Meet the top 5 MPs for the next legislature

More than 6 million voters went to the polls this Sunday (02) to decide on their representatives in Pará. About 1 million individuals are registered in the capital Belém. According to information from the Electoral Court of Pará (TRE-PA), the proportion elevated by 5.63% between the final election, 2020 and the current. Adivasi, Quilombola and riverine lots are the lots who’re rising the variety of voters in the neighbourhood. They characterize about 2 million voters. Most of Brazil’s voters is made up of girls. They characterize 52.65% of the whole. In Para, with ladies equaling 50% of Para voters, there are 3,066,174 voters, outnumbering males.

Of the 41 deputies who occupied a seat in the Para (Aleppa) Legislative Assembly, 23 deputies have been re-elected and 35 have been in the working for re-election. There are 18 new names for the next legislature, renewing the legislative powers of 46%. Deputy Chamonjinho from the Brazilian Democratic Movement (MDB) acquired the most votes, with 109,287. adopted by Iran Lima (MDB), with 92,710; Cilene Couto of the Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB), 91,611; Chicão (MDB), with 91,542 votes; and Rogério Barra (PL), 81,868.

Chamonjinho (Wenderson Azevedo Chamon) is a businessman, 47 years outdated, born on January 18, 1975. Born in Maraba, he’s the son of former state deputy Joao Chamon Neto and Angela Azevedo Chamon. Married to journalist Marianna Chamon, present mayor of Curiopolis, with whom he has three daughters. He had 63,722 votes in 2018. His political profession started in 2000, when he first turned a councilor of the municipality of Kourionoupolis, later successful a second time period. The Member of Parliament has already been Mayor of Curiopolis for two phrases (2009-2012 and 2013-2016) and President of the Association of Municipalities of Araguaia and Tocantins (AMAT).

Deputy Chamonjinho

“I’ve devoted myself to work and caring for folks. My gratitude to God, my household and the confidence of all these greater than 109 thousand votes that I’ll honor with all my power and my coronary heart. With this work, serving and plenty of on God Trust that we’ll proceed to do extra to get there!” Deputy Chamonjinho introduced.

Elected Deputy Iran Lima

Iran Lima (Iran Ataide de Lima) was born on May 8, 1963 in Mozu. Graduated in Accounting Science from the Federal University of Pará (UFPA) and Master in Management Accounting and Auditing from the University of Amazonia-UNAMA and São Paulo-USP. He adopted a profession in public service as Auditor of the Secretary of Finance for Private Initiatives and Para at CIBRASA-Cimentos do Brasil S/A. In 2004, Iran was elected Mayor of Lima Mozu and re-elected in 2008. He was elected state deputy in 2014 and re-elected in 2018. At the invitation of Governor Helder Barbalho, he graduated in 2019 from the Civil House of the State of Economic Development, Mining and Energy (SEDEME) and the Office of the State Governor. He returned to the Legislative House with 92,710 votes, changing into the second most voted state deputy in Pará.

Cilene Couto (Cilene Lisboa Couto Marques) was born in the capital of Belem, Pará, on April 3, 1972. Daughter of Mario Couto Filho and Sandra Maria Lisboa Couto, married and has a few youngsters. The MP holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Marketing. Elected in his first time period in 2010 with 43,924 votes. In 2014, he was re-elected with 73,750 votes, being the second most voted deputy in that yr’s election. With an expressive vote of 93,750 votes, he secured his seat in Aleppo in 2018.

Deputy Cilene Couto

“The second is certainly one of gratitude to each pal and each pal who joined us and believed in a political mission that respects and works for the folks. The 91,611 votes I acquired will increase my accountability and my dedication and dedication to this state and its folks. renews. Now is the time to proceed working”, mentioned deputy Celine Couto.

(*5*)Deputy Chikao, President of AleppoChicao (Francisco das Chagas Mello) President of Aleppo, born in Cruzeiro do Sul, Acre, age 61, born April 19, 1961. Married and the father of 4 youngsters, he got here to Pará in 1975. His life story started in the Parliamentary Public Service in Ananindua, the place he served as a councilor for three consecutive phrases from 1994 to 2001. In 2004, he was the Deputy Mayor of Ananindewa. Elected State Deputy in 2006. In 2008, he turned Public Works Secretary of Para (SEOP/PA). In 2010 he was elected as the state deputy, however took cost of the government secretariat of Paribahan-Setran-PA. Elected state deputy in 2014, re-elected in 2018 with 40,268 votes. It has now acquired 91,542 legitimate votes.

Rogério Barra (Hugo Rogerio Sarmanho Barra), from PL, was fifth with 81,868 legitimate votes. Born in Belem do Para, married and with a level in regulation. He is 39 years outdated, born in January 1984. He is the son of re-elected Federal Deputy, Eder Mauro.

The Brazilian Democratic Movement (MDB), the identical occasion of re-elected governor Helder Barbalho, will get the largest bench. Legend grew by 30%, successful three new seats in parliament, going from 10 to 13 deputies. The bench in PL has additionally elevated, from 1 to three deputies; and PT, which elevated the variety of delegates from 3 to 4.

A legislature lasts for 4 years (equal to the time period of workplace of deputies). The commencement ceremony of the new legislature will happen on December 19 at the Hangar Convenes e Faires da Amazonia. On January 31, 2023, the nineteenth Legislature ends and on February 1, the twentieth Legislature begins, which runs till 2026.

Check the listing of deputies:

Chamonzinho-MDB-109,287 votes
Iran Lima- MDB- 92,710 votes
Cilene Couto-PSDB- 91,611 votes
Chicao- MDB- 91,542 votes
ROGERIO BARA-PL-81,868 votes
Eric Monteiro-PSDB-78,053 votes
Adriano Coelho-PDT-74,795 votes
Gustavo Safer-PSD-73,188 votes
Igor Normando-CAN-71,906 votes
Dirceu Ten Caten-PT-66,397 votes
Braz-PDT-65,495 votes
Luth Rebelo-PP- 62,536 votes
Jeka Pirao-MDB-61,766 votes
Rony Silva-MDB-61,297 votes
Paula Titan-MDB- 61,219 votes
Fábio Freitas-REPU-58,689 votes
Angelo Ferrari-MDB-58,104 votes
Carlos Vinicios-MDB-57,998 votes
Martinho Carmona-MDB-56,571 votes
Antonio Tonheiro-PP-56,202 votes
Anna Chunha-PSDB-55,725 votes
Diana Bello-MDB-52,685 votes
Dr. Wanderlan-MDB-52,361 votes
Eraldo Pimenta-MDB-51,986 votes
Thiago Araujo-CIDA-49,411 votes
Bob Flay-PTB-48,452 votes
Victor Dias-UNIÃO-48,235 votes
Andreia Xarão-MDB-48,006 votes
Rep. Nilton Neves-PSD-47,307 votes
Lou Ogawa-PP- 46,262 votes
Elias Santiago-PT-44,734 votes
Maria do Carmo-PT-43,255 votes
Wesley Tomaz-PSC-40,302 votes
Josué Paiva-REPU-36,874 votes
Fábio Figueiras-PSB-35,626 votes
Bordalo-PT-34,238- Votes
Rep. Tony Chunha-PSC- 33,388 votes
Lívia Duarte-PSOL-28,817-votes
Renato Oliveira-Pode – 23,230 votes
Aveilton Souza-PL-23,230- votes
Col. Neal-PL-22,366 votes


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