Miguel Andújar’s business potential: Five points for the dissatisfied Yankees player

Reports surfaced on Saturday indicating that Miguel Andújar, winner of the 2018 American League Rookie of the Year Award, applied for a deal with the New York Yankees after being relegated to Triple-A. According to Ken Rosenthal, this is not the first time Andújar has asked the Yankees to move him.

Andújar’s frustration is understandable. Injuries and misdemeanors have kept him out of 90 major league games since his last season. He hit .234 / .260 / .329 (62 OPS +) with seven home runs in 319 rounds to the plate. At the same time, Andújar has done well in children – in his career winning. and more than Quad-A talent.

The commercial potential of Andújar is unknown. CBS Sports spoke with one talent test Saturday who doubted it could attract more people because of its recent challenges and its entire history. Teams do not recommend right-handers with limited defense. It is true that Andújar has further expanded his defensive career in recent years, but the metrics of the people show that he would still be a minority.

In addition, interested parties are aware that Andújar, 27, will end his decision this season. (Most players are given three “selection years” that allow them to be sent to minors as per the team’s requirement. After three years, the player must be dismissed before being demoted.) he has no better option than to give him money.

Given the content, let’s say the Yankees agree with Andújar’s demands and sincerely try to move him in the coming weeks. Which groups would you like? Below, we have listed five places you can visit. As always, this technique is far more sophisticated than science.

One of the “good” about being a bad team is that you can look for players who have not received enough opportunities elsewhere. The Reds may think they have given Andújar hundreds of appearances using time better than doing the same with Albert Almora Jr. At the very least, he should represent the promotion of Aristides Aquino as a DH group.

Derek Jeter is no longer the general manager with the Marlins, but former Yankees boss Gary Denbo is still in his position and is said to have had a big idea in the past when it came to buying players. Whether Denbo can go to war in Andújar or not, it’s up to everyone, but the Marlins currently have Luke Williams and Williams Astudillo in their squad. Miami should not have seen Andújar as a long-term piece to prove he is worthy of a short-term look.

The Nationals are in a boat similar to the model used by the Reds: they are evil and are in the process of gaining talent. It is possible that he feels he has a kind of Andújar, like Maikel Franco. Even so, Franco is a free agent at the end of the season and it probably wouldn’t hurt to have a deep replacement later on. Josh Bell’s inevitable trade.

The Rangers have shown interest in Andújar in the past. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The Rangers played more professional football than they expected so far, and the Yankees would not want to help any enemy they could have.

Andújar’s idea of ​​trying to play in the big Comerica stadium is not disturbing, but the Tigers can use offensive tactics. Heck, may be ready to fire him in third place due to the way Jeimer Candelario dropped Sunday’s game with a shoulder injury and failed to persevere for two consecutive seasons.

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