Mets throw plus no-hitter vs. Phillies

NEW YORK – Tylor Megill, who started the second undefeated run in Mets history, has no idea what he started until he left the ridge. Drew Smith and Seth Lugo were in the teacher’s room when the television told them; came to the ninth court. So did Joely Rodríguez, who was receiving medical attention when her consciousness touched her. He too returned to the field.

Only Edwin Díaz understood what happened when he was in the game, although at the time, it would have been difficult for anyone at Citi Field to be caught unawares. By the time Díaz beat Bryce Harper to open the ninth inning on Friday, the crowd had already started. When Díaz fell in love with Nick Castellanos, many rose from their seats. When he beat JT Realmuto to win the 3-0 win over the Phillies and unbeaten 315 in Major League history, Díaz clenched his fist, screamed and let his teammates cover him.

“How do you see a person who doesn’t hit?” laughed first baseman Pete Alonso, who helped the homer to victory. It’s like seeing a white buffalo or a unicorn.

Megill had never been a single player, even in the Little League, but played a very important role in delivering the first 15 episodes. With her speed and unparalleled control, Megill needed 88 yards to complete five innings. He rode three batteries and benefited from a hit by Brandon Nimmo in the third inning which robbed Jean Segura of the hit. Even at this point, the manager of the Buck Showalter understood that Megill, a young soccer player with a lot of anxiety, “apparently didn’t finish the game.”

And so the untouchable became like a unicorn, even a colorless buffalo. Of the 315 none of us at the highest level, only 17 are included. Only 27 of them included six trips. This one looked at both boxes, while also demanding more waves (159) than non-strikers since the figures became available in 1987.

For others, a more consistent approach may limit the effectiveness of their efforts. For the Mets, who are working to form a cohesive team, they have expanded the project.

“It’s something very special [will] to be in history forever, “said James McCann, who held all nine innings.

From Megill, the Mets turned to Smith, who is one of seven MLB players to throw in more than nine innings this season without allowing a run. Smith hit four of the five he met and started to stand up – his first sign that something big was happening.

Next up was Rodríguez, a late-summer trader who fought the first fight he saw, started the second game on the next line, and then brought the Mets into the eighth unstoppable. Rodríguez handed the ball to Lugo, who had worked hard since 2016. He needed only five times to score two.

Finally was the time of Díaz, who got into the music business that brought a huge crowd of 32,416 people. Many wore black shirts in line with the Mets, who wore their black jerseys for the first time this season.

“The best way I can describe it is to shake a soda bottle, and just wait for the cup to come out,” Alonso said. “I feel like we all know what’s going to happen because all of our guys, after receiving the ball, were just turned off.”

Back at the clubhouse, following one of Díaz’s greatest performances, the Mets shot DMX songs as they jumped into place and danced to celebrate. Megill called herself “happy,” while others laughed out loud. Along the way, the Phillies consoled themselves with words, even acknowledging the greater truth that the untouchable man pointed out.

“It’s a good team of Mets out there,” Harper said. “I don’t think he’s going anywhere in a hurry.”

In that sense, this no-hitter sounded different from the one Johan Santana threw on June 1, 2012. No-no, the first in the history of the franchise, gave a special show to another group of Mets that was not difficult. It also cleared the history of Citi Field, opening the gate for others to follow.

“It’s one of the things we often see here before the game, after the game, the late rain always plays again,” Nimmo said. It’s like, ‘I want to be involved in a game that keeps repeating itself.’

As one of the Mets who has been around for a long time, Nimmo waited a long time, although the club became famous with one of the top baseball games. In the entire league, 39 non-league appearances took place after Santana, including trials of 18 different teams.

Now, the Mets have one. It was illegal. It was hard. But it was, as Nimmo said, “one of the ones you will be playing over and over again.”


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