Milan – Inter: 3-2 Serie A 2022/2023. The last post is a review of the game

  • Thank you for following the broadcast of this match with us, see you in the subsequent spherical of Serie A!20:01

  • In the subsequent spherical of the Milan competitors, an away game at the stadium of Sampdoria, Inter will play at house in opposition to Torino.20:01

  • Tris Milan, Inter knockout: a fascinating derby, full of feelings: Brozovic broke the present in the twenty first minute, Leao scored a purpose in the twenty eighth minute. In the second half in Giroud’s purpose in the 54th minute, Leao received twice together with his actions, Dzeko shortened the hole. Maignan saves the end result, miraculously on Calhanoglu.8:00 p.m

  • 90′ + 6′

    The finish of the game: MILAN-INTER 3-2 (21′ Brozovic, 28′ and 60′ Leao, 54′ Giroud, 67′ Dzeko).19:56

  • 90′ + 5′

    INTER OPPORTUNITY! Volley shot by Mkhitaryan, the ball bounces off the floor.19:56

  • 90′ + 3′

    LEAO has warned in opposition to unlawful practices.19:52

  • 90′ + 3′

    Raise it with Handanovic, the villain is attacked by Calhanoglu.19:52

  • 90′

    The decide provides 5 minutes to get better.19:49

  • 88′

    Diaz’s flash, the ball reaches Leao: a large shot from the edge.19:47

  • 86′

    Milan with a three-man protection after Kjaer entered the area.19:45

  • 84′

    INTER substitutions: D’Ambrosio replaces De Vrij.19:43

  • 84′

    INTER modifications: Gosens joins Darmian.19:43

  • 84′

    Substitute for MILAN: Pobega joins Tonali.19:42

  • 84′

    Instead of MILAN: Kjaer enters Calabria exit.19:42

  • 82′

    Origi’s try, ended.19:41

  • 81′

    Dzeko kicks from the edge, the shot blocked by the Rossoneri defence.19:39

  • 79′

    Crossing from Dimarco’s trocar, Maignan makes the ball his personal.19:38

  • 77′

    TONALI has warned of protests.19:36

  • 77′

    INTER OPPORTUNITY! Calhanoglu bursts down the proper from exterior the field, Maignan’s response is unbelievable.19:36

  • 76′

    Calhanoglu from the flag, leads Tomori away.19:35

  • 74′

    INTER OPPORTUNITY! Dzeko tackles Maignan with a shot from the center however hidden, the participant blocks it together with his foot.19:33

  • 73′

    AC Milan substitution: Origi replaces Giroud.19:31

  • 72′

    Substitute for AC Milan: Saelemaekers replaces Messias.19:31

  • 71′

    INZAGHI warned from the bench to protest.19:30

  • 70′

    INTER OPPORTUNITY! Dumfries crosses, Lautaro heads, Maignan dives.19:29

  • 68′

    Lautaro provides Maignan a shakedown, however is caught off guard.19:28

  • 67′

    GOAL! Milan-INTER 3-2! Dzeko community. Darmian’s cross, Dzeko waits for Tomori and luggage it from shut vary (pole-web).

    Check out the participant profile of Edin Dzeko19:32

  • 66′

    Launch of Dimarco, Kalulu anticipates Dzeko.19:25

  • 64′

    INTER substitutions: Dzeko enters, Correa exits.19:22

  • 64′

    Inter change: Dimarco enters Button exits.19:22

  • 63′

    INTER substitutions: Mkhitaryan enters, Barella exits.19:22

  • 63′

    AC Milan substitution: Diaz replaces De Ketelaere.19:21

  • 60′

    GOAL! AC MILAN 3-1 Inter! Rafael Leao’s community. Sponda di Giroud, Leao enters the space between the Nerazzurri’s three defenders and locations Handanovic.

    See the profile of the participant Rafael Leão19:20

    Rafael Leão
  • 60′

    Phrasing from Milan, Skriniar captures Tonali.19:19

  • 58′

    Amesia lays down in agony after an argument with Bastoni, the sanitation employees in the area.19:16

  • 56′

    Milan keep forward, pushing Darmian away.19:15

  • 54′

    GOAL! AC MILAN 2-1 Inter! Giroud community. A few ideas of Leao, Giroud in the space has a poison bag on the left.

    Check out the biography of Olivier Giroud19:14

    Olivier Giroud
  • 53′

    Free kick from the edge of Calhanoglu’s space, the ball hits the bar.19:12

  • 51′

    DE KETELAERE warned in opposition to the flawed play on Correa.19:09

  • 49′

    Tonali’s free-kick is deflected, Hernandez heads, the ball ends.19:08

  • 48′

    Messias wins with Bastoni, Calhanoglu crushes him repeatedly.19:06

  • 46′

    The begin of the second half of MILAN-INTER. It begins at a 1-1 end result.19:04

  • Milan shot 13 instances in the first half, to Inter’s 5.18:53

  • Interesting derby, 1-1 at the finish of the first half between Milan and Inter: Nerazzurri took the lead with Brozovic in the twenty first minute, Leao scored in the twenty eighth minute. Rossoneri Dangerous with Giroud and Theo Hernandez. Many duels in the enviornment, the battle of spirits.18:51

  • 45′ + 1′

    End of the first half: MILAN-INTER 1-1. Brozovic and Leao scored.18:47

  • 45′ + 1′

    Lautaro tries inside the space, shot by Tomori on a slide.18:46

  • 45′

    The referee provides one minute to get better.18:45

  • 43′

    Head Giroud wins the duel with Bastoni, but it surely doesn’t trigger a head for Handanovic.18:44

  • 42′

    Bennacer’s piece, Hernandez’s header, excellent ball.18:43

  • 40′

    A free kick is taken by Tonali, the ball hits the Nerazzurri crossbar.18:40

  • 39′

    Free kick for Milan after a foul by Brozovic on De Ketelaere.18:39

  • 38′

    BROZOVIC warned in opposition to foul play on De Ketelaere.18:38

  • 37′

    AC MILAN LUCK! Corner from Bennacer, De Ketelaere is off, the ball is close to the post.18:38

  • 36′

    Messias is in the center, Skriniar expects Leao able to assault.18:36

  • 35′

    When Tonali’s weak ends mix with Giroud, there is no downside for Handanovic.18:41

  • 35′

    Milan insist: Hernandez prices a left hand from exterior the space, the ball is not too excessive.18:36

  • 34′

    AC MILAN LUCK! The institution of Tonali, Giroud in the space connects with the left however doesn’t discover the purpose.18:35

  • 33′

    Giroud is combating in the center of the area, Calhanoglu is doing soiled issues.18:33

  • 31′

    GIROUD warned of unhealthy play on Skriniar.18:32

  • 31′

    Again spirits on the area after the battle between Giroud and Skriniar.18:31

  • 28′

    GOAL! AC MILAN 1-1 Inter! Rafael Leao’s community. Tonali takes a cross from Calhanoglu and serves Leao, the Portuguese left-hander stabs Handanovic.

    See the profile of the participant Rafael Leão18:29

    Rafael Leão
  • 26′

    Giroud in the space turns and pushes in direction of the purpose, a nice ball.18:26

  • 25′

    Cross from Leao, a simple head from Calabria.18:25

  • 23′

    Lautaro steps in on Hernandez, good for the referee.18:24

  • 21′

    GOAL! AC Milan 0-1 INTER! Brozovic community. It begins with Lautaro, an assistant from Correa, Brozovic simply seems in entrance of Maignan and beats him chilly.

    See participant card Marcelo Brozovic18:23

    Marcelo Brozovic
  • 19′

    The native messiah does not management the ball, he sweeps the stick.18:19

  • 17′

    Dangerous Milan and Leao: proper-footed shot from the edge, Handanovic throws the ball away.18:17

  • 15′

    Bastoni dangers his personal purpose, curling his header over the crossbar, however the referee stops the game for Giroud’s assault.18:16

  • 13′

    The referee penalized the contact of Lautaro’s arm in the center of the pitch, the Argentine protested.18:14

  • 11′

    Inter’s first purpose: Dumfries shot low in Brozovic’s space, the Croatian striker deflected for a nook.18:12

  • 10′

    HERNANDEZ warned in opposition to unlawful practices.05:52

  • 9′

    DUMFRIES warned for disobedience.00:08

  • 9′

    Spark between Hernandez and Dumfries after a fast duel, the referee restores calm with two playing cards.18:09

  • 8′

    A huge cross for Dumfries, nothing for Inter.18:08

  • 6′

    The refrain of AC Milan, De Ketelaere on this space doesn’t get a place in the last.18:06

  • 4′

    Lautaro frees himself and goes for a lengthy shot, denied by the Rossoneri defence.18:05

  • 4′

    Hernandez’s throw, too lengthy for anybody, the ball lands on the floor.18:04

  • 2′

    Starting Messias, Skriniar is ready for De Ketelaere.18:02

  • 1′

    The first half of MILAN-INTER. Referee Chiffi controls the derby.18:00

  • AC Milan has bounced again from a 5-game shedding streak in Serie A.17:10

  • Inzaghi’s choices: Lautaro and Correa up entrance, Dzeko on the bench, Lukaku out. Dumfries and Darmian on the wings, in protection he recovers Bastoni. Between the posts is Handanovic.17:03

  • Pioli’s choices: Giroud leads the assault, De Ketelaere a midfielder, Leao and Messias on the exterior. Bennacer and Tonali in the center, Hernandez and Calabria at full again.17:02

  • INTER bench: Onana, Cordaz, Acerbi, D’Ambrosio, Dimarco, Bellanova, Gosens, Asllani, Gagliardini, Mkhitaryan, Dzeko, Carboni.17:02

  • MILAN bench: Tatarusanu, Mirante, Dest, Kjaer, Thiaw, Gabbia, Ballo-Touré, Bakayoko, Pobega, Vranckx, Saelemaekers, Adli, Diaz, Latezic, Origi.17:01

  • Formation of INTER (3-5-2): Handanovic – Skriniar, De Vrij, Bastoni – Dumfries, Barella, Brozovic, Calhanoglu, Darmian – Lautaro, Correa.17:01

  • Formation of MILAN (4-2-3-1): Maignan – Calabria, Rabbit, Tomori, Hernandez – Tonali, Bennacer – Messias, De Ketelaere – Giroud.17:00

  • It’s solely a brief time earlier than Milan-Inter. Big expectations for the derby, the groups separated by one level in the standings.16:59

  • Welcome to reside match day 5 of Serie A, AC Milan and Inter meet.16:59

  • Where the game is performed:

    Stadium: Giuseppe Meazza
    City: Milan
    Capacity: 80074 viewers16:59

    Giuseppe Meazza
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