Menaz, Orgis and Violence: What We Learned by Watching New and Controversial Reality Shows (No)

Menaz, Orgis and Violence: What We Learned by Watching New and Controversial Reality Shows (No)

There was talk of a new British program. NiT said it all after watching the first episode.

It’s hard to imagine what will happen next

Nothing is more or less at risk than what is presented as “a major ban on society”. Which one? Don’t say one-way rules. The issue was not the subject of much debate by experts, sexologists, psychologists, sociologists. None of this.

What Britain’s Channel 4 has done is bolder – and easier. She rented a huge house in the country, rented a large group of women in open shirts and low-cuts and used it as bait for couples looking for a “new experience”..

“Open House: The Great Sex Experiment” is a new British reality show that is causing controversy. Don’t be fooled by the name, experience is far from scientific. Thus, we have reached the end of the reality show – or so we hope – the moment when complete disobedience is assumed on free-to-air television.

Let’s break it down: There’s something liberating about British shows, in the sense that it’s true that sex is a strict taboo. Silent conservatism that is still rampant in the minds of most, even if they do not admit it, is rejecting sexual freedom which, whether we like it or not, is essential for the happiness of all of us.

That said, it seems unlikely that a reality show populated by steroid-fed mannequins is the right place to change mindsets. Even because, let’s face it, most of the “open house” audience will come for the drama, but only for graphic sex.

It should be noted that there is a limit: there are no genitals on display, but the lines we are accustomed to have been exceeded. This is definitely not a show you can hide in the workplace.

Balancing all obscenities is Laurie Beth, the hair relationship therapist who sets the rules for each couple. At first, a few young men looking for their first trio, he simply advises them to have fun. To the second couple, who have already been married for almost two decades and have a history of infidelity, he advised them to stay calm and forbid them to take part in the event together that night.

That’s right: the program heats up properly at social events produced by production, where The members of the couple are left to the wild animals, the secondary inhabitants of the house who feed the cannon, or rather, the trio..

John and Daniel, the elderly couple, agreed to participate, although they knew their four children would be frightened because their mother had been sucked by a six-foot vacuum-man. At the next party, his date will kiss every woman he can find. Fortunately, Laurie Beth has established the rule: there is no sex. God knows where John and Daniel’s night will end – and the conscience of four children.

The young couple, Maddie and Nathan, on the other hand, entered the show to try their first trio. But contrary to what they expected, he was not jealous. He, already very accustomed to the scene – he boasted that he did at least two before committing himself – has weakened. It turned out to be an “extra tire” in the bedroom, while his girlfriend enjoyed herself without looking back. A heart broke that night. Nothing could be solved with a new threesome, rightly so, with the most voyeuristic night vision of all time.

In it, Beth gives us some explanations about the dangers of opening such a relationship. “People think that non-monogamy is a threat to relationships, while the biggest threat is extramarital affairs, infidelity,” he said.. Educational moments do not last long. No one wants to distract the audience for 30 seconds.

This kind of “social experience” cover clashes with the usual emptiness of this type of program. The underlying theme, as important as it is, always floats under the rug to make room for what really catches the eye: naked bodies, wailing, unnecessary drama.

If we want to see a pornographic film with a cheap screenplay, we have a lot to choose from on the internet and of course, we can avoid saying that the narrative ends with a hero’s complaint because “the little guy didn’t want to work.”

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