Mets Builds Great Leadership Then Expect To Win Phillies

PHILADELPHIA – Max Scherzer finally managed to sing with all his might as his right hip was not bothering him.

It took a while for her to realize this, but when she did, she looked back at her Cy Young.

Mets 9, Phillies 6 | | Box Score | Play-by-play

Scherzer stabilized after making the first tackle, Pete Alonso led by six home runs and two and the Mets defeated Philadelphia Phillies, 9-6, Wednesday. It took Scherzer’s first foundation (2-0) to regain his right foot, then hit the next strike, making it a start and allowing one run and five strikes and seven strikes in five races. .

“I wasn’t doing anything that was supposed to be,” Scherzer said. “Fortunately enough was enough to walk three times in the inning to avoid inconvenience and leave a few accelerations there. This made our frustrations continue.”

Alonso and all other Mets errors provided extra support for the 37-year-old Cy Young Award winner. Brandon Nimmo hit the lone Aaron Nola in the third inning – the first Mets hit in the afternoon – before reaching the fourth and fifth innings.

“We did a great job pouring in all day,” said Alonso, who was re-selected to play rather than the original play. “We had one of the best bats to 9, and that’s what we need to win this tough game.”

Alonso’s first RBI helped bring Nola into the game. The right-hand man also lost the fourth lane, walking and hitting and hitting two others to raise the base and get a hook from manager Joe Girardi. Nola (1-1) conceded three runs in three hits in 3 ⅓ innings.

The Mets also knocked around the Phillies bullpen, which went five minutes deep after Nola started off and the day off. Alonso fired three homers to the right in the middle of the sixth to make it 8-1 and close out the day Scherzer threw 96 yards.

“It was a great moment in the game that put us ahead with the team, and thankfully it was enough,” Alonso said. “Philly has a big problem. They’re a great team. They started coming back there. But I feel like the team’s arrival was great.”

SAN FRANCISCO – Logan Webb threw a four-point lead over eight innings and Luke Williams repeated the only-needed trip as the San Francisco Giants beat San Diego Padres 2-1 on Wednesday.

Webb (1-0), who came out as the Giants’ ace last season, allowed one run. He retired from 22 of the last 24 encounters, hitting seven undefeated.

Giants 2, Padres 1 | | Box Score | Play-by-play

Through its first two innings, Webb has only delivered two innings in 14 innings.

Padres lefty Sean Manaea (1-1) was also exhausted, holding San Francisco on two runs over six innings of four hits. But Williams’ two runs in the second game took a 1-0 lead in San Diego and ended up staying where he had chosen.

The Padres threatened in the ninth against Giants assistant Camilo Doval. Jake Cronenworth arrived on single-out infield single, Eric Hosmer walked out with two out and Doval hit Jurickson Profar to raise the base.

But Doval beat Matt Beaty at top speed to close out his first save.

Box: The results of the box are a summary of what happened Wednesday.

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