Meghan is outraged to try to patent a popular English word

Megan Merkel has sued for more than 400 years to patent a word in an English dictionary. According to the British newspaper The Sun, Prince Harry’s wife is planning to acquire the right to use the term.Archeology(Archetypes, Portuguese) After using it to name a new podcast in partnership with Spotify.

According to international media reports, Megan’s legal representatives filed the patent process at the end of March in a document submitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. However, the term has been on record since 1540.


From the Greek source, the word “archetype” is associated with the concept of source, referring to the first model or prototype. If Megan’s application is approved, she will have the right to use the term to create audio content such as music, radio shows and podcasts.

Millionaire project

The program, produced and presented by him under the title Archetypes, is part of the Duke of Sussex’s partnership with Spotify. Their deal with the monster Streaming Signed for 18 18 million, equivalent to R $ 134 million.

Archetypes will investigate women’s stereotypes and labels, scheduled for release next month. The production will tell stories and life experiences of female personalities from around the world, as well as bring in interviews with experts and historians.

Megan and Prince Harry ended their reunion in 2018. Archie and Lilibet are both parents of Diana and have lived in the United States since 2020, the same year they resigned from a high-ranking British monarchy in search of autonomy.

Archie and Lilliput are the children of Diana Harry and Megan Merkel. The family lives in Santa Barbara, USA.

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