Miami GP becomes F1’s Super Bowl, Lewis Hamilton tells Tom Brady

“I didn’t understand how, you know, going to Tom’s game … going to watch the NBA and knowing how amazing the fans are out here, people. [are] he loves sports very much in this country and does not understand why he does not agree with our game, “Hamilton said on Wednesday.

The Miami GP is the first of two F1 tournaments to be held in the US this year – the United States Grand Prix in Austin, Texas will be held in October. And by 2023, Las Vegas will be America’s third most valuable site.

“At one time we didn’t have a Grand Prix here, so we only had one Grand Prix. Now we’re growing. I think this will be like our Super Bowl,” said 37-year-old Hamilton.

“I’m really excited to be in Miami. This is the first time the game is here and the anticipation for the event has been shaken,” added Hamilton ahead of this week’s Grand Prix, which will take place at Hard Rock Stadium.

“Everyone is very happy but there will be a little nerve because there have been so many people here and it is a new area.”

Undoubtedly, two of the most well-known runners of all time, Hamilton and Brady played one golf course and discussed the success and failure of the charity at the Miami Beach Golf Club with Swiss superstar IWC Schaffhausen.

“Winning is a very good thing. And when you ride well, it’s one thing,” said Hamilton, a former F1 national leader, who had a difficult start to 2022 with a well-equipped Mercedes car. But sometimes, “you stumble” and “fall,” he added.

“We have a responsibility to carry each other and go through difficult times where we are stronger and closer and closer to digging and digging deeper than we think … they say you have to dig deeper, but you can dig deeper all the time. You can move a little further,” he said.

During the ceremony, Hamilton also spoke about how F1 “saved” him.

“Adolescents are everything and my passion is to get children involved in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) courses,” the Mercedes driver said on Wednesday to donate money to poor Miami children at the Miami Beach Golf Club.

CNN's Coy Wire told Hamilton and Brady:

“The game brings people together and it saved my life. I’m glad we’re a good thing,” he added, at PA.

“It’s better to play and lose than not to play at all.”

Brady also offered his thoughts on winning ideas for the game.

“You have to realize that it’s better to play and lose than not to play at all,” said Brady, a seven-time Super Bowl winner.

“That’s why I feel like, though, you know, you can’t always win, playing in a game is so much fun. Obviously, everyone wants to win. It’s a tough race. When I lose, I look harder. … how do I get back to the game?”

“I’m thinking of the Super Bowl in 2016 against Atlanta. We were under 25 points. You can’t get 25 points in a single touch, you just have to get away and you have to get very far. .

Brady added: “But, you know, we don’t always win. And this is part of the game. But I’m happy and excited when you have the chance to come back – in my last game against the Rams in the playoffs. We were very low and found a way to connect the game.

“And finally Matt [Stafford] had … a great throw for Cooper [Kupp] to win to really win that game.

“You don’t always beat them all, but it’s fun to come back when you do. And they’re the ones you probably remember the most,” Brady said.

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The 44-year-old, who plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, also saw how the challenges he faced as he grew older.

“Your life when you are 25 is very different from 35. I look at 35 I think, man, my life was simple at 35 and now … here are a lot of special challenges to it.

“And I still have to put my time and energy into what it should be, you know, so that other parts of my life can do better. So that’s been the biggest challenge as I’ve been growing up, you know, trying.

“But I feel like when it comes to the football season, you know, that’s when it’s always been my first love. And it’s amazing to still have the ability to compete as much as I do. And I do it because I always love my friends. That’s true.”

Hamilton has won seven F1 titles.

Earlier this year, 37-year-old Hamilton, who is the fastest runner in F1 history, said he “suffered from mental and emotional illness for a long time.”

Writing in an Instagram post, Hamilton said he had dried up “a difficult year already with all that is happening around us” and that it was “difficult to have hope some days.”

However, he also provided support and reassurance for his followers.

“I’m writing to let you know that it’s okay to hear how you’re doing, know that you’re not alone and we’ll deal with it!” Hamilton added.


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