Mark Madden: From Mitch Trubisky on Kenny Pickett is ‘Steeler way’

Earlier in the day, it was reported that Steelers coach Mike Tomlin had not replaced the quarterback and did not know what to do.

This is how it can be played.

The Steelers recruited Kenny Pickett 20th all over as their longest quarterback.

But Pickett is 24 years old and started 49 games for Pitt. Don’t worry about the future. Pickett should start immediately.

Sure, they take the tumors and the Steelers can. But this will happen every time Pickett starts playing, be it now, a year from now, or beyond.

But the Steelers don’t think long. He does not think of going through the following season or going beyond the next game. They never think about building a team at the core.

The Steelers are considering entry into the playoffs.

They say their goal every year is to win the Super Bowl. That’s just talking. Making playoffs is a reality. It promotes color.

So, instead of starting Pickett and, to some extent, looking beyond this season, the Steelers will start Mitch Trubisky hoping to get into the postseason.

That’s not all bad.

Right now, Trubisky is a better quarterback. He has been in the NFL for five years and did a little better, though he did not match his second-choice line-up in 2017.

But Trubisky did, indeed, a second choice. Unlike 20.

Trubisky, 27, would have been on the run for this year, would have been the first to be elected. If Pickett does not get an extra year in Pitt due to the epidemic, then it is the fourth choice.

Trubisky is still young. It is less than four years older than Pickett. It is hard to imagine that Trubisky has more potential than Pickett, even here.

The Steelers program is solid and solid at the start. The plan seems obvious: Start Trubisky until the Steelers disappear from the game, then place Pickett. (This suggests that Pickett is considered compliant with the Steelers’ conservative standard.)

But what if the Steelers don’t stop giving up sports disputes?

It is easy to see them starting 2-4. But suppose he starts 4-2 and stays in contention to pick up a wild card until the end of the season.

When this happens, Trubisky continues to play.

If the Steelers make the playoffs or fall a few games, Trubisky is the first of them early in the season.


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This is how the Steelers work. Heaven knows when Ben Roethlisberger would have started if Tommy Maddox had not been injured in 2004, the season of Roethlisberger’s rookie.

The Steelers may have the lowest version of what is happening in San Francisco. The 49ers outscored third Trey Lance last year, but Jimmy Garoppolo outscored them and continued to win. (This seems to have come to a head, as the Niners seem to have changed to start Lance following Garoppolo’s shoulder surgery.)

The events that Trubisky continues to launch are not a bad thing for the Steelers, because they are the events that the Steelers continue to win.

But that hinders Pickett’s production. If the Steelers had not settled on Pickett immediately, they would not have signed him. They would have used the choice of 20 to fill one of their ten holes.

Pickett is obviously not unique. If he was, he would be enrolled more. He jumps over the Trubisky on a deep chart right away.

Or maybe he should jump on top of the Trubisky on a deep chart right away, unless it’s not “Down Path.”

Pickett could be Trubisky’s replacement for this season and next. And if the Steelers make two playoffs, Trubisky will be promoted.

The only way for the Steelers to realize the vision to write Pickett within the way they work is to fail as a team.

Your Pickett playing time coincides with Trubisky’s first incompetence.

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