Mariners Option Jarred Kelenic, Adrian Sampson added

The Mariners announced this evening that they have taken the right Adrian Sampson removal of Cubs. They have also selected foreign players Steven Souza Jr. to major leagues instead of Jarred Kelenic, who was selected as Triple-A Tacoma. Seattle restored Sergio Romo from a 10-day injury list, selected Danny Young and the elect Stuart Fairchild and John Ramirez to carry out the demolition of the 40-person residence of Sampson and Souza.

Kelenic’s descent is a well-known sight in Seattle. Kelenic, who was previously the sixth and most promising candidate, has never played against a major league. He battled a line of .181 / .265 / .350 in his first 377 MLB bowls last season, shooting 28.1% of his time when hitting .216 on just the balls he was playing. AM expects to see more from the left-handed player earlier this season, but that was not the case.

Through 30 games, Kelenic has a mark of only .140 / .219 / .291. The youngster made 36 appearances while connecting with only 67.8% of his games. This is the lowest level of 12 among 192 fighters with at least 90 shots, and M thinks it is time to redesign Triple-A weapons. It is the second time in many years that Kelenic has been selected for the MLB clash, but he responded well for a full children’s month last summer.

The timing of Kelenic’s recent election comes as a surprise as M’s travel to Queens for the week’s roster with the Mets. New York, of course, wrote to him and included him in the dispute Robinson Cano/Edwin Diaz change. This looks like Seattle’s takeover has given Kelenic a chance, but he will obviously need to do better every time the M’s bring him back to the major leagues. There is plenty of time to do this, because they do not turn 23 until July. As a result of the minor games eliminated in 2020, the Wisconsin citizen still played 51 games between Double-A and Triple-A.

Except for a very long time, the decline seems to have no effect on its approach to accessing free freedom after the 2027 season. Kelenic entered the year with 105 days of major league activity; players are commended for the entire service year for being 172 days on the MLB list or injury list. He’s got another 36 days this year, meaning he needs to be one month older to cover one year in 2022. How long staying in Tacoma will no doubt be largely determined by Kelenic’s performance. there, but it is hard to imagine that M is keeping him until September to prevent further protests against Triple-A.

Meanwhile, Seattle has turned to former Souza with him Julio Rodriguez, Jesse Winker and Dylan Moore external options. The 33-year-old has acquired an unprecedented MLB team with the Cubs and Dodgers over the past few years, but has not played all season in the major leagues since 2017. it started well with the Rainiers. He hits .267 / .417 / .533 with five homers and a huge 19.8% march in 22 games.

Fairchild was part of a temporary mix. The 26-year-old was bought from Diamondbacks for a sale at the end of April and appeared in three games, not performing well on three plate appearances. A native of Seattle, Fairchild was the Reds’ second choice in 2017 and has been sold twice during his youth. AM will have a week to deal with him again or try to evict him.

The same is true of Ramirez, who has made great strides in the last three years. The right-hander has a 3.97 ERA in 56 2/3 innings of career, beating the 28.6% strong opponents. He also hit 15.2% of strikers, however, and was identified as three homers in his first seven innings this year. The Mariners were selected to advance, but they work in the mid-90s and have a few game options left, so it is possible for another club to get him a chance.

Instead, they have brought in a multi-colored approach from the Cubs. Sampson made his fifth appearance in Chicago last season, throwing 35 1/3 frames of a 2.80 ERA ball. This came with a low risk of 19.3% and a dangerous 2.04 allowed over nine innings, but they hit the pitch and made a lot of ground balls. Chicago also signed off on free participation in the winter competition. He was selected for the major leagues on Sunday, played one game, and then was selected for the transfer.


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