Mariners burn bushes, smoke Astros and games and win the series

The habit of smodging – or, burning a fire – has been around for longer than all of us, our grandparents, even grandparents, even our grandparents … * four hours later * grandparents live. The purpose of smudging is to purify a person or place from evil forces, to promote healing, wisdom, and longevity.

While some may dismiss the practice as bull-honky, smudging has been found to aid cognition and memory, as well as aid sleep,

After 10-18 May in the 11-10 season after the start of the season, the Mariners are looking forward to June as the month to steer the ship. With the month starting with a 9-game tour and series in Houston (where the Ms have gone together 4-26 since 2018), it has not been easy.

If you haven’t heard here, the Mariners turned to an unexpected place to wreak havoc on Minute Maid Park.

Not in vain, but back on May 29 when I posted tweets from Lookout LandingTwitter Story, Mike and I had this wonderful exchange.

Mike, YAAAAS! I’m here for power planning.

Wasn’t this a very interesting word to read before you started, and it seems to have worked?

Hey! Ho!
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As fans of the Mariners, we have become accustomed to associating the gym with the once-a-month blue challenge, as a special treatment. It is as if the stars had to coexist in order to make it all happen at once.

The beautiful thing about Logan Gilbert is how we have seen him grow as a pitcher since he made his first MLB in May 2021. Check out the Mariners Twitter later. lost and you will find the risk that our fanbase is not a very patient group – and I hear this, we had to wait longgggg time to feel like we have made progress into a successful team. Gilbert, on the other hand, seems to approve of the policy and has shown in 2022 how staying in education can be beneficial (even with a few occasional scars). In the meantime it is as if we have begun to rely on our investment and we can rely on a solid start from this person week in and week out.

Despite not having his best stuff tonight (he only managed to shoot 3 K’s, walked 3 strikers, and stopped hitting 7), Gilbert managed to have the worst part of the damage within the first 3 innings. Put an inexperienced pitcher in the position and he may become discouraged and stop running. Not Logan, not our Logan person.

Later tonight, Gilbert leads MLB and starts off with 100+ points.

There is something to be said for it to work in vain, but the way I see it is this: over 100 places allow a lot of chance to melt away and stay calm for a long time to show mental strength.

Was this a good start for Gilbert? Not at a distance. But was this a solid start and did his job? Absolutely.

Seattle Mariners v Houston Astros

Just go to the little jaunt in the park.
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Well, it is secondly the part related to the stability of the fixed position and the supporting fault and the fault part. We know the first part went away, so how did our 1-9 get in?

With determination, that’s right. I mean, they had to. In a very old story, the Mariners went down 1-0 after the 1st inning and then broke twice which left Abraham Toro missing as the Lost Little Boy in the 2nd.

In the top 3 the Seattle winner did what Seattle did well (and I’m not talking about that coffee) – he scored with 2 off the board. After Jesse Winker and Julio Rodríguez both walked away, JP Crawford walked over to the plate and told Winker on the phone, “I’m here, brother.” After hitting the ball to the left, both games were tied 1-1.

The bottom of the 3rd came and went and the Astros – rescuing Jose Altuve after his second release today on a home plate – looked like a dangerous team that Hey, probably giving money to our guys. But this only took a long time before the Mariners boarded.

Seattle Mariners v Houston Astros

Sorry boss, you do not have permission to run here.
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Step 1: Home Cow 2 running home

Step 2: I see London, I see France …

Step 3: ??? (as it is, how beautiful is this ???)

Step 4: benefits

It turned out that this was all the Mariners needed to win tonight’s game. But don’t say that to Adam Frazier who scored JP on the 5th inning and Winker who scored Taylor Trammell in the 8th.

Like I said before, it doesn’t feel like the Mariners are directing it. But throwing and error will work together to win – giving us 4 wins in a row – it’s not hard to remember that this is what it looks like when the pieces start to fall.

Seattle Mariners v Houston Astros

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I love baseball and (almost) every cell in my body. There is also a sticker on the fridge that says “Ways to entertain Shay: 1. anything and everything Mariners, 2. cats.”

I said almost, didn’t I?

However, despite all the love I have for the game I think they can be stupid. Take unwritten rules, for example.

For those who don’t know, unwritten rules are like small contracts about various aspects of the game (not running too fast or not being “showy” with your bat movements, for example) that end with retaliation if broken. . This retaliation often comes in the form of hitting another “offensive” team fighter.

Just two days ago, Astros manager Dusty Baker spoke of “bad blood” between Houston and Seattle that led to what Aaron Goldsmith today called “fisticuffs” in Game 1 of the series after (another) Ty France hit. – level.

As you can see from the pictures above the scorebug in the tweet video, the Mariners are in one race against the Astros top 9 and. two comes out in front of Hector Neris Ty France beans in the back because of the “bad blood” that Baker was referring to.

Bro, (yes, brother), do you think NOW was a good time to take your team back to someone who broke some stupid writing rules? Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh!

It doesn’t matter, because following this Julio shot to the right field as the saying “I got you back” to a friend that he was beaten.

Which brings us back to tonight’s game.

It was not enough for the Astros to hit Julio with a pitch once in the 6th inning, he also had to be beaten again in the 8th. Which, as far as I can tell, did not meet with a warning.

I may have burned the bush completely in my life (or maybe it is Lexapro), but it is true of my belief that revenge is best served in the aftermath. Following Julio Seattle’s second HBP he did not hit a player or slide over or retaliate in any way. But what he did was win the game and a third victory against the Astros this year.

Astros get angry, Mariners win.

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