Married for 25 years, Leonardo says he only “met” his wife during the epidemic.

Leonardo and Poliana Rocha on Podcats (Photo: Reproduction / YouTube)

Interviewed by Poliana Rocha and Leonardo Camilla Lores And Virginia Fonseca last Wednesday (24), at Podcast. The couple is the father of Virginia husband singer Jay Felipe. The “family” chat lasted about three hours and they talked about different things, such as Poliana’s work, their marriage, returning to the show, the epidemic and even how they met. “We met inside a church, can you believe it?” Polly recalls. “I’m righteous,” Sartanejo joked.

“I never went to one of his shows. My mother never let him go to a show. And then Leonardo was the best man at the wedding of one of my cousins ​​who married a man from Guayaquil. And I remember that girl he was with such a beautiful brunette, right love?” , Polly asked, being ridiculed by her husband. “I don’t know, I don’t remember him.” “And I went to the wedding like this … I was playing dodgeball in the street and my mother said: ‘Today you are going to a wedding, I am going to take you to do some makeup, a haircut’ and she took me. But the hairdresser is a big man and He did heavy makeup and I didn’t like it. I went home and took it off. I went to church with wet hair without makeup.

“I saw you after the party. I was embarrassed for the woman next to me and I was a rant,” Leo said. “And Leandro was ‘Butuka’. But I didn’t … Everyone at the party went to them, Leandro and Leonardo. I was young and I was obsessed with something else. I was 15. At the end of the party he said: ‘Wow! You’re at the party.’ The only person who didn’t come to me for an autograph was me. ‘I said:’ I don’t like one very much. ‘

Leonardo added to the woman: “I was not in a hurry. The day he said: ‘I think I want to give it to you!’ I wonder if I want to stay, “he said. “That’s two years later!” Polly gestured. “But I’ve never been one to attack. They want to give, they want to give. They don’t want, those who give have, they have. It would have happened.


Poliana said that she and Leonardo have completely different personalities. “We’re the opposite,” says the influential, who turned 25 on October 16th, marrying the singer. At that moment, Camilla and Virginia congratulated them. And Leonardo says: “No congratulations. You have to express your sympathy. Anyone who has survived this epidemic will have to place a statue at the door. Woman. With Poliana for many years. I have met her now, in this epidemic. The best person I’ve ever met “, praised.

The influential said he did not like the countrymen when he met Leonardo. “I like the Menudo band,” he said. “But I have blonde hair, blue eyes, weight 75 kg. Where I ironed, there was a spark. I would chip it,” Sartenejo joked.

Father-in-law and daughter

As his interview began, Leonardo criticized Virginia’s wet hair, which he responded to with good humor. “And you at my wedding, in a regatta?”, Asked the mother of young Maria Alice. “I was coming from a football and I went there and they are getting married in front of two judges. Wear a suit for such a wedding?”, Leonardo explained.

Elsewhere, Leonardo said: “Besides the ‘ocês’ to eat, what else do you have? I have never participated in a podcast. Thankfully, this is the first and last. It gathered a lot of devils in my ears. I have sung 45 songs. I am ready to sing another 45 songs. “

Women’s work

Leonardo talks about Poliana’s work as an influential person who graduated with a degree in journalism but never practiced the profession. “Polly has always worked hard. It’s been a bit of an obstacle in the way of marriage, because she used to do a job … Today women do a big job, there’s no such thing, it’s big. Big Goianápolis when I was there. Women are an entity today. , Male slave (guffaws) He’s enterprising, I think it’s good because it took him a lot of time and was drawn at a difficult time for all of us because it was epidemic. But I don’t like to talk about sadness, I’m a very overwhelmed person, ”he said.

“Earlier in college we spent a little money for her. Now I see it was an investment. So far, it hasn’t paid off for my pocket, but for her it’s nice, just love? She’s very good at talking. Review her videos.” Because there are some words they can’t say. And since this internet world is dirty, disgusting, you can’t even say that a person is beautiful, it’s threatening. ‘You’re a blue-eyed cat!’ They think you want to fuck a woman. We review everything and she breaks it down. You need to know if she’s happy because she complains a lot. She’s been working for two years. I’ve had a job for 39 years and I’ve never complained. ” sertanejo added.

Behind the show

Leonardo said the couple’s relationship was disrupted when they returned to work. “It’s a marriage that has ended physically, emotionally. It’s less ‘meow’. It’s ending because I’m away, how can I do it?”, He asked, complementing his wife: “We just need to know how? “.

The singer further said that he had changed his physical shape in the epidemic. “I was thin, the epidemic * hated me. I gained 5 kg. I didn’t gain weight, I got bloated. Artists don’t get fat, artists get bloated. I stopped drinking for four days and came back to my normal weight”, he explained. Has done. Paliana said her husband has a mania. “The suitcase he took to Las Vegas, he took to the Pantheon and it’s the same suitcase he brought to S সাo Paulo. I spend a day organizing a suitcase. He has salt, pepper and lemon inside his suitcase,” he said. . “You pay first class, but the food is terrible, without salt, it looks like sick food. So I do it like Hebe Kamargo, I take my pepper, my salt.


Asked if he had ever hit a fan or woman in front of Leonardo in Virginia, Poliana said yes. “Pretty much!” He said. “No one came in front of me. Not on top, not on the side, not standing,” Leonardo concluded. “I’ve been through a lot of situations like that. I’ve pretended … Pretend is a terrible word, but I had to deal with the situation,” Polly said. “It’s just that you’re a strong person, I just want you!”, Sartanejo joked.

“I’ve been through a lot of situations like that,” Polly said. “Right now! Poliana is a person who … but it’s not her or my fault. It’s a life situation that we take from some fans who are real fans, others are kind of crazy. We have all kinds of fans. What am I?” Fans are scared, “said Leonardo. “There was a time, at a show in Belo Horizonte, a fan grabbed some sand and I was passing by to stay in one corner of the stage and he threw sand on my clothes. There have been many such situations,” he said. Polyana.


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