‘Meu migãozão – o Filme’ helps infants deal with emotions

Yuri, Lily and Matt, the main characters in the animated series My big friend, Will start a trip to a summer camp. Until then, children were accustomed to communicating with each other at school or in the area where they live. Making new friends there seems to be challenging.

There, they meet Dove Dudum, who at first seems a lot of fun, but the creature wants to tear them apart. This shocking adventure opens in theaters this Thursday, the 12th My big friend – the movie. Dove Dudum concludes by explaining each character’s obstacles, so that the viewer can easily understand what they have to face, even if the themes are not so simple and this conflict has a special meaning for each hero “, emphasizes. In an interview with the film’s director, Andres Lebanon Estadao.

In the series, the biggest challenge for children is to deal with their own emotions. Now, they will come across a presentation on how they can face fear and insecurity. In the end, friendship becomes a key element of this process.

“The first decision was made for the target audience of the series, ages 4 to 6, and after understanding what the major conflicts and pressures of daily life of this age group are, is going through a big change,” said Amigãozões. They need to listen, respect each other and welcome each other to get to know each other better, “explained Claudia Leiban, co-creator of the series.

The film has a screenplay by her and Canadian Clive Andersby, in consultation with Sesc Rio de Scripts for Cinema Laboratory. To create the characters, the team did extensive research in specialized literature, consulting with educators and psychologists, as well as to understand how educators are instructed to use the theme of fictional friends in a constructive way.

At this age, it is common for children between the ages of 4 and 6 to start appearing for the first time in social circles outside their comfort zone, where they are accustomed to being the center of attention and have facilities that are not appropriate. Among others, the film addresses this social and psychological aspect, questioning the ways in which children deal with previously unknown emotions.

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Another concern of the team was to show children without setting an example to follow the villain Dove Dudum, especially for viewers who are still building its value.

“The only villain in the series was the coexistence conflict that children had to resolve. Like most preschool series, the image of the villain is avoided because it is easy for him to become a misleading reference when morality or right and wrong are still being formed,” Andres Lebanon analyzed.

Unpublished songs help tell stories, walking through different emotions. The entire soundtrack was recorded by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. “The film conveys a sequence of relevant experiences and feelings for our viewers and the adults who come with them from beginning to end,” the director added.

We humans make up stories. In adult life, they are responsible for our memory, good or bad. In childhood, the same thing happens. “We all like stories, we read books, go to the theater, watch movies or soap operas, listen to music or describe our experiences as true storytellers. This interest somehow fuels our store of social survival. When we tell stories a child. “It’s not that sensitive, it’s something that can upset or provoke him,” Lebanon said.

Inside My Friends – Movies, Children can relate different things to their own experiences. “Among other things, we wanted to talk about the distance, the longing, and the joy of seeing each other. We don’t know if we’re going through an epidemic. “, He says.

Many parents are now starting to go out with their children with the progress of vaccination against Kovid-19. It was two years with virtually little social interaction among the little ones. “Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. My friend It’s always been about: developing social skills so you can make friends and make friends. “


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