Me, Mistress and Children: Where’s the Cast of the Series?

Me, concubine and children An ABC comedy series that aired on American television from 2001 to 2005. In Brazil, the show was broadcast by SBT for several years, which made the show very popular among Brazilians.

As the series drew to a close and the actors disappeared from the spotlight, many people began to question the show’s cast position. Thus, in order to dispel possible doubts, we have come up with a complete article including the latest news on the subject.

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Tisha Campbell

(ABC / Play)Source: ABC

After the show ended, Tisha Campbell, who gave life to Prafulla J, did a number of things in the television series, such as Dr. Ken, Empire And even in Gray’s physiology. However, the roles developed by the actress were only cameos, which did not enable her to achieve as much prominence as she did. Me, concubine and children.

However, because of Campbell’s relationship with humor, his presence as a host of entertainment and big awards became very common, making his name always high among Americans.

Now, even though there is no release date yet, it seems that the actress will finally get a new chance to shine on the small screen. Because he will be part of the main cast Not black cracksA drama series produced by Viola Davis that is already being filmed

So the expectation is that before the end of 2022 the public will be able to see Campbell in a new way.

Damon Owens

(ABC / Play)(ABC / Play)Source: ABC

With the huge response to Michael Kyle’s role, Damon Owens got a new gig shortly after the end of the series. In addition to his son Damon Jr., the actor produced and acted UndergroundA comedy series that caused a great deal of controversy at the time, as many viewers pointed to sexist and racist lines from the show’s characters.

However, this was not the end of Owens’ career, as he worked as a producer on other shows and appeared in several guest appearances on TV series. He recently starred in Willis Drummond A studio live in front of an audienceHonor the famous series Different strokes.

However, despite all the history of the actor, Damon Owens seems to be managing his professional future behind the camera, where he can work as a director, screenwriter and producer. So far no new production has been announced with his name.

Parker McKenna Posey

(ABC / Play)(ABC / Play)Source: ABC

He played little Cady Kyle when he was just 4 years old Me, concubine and childrenParker McKenna Posey has built a true empire for himself over time.

Unlike his previous co-stars, Pussy did not play a major television role in the years following the series. However, she bet on a swimwear brand that turned out to be a huge success, resulting in her collecting a small fortune.

However, when it comes to acting, after her romantic involvement with Chris Salis, an American YouTuber, the turning point in Posey’s life came as an adult. According to the news published by several cars at the time and even an interview with the actress, the two went through an abusive situation for a long time, which strongly shook their confidence and self-esteem.

The end of the relationship and the times that frustrated him, Posey found a way to recover in acting, putting herself head over heels in productions. Heaux phase, We are gathered here today And Conflict: Privacy between friends. The actress is not currently working on any new project.

George and Gore II

(ABC / Play)(ABC / Play)Source: ABC

George O. Gore II, known as Junior Me, concubine and childrenThe only person who decided to give up his acting career after a period of testing and failure in the audiovisual market.

Despite really trying to act and work as a director in other productions, George felt that his life was in a new place and decided to dedicate himself entirely to academic life.

He was seen in the last production Second generation WayansA Black Entertainment television comedy series that was canceled after the 1st season.

Since then, the former actor has disappeared from the television studio and has become a university professor at an important American college. However, it was the little information about his life that was leaked, since no aspect of his personal life was commented on or disclosed by George, who kept all of his social media profiles private.

Jennifer Nicole Freeman

(IMDb / Playback)(IMDb / Playback)Source: IMDB

The whole circle of Kyle family is coming, Jennifer Nicole Freeman has played the role of young Claire in season 5. Me, concubine and children. The actress took part in some of the films that needed to be completed in the series and played in the market Nightmares in paradise And Johnson Family Vacation.

Nevertheless, Freeman’s plans seemed to change after he married former basketball player Earl Watson in 2009. The couple had a daughter in the same year, and the couple’s lives have not been made public since, with only a few pictures. Posted on Freeman’s social media.

However, the actress took part in the main cast as a way to return to work Twisted house sitter, A thriller film released by Tubi in 2021. Since his return, Freeman’s fans have been rooting for him to land in a new role soon.

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