Mavericks vs. Sunshine, win: Devin Booker leads Phoenix to win 5 games against Dallas

The Phoenix Suns are the only remaining team in the Western Conference final after dominating the Dallas Mavericks Tuesday night in a 110-80 victory to lead the 3-2 series. The Suns won by a huge score in the second half, with four players finishing twice, led by 28 points from Devin Booker and seven rebounds. Deandre Ayton added 20 points while the Suns were determined to take action on the offense, and Mikal Bridges came out on top to finish with 14 points.

Despite a strong first half, Dallas fell by two points early in the second half and never returned in the game. An incomplete shot and 12 turns in the third half opened the game in favor of the Suns, and now the Mavericks face relegation from Game 6 on Thursday night.

Here are three items from Game 5 between the Sun and the Mavericks.

1. The sun has resonated with the occult since then

Phoenix looked like his bullet over the weekend in a recurring loss in Dallas. Chris Paul had an unbeaten run in Game 3, and he won in Game 4. The Mavericks looked the same as Phoenix when they played at home, but in Game 5 on Tuesday the Suns remembered Dallas – and everyone in the league – because they were the best team in the regular season.

Although the first phase was similar, the Suns confirmed their dominance in the third phase and did not look back. Phoenix defeated Dallas 33-14 in the third round, holding the Mavericks just 6-for-16 off the field and forcing 12 turns. Dallas looked like a no-brainer for the offense, directing a hard shot for Phoenix’s defense, and seemed helpless on the other side while Booker and Bridges only continued to cook after half an hour.

It was the kind of performance that the Sun needed after two spectacular demonstrations on the street. He turns to a well-opened man on the defensive and reduces the ability of the Doncic to drive up to the kidneys and push out. Without dismissing guys like Dorian Finney-Smith, Reggie Bullock and Maxi Kleber forced the Mavericks to beat the Sun and Doncic only, as well as the similarity of the first two games of this series that the system did not work.

2. The players in Dallas were MIA

Entering Game 5, the Mavericks had three young men who shot better than 40 percent from Finney-Smith, Bullock and Kleber. On Tuesday night, the three boys combined to go 3-for-12, and Bullock missed all three attempts. Dallas do not win many games with the three boys suffering, and it was a piece of bigger picture that was Mavericks’ fault that would have been in the second half.

Amidst the open form and silly turns, Dallas seemed to have completely forgotten the plan that won the last two games. The 12 changes Maverick made in the third phase were showing that the team has done some physical exercise since Knicks in 2012, on ESPN Stats and Info. It’s just disgusting.

They were not the only players. When Doncic finished the game with 28 points, he struggled again to score well beyond the arc, just a 2-to-8 run from town. He now has 3-for-18 in the last two games from a distance. Although Doncic lifted 11 boards, he finished with just two assistants, and came back to be without the players, which Dallas head coach Jason Kidd has touched several times this season.

After finishing Game 4 with 22 assists, the Mavericks had 9 Tuesday nights only. That is an unacceptable number for a group with a passers-by like Doncic. The limited support indicates a lack of movement of the ball from Dallas, and will not go into Game 6 – a play-off game – the same game was played Tuesday night.

3. The sun is setting over the last meeting of the second year

Phoenix completely disrupted Dallas in several ways Tuesday night, and now the Sun is advancing to Game 6, a near-road game. While Phoenix was already on this list, as a senior before hitting the road, something in Game 5 felt different from their first two wins in the series. Not only did the Sun force Doncic to beat them while blocking everyone around him, he also did a great job of reducing his involvement in the game. Doncic didn’t get to the kidneys as easily as he had been all this time, and Phoenix’s plan to stop lighting the ball screens helped Bridges stay ahead of Doncic.

This looks like the way the Sun can go to Game 6, and I don’t think the Dallas players are playing as badly as they did in Game 5, I think Phoenix could bring out another win to close the series. . If this happens, it will be the first time the Sun has reached the end of the Western Conference from 2004-2006.

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