scherzer his first loss since – believe it or not – about a year ago, or May 30, 2021. Scherzer had never been mentioned. (or defendant) and loss in his last 24 years, including the first five this year.

Red Sox last place lost fifth place in a row

The Red Sox entered Sunday with a very bad record and run of distinction in the American League East. Unfortunately Boston, the first game against the White Sox will not change this. Instead, the Red Sox lost their fifth game in a row (box office).

Pre-prepared Michael Wacha was placed on the injury list before the game, forcing manager Alex Cora to pay tribute to Tanner Houck. He only took innings 2 2/3, allowing three times in four hits. The Boston Bullpen also gave up six extra innings, but the Red Sox list could not be counted.

Dallas Keuchel and the rest of the team made Boston two runs on nine hits and a run. Altogether, they fought 10 battles, and Keuchel wrote five of them. Sunday is the first time this season Keuchel has worked on more than five frames.

The Red Sox will host Monday before the start of a five-game tour that will include two games vs. the Braves then three against the Rangers.

on the train

Rays at Angels (three games starting Monday): The Angels and Rays entered this week with two of the best races in the American League, which makes this a great visual hit. If this does not work for you, then we will see that the competition that could take place on Wednesday will upset Shohei Ohtani against Shane McClanahan. That’s a good impersonation, people.

Blue Jays at Yankees (two games starting Tuesday): The Yankees and Blue Jays meet for the third time this season starting on Tuesday, despite a short two-game series. New York has been lucky so far, winning four of the seven races and beating Toronto by 24-14.

Astros for the Twins (three games starting Tuesday): It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Correa, of course, spent the first seven years of his major league career with Houston, making two All-Star Games and winning the World Series on the way. While Correa may not be able to go, this should be another interesting list among potential teams.

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