Mike Trout’s two homers represent the Mets as an Angels roll

ANAHEIM, Calif. – The Mets did not have a chance to leave town before Mike Trout became healthy.

Start and move on. This is the best tactic the Buck Showalter team can take after Trout tormented him Saturday night, with a hand from Shohei Ohtani, in the Mets’ 11-6 loss Angels.

Trout fired two homers and Ohtani added the night the Angels hit five. Two strong were paired 6-for-8 on a plate with six RBI.

“I think I got a little bit of in my game today,” Carlos Carrasco said after just starting the worst in 5 weeks ½.

It was the third undefeated loss in the last four games of the Mets, which they won 20-2 by losing the last two games of their series in San Diego this week. If the Mets are to survive the .500 tour they will have to win Sunday’s final at Angel Stadium.

In the past, damage has happened. The Mets started their journey to the West Coast with a 10 ase game lead to the NL East. This lead has been reduced to 5 ½ height, with the help of 10 Braves games. The Phillies are eight behind after winning nine games in a row.

Mike Trout builds the first belt of his two houses running in the third ining of Mets ’11 -6 loss to Angels.

“We just care how we play here,” Carrasco said. “We’re not trying to focus on other games.”

Trout, who missed the Angelsco’s previous three games due to injury, met Carrasco in the third inning. In the sixth, he went deep against Jake Reed, giving Trout 23 international games in his career. Jared Walsh hit on the cycle for the Angels, hitting three times in the eighth to achieve his best. On Monday in San Diego, Eduardo Escobar climbed three times in his final round to finish the Mets round in 10 years.

Carrasco conceded five winning runs in eight games and was beaten seven times with one run over innings 4² / ₃. The right-hand man split after throwing 77 shots, two of which went to the homers (Trout and Ohtani). In doing so, the Carrasco ERA jumped from 3.52 to 3.93.

Shohei Ohtani (left) receives a thank-you note from Mike Trout for hitting a two-point homer in the fifth inning for Mets' loss.
Shohei Ohtani (left) receives a thank-you note from Mike Trout for hitting a two-point homer in the fifth inning for Mets’ loss.

Yankee and Bronx veteran Andrew Velazquez fought Reed in the sixth in the Angels’ third home that night. The explosion of two Trout runs later in the inning extended Angelo’s lead to 8-0. In the seventh, Walsh fought Chasen Shreve. The five houses allowed by the Mets were seasonal. Walsh came back with two rounds of eight rounds (all competitions were awarded to Shreve).

The Mets did not win until seventh in one RBI by Mark Canha, against former Mets Aaron Loup. The run was handed over to Angels founder Michael Lorenzen, who allowed a man to be able to hit once six times and walk past 6¹ / ₃ innings.

Pete Alonso entered the eighth inning. The explosion was Alonso’s 17th this season, making him the only one to be in first place in the National League. The Mets ran four times and came out two in nine, with Khalil Lee who was the first major league leader, a triple explosion, giving a lot of power.

“I think we had six or seven balls that hit the button,” Showalter said. “He played a good defense tonight. I thought several times this way and that when we had a problem.”

Carrasco began to tremble, allowing two first rams. Brandon Marsh took the lead in the Angles Ohtani before breaking the RBI twice, taking third in the wrong throw for Luis Guillorme. Anthony Rendon followed with an RBI twice that put the Mets in the 2-0 hole.

Trout announced his return to the Angels’ line by launching a 425-foot shot that cleared the left wall in the third inning to extend Angelo’s lead 3-0. The caretaker was the 15th Trout this season and the first to be approved by Carrasco in six months, starting May 10th.

Ohtani also netted a challenge for the Mets in the snow, blasting a two-point home against Carrasco that gave the Angels a 5-0 lead. Trout doubled in the inning before Ohtani removed the fence to the right with a shotgun that left his bat at 113.5 mph. Homer was Ohthan’s 13th of the season.


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