“Married at first sight”. New couple with a past marked by drugs and abuse – television

There’s already betrayal in the mix, we’ve already met the mother-in-law with complex features and we’ve even seen a honeymoon where one of the contestants’ beards was left off the deck, but the program didn’t stop and this Tuesday, April 5 afternoon diary we “married at first site” “I learned about Lovebird’s fifth pair from the new version.

Ruth and Bruno are the next person to climb the altar and say ‘yes’ to life together. According to the first presentation, they say that they are willing to live in a new great love, but they feel the traumas of the past that directly affect what they are looking for in a future partner.

Bruno lost his parents to drugs

Bruno was raised by his grandmother and aunt, who are still his great supporters. “My parents died when I was 19, but mentally, for me, they were already dead,” he began by explaining. “They were addicted to drugs and, from a very young age, I started to notice. I looked at things and thought: ‘They’re going to leave soon,'” he added. Bruno’s parents died the same year.

Bruno is 38 years old, from Lisbon and a businessman. He grew up with the constant fear of losing his grandmother, the fear of being “alone” and started working at the age of 16, always at a frantic pace. “My focus is always on working, because at any moment I can be without my parents,” he added. He has always been an entrepreneur, builds his own business and most recently with his motorhome, which allows him to travel – one of his passions – and rent to tourists.

Now, where is the love in all this? So you have it: so far, it doesn’t fit. He married the mother of his 7-year-old daughter Maria for seven years. He admits that he has a tendency to put his daughter in his life and in the background of his girlfriends, because he wants to give her everything she didn’t have in her childhood: a current father.

He says he has already let go of the “good people” for not giving them proper attention, but admits he is now ready to live in a great love again. He doesn’t like conflict, thinks of himself as a sweet person, and according to psychologist Luana Cunha Ferreira, “someone is needed to form a team”.

Ruth moved to Brazil to escape an abusive relationship

Among the dozens of female profiles is Ruth, 32, who matched the Lisbon contestant. He is a personal organizer, born in Brazil, but came to Portugal when he was young, at the age of 3, when his parents separated.

She considers herself the “woman” of the “world”, complex and light, but admits that she can become quite “boring”, not only because of the need for organization, but also because she admits that she is quite controlling.

“I am very controlled. I want others to let me be free, but at the same time I want everything to be like me,” he admits. She had only two long relationships, however, the first relationship, which lasted five years, when Ruth was only 19 years old, was marked by abuse and jealousy.

“He was very jealous. It was an abusive relationship. So much so that when it was over, I had to go to Brazil.” “I always wanted to go to Brazil like a dream, but it was also a bit of an escape,” he explained.

The second relationship lasted two and a half years and ended in late 2020 “I thought I was the man of my life,” she admits, noticing a pattern in her ex-boyfriend: both “jealous” and “macho”, she says. Now, she admits she’s just a loyal, generous man. Who wants stability with her friend and of course her boyfriend.

Ruth says she looks to men for what was not in her father. “My parents were married and I was 5 when they separated,” he explained. Separation, he said, meant he did not have a father or a “male personality.” “My dad came back to Brazil and we stayed here. We were with him once a year.”

“My love life is always troubled,” Ruth admits. Is the 38-year-old businessman the perfect match for Ruth? The answer arrived at the “Married at First Sight” gala, SIC, next Sunday, the 10th.

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