Manufacturers want to forget these cars

Citroen Excel

Citroën Axel ought to have been launched in 1976. Suffice it to say that in 1984, its efficient advertising and marketing date in France, it was not in its infancy.

Sacrificed on the altar of rationality by Peugeot, which technically prefers its 104, a metropolis automobile nearer to the Visa, the Excel virtually gave the latter its look. Scheduled for launch in 1976, the lifeless child Citroen lastly noticed the sunshine of day for Romanians. That 12 months, the Ceausescu authorities known as for tenders to purchase a automobile and its manufacturing plant, and Double Chevron gained.

In late 1976, an organization co-owned by the latter and the Romanian state was created, to produce it from 1978, Oltsit. Wrong in Eastern Europe. With the change charge serving to, PSA realizes it could actually purchase copies at very low costs and promote cheaply within the West whereas remaining worthwhile. It began in 1984.

Alas, even when Axel, the Western title for Oltcit, constructed by unmotivated staff in Craiova, is upgraded to Aulnay, it stays of inadequate high quality. Worse, its flat-four engines (of GSAs) eat lots, it exists solely in three doorways and the community is questioning what to do with it, because it competes with LNA and Visa… So, regardless of only a few and actual qualities (consolation, dealing with), the axle will likely be a failure. It was withdrawn from the French catalog in 1988. For the file, this was the final 100% in-house Citroen and it gave the 205 its torsion bar rear suspension.

Alfa Romeo Arna

Japanese bodywork that doesn't rust, high-powered Italian engines... The Alfa Romeo Arna concept wasn't bad, but its realization left something to be desired.  After all, it was widely rejected by the Alphists.  Here in 1983.
Japanese bodywork that does not rust, high-powered Italian engines… The Alfa Romeo Arna idea wasn’t dangerous, however its realization left one thing to be desired. After all, it was broadly rejected by the Alphists. Here in 1983.

To evoke an aversive response in an alfisti, there are two strategies. Talk to them about Alfa Fiat’s takeover and remind them that earlier than, their favourite model was made by Arna. However, this one, on paper, combines benefits. The results of an alliance with Nissan, eager to set up itself in Europe, it restored the cherry shell to plant the wonderful Italian flat-four.

All this permits Alfa to obtain a contemporary entry-level, so delicate to excessive volumes, all at a low value, understanding that this implies dry. In follow, all the pieces is unsuitable. The Japanese platform, designed for transverse engines, had to be largely modified to accommodate boxers, essentially longitudinal. which causes delay. Worse, the manufacturing course of is insane: hull parts arrive in picket crates from Japan, then are assembled at numerous websites round Pomigliano d’Arco.

Moreover, when the automobile was launched in 1983, its design was thought of appallingly easy. Finally, it could actually solely be offered in markets the place the Nissan Chery isn’t provided. But regardless of, for no matter cause, the Alphas rejected this Alpha with combined DNA, but the one one on the time who did not rust! It’s full of life and holds the highway effectively, however nothing helps, prospects do not want it. It is a whole failure. If solely the lovers knew that after a number of years, they’d have to accept the revamped Fiats…

Audi A2

Overpriced due to its aluminum construction, the Audi A2 in 1999 had no shortage of logic.
Overpriced due to its aluminum building, the Audi A2 in 1999 had no scarcity of logic.

An all-aluminum metropolis automobile is a silly concept, and it matured at Audi. The model with rings has made itself the champion of this component, enticing for the top quality, however tough to implement. It requires a spaceframe construction, unsuitable for top manufacturing volumes as it’s time consuming and subsequently costly. Additionally, aluminum is complicated to restore, which may solely be performed by extremely expert technicians.

Also, when the Audi A2 got here out in 1999, we had a small, gentle (895 kg) and well-built city folks provider, however overpriced (129,900 F for 75 hp, or €26,400 at present, with out radio). Correct after one of many costly inevitable small bumps in order that will probably be too open, not so broad and unusually designed. Since A2 isn’t very comfy, it’s averted by prospects.

Audi will likely be ready to animate the vary, particularly by providing a 1.2 TDI model, which is meant to eat solely 3 l/100 km for an extremely low Cx (0.25!), the A2 is much from its meant function and is out of manufacturing. Been years forward of schedule. It was a cash pit, estimated at over a billion euros. Audi reinvests in A1 section B, a re-bodied Polo: Ingolstadt financiers cease having nightmares!

Mercedes-Benz CLC

If the front end of the Mercedes CLC is copied from the C-Class W204, its strategy remains the same as the C W203 and its Brazilian production does not inspire admiration.  Appeared in 2008, it disappeared before 2010…
If the entrance finish of the Mercedes CLC is copied from the C-Class W204, its technique stays the identical because the C W203 and its Brazilian manufacturing doesn’t encourage admiration. Appeared in 2008, it disappeared earlier than 2010…

At Mercedes, we created pure splendor just like the 540K or the 300 SL Papillon, we innovated much more, we marketed the perfect luxurious sedans on this planet, however we additionally dedicated to the CLC, in January 2008. It is a c. The -Class Sport Type 203, initially launched in 2000, was rapidly replastered into the C-Class W204 and cheaply in-built Brazil.

Basically, when this vaguely sporty compact appeared, it was already dynamically outdated, geared up with an old school dashboard, and never very effectively completed, briefly, it was unworthy of a Mercedes. Sales collapsed in 2009, and manufacturing ceased in late 2010. The genius of the CLC was to accustom Mercedes prospects to a sure mediocrity within the compact section, paving the best way for the third-generation Class A…

Peugeot 1007

As elegant as a plastic bin, the Peugeot 1007 is less practical because its handles are on the roof  It's all the negatives of a stupid basic idea, which creates insurmountable limitations in terms of style, weight and cost.
As elegant as a plastic bin, the Peugeot 1007 is much less sensible as a result of its handles are on the roof It’s all of the negatives of a silly primary concept, which creates insurmountable limitations by way of model, weight and value.

Let’s face it, sliding doorways are sensible in a J7 van, however completely inappropriate in a metropolis automobile. Why? Because they induce technical limitations that, by themselves, not solely outline the automobile’s line but in addition lead to irrecoverable extra weight.

Peugeot discovered this the onerous manner with the ill-fated 1007 launched in 2004. Pininfarina could not do something to make its shoebox silhouette look good, nor did the engineers handle to make this little automobile 3.73m lengthy however maintain 1,200kg. ! As a consequence, it is inefficient, grasping… and costly!

Worse, the doorways’ (very sluggish) electrical sliding system eats up an excessive amount of house for passengers, posing the 1007 as a compact minivan. The consequence, a deserved industrial failure, and a untimely halt to manufacturing.

Renault Fluence ZE

With its 160 km electric range, the Renault Fluence ZE is the ideal car for vacations up to 50 km from home.  In short, it prefigures the ethical tourism of 2025…
With its 160 km electrical vary, the Renault Fluence ZE is the perfect automobile for holidays up to 50 km from residence. In quick, it prefigures the moral tourism of 2025…

Carlos Ghosn had not less than one benefit, he realized early on the curiosity in electrical motorization. This resulted within the very fascinating Zoe in 2012 and the very questionable Fluence ZE a 12 months in the past. Why this pejorative qualifier? Because this zero emission household sedan (therefore its title) can solely go 160 kilometers between two recharges at finest.

Refills you can solely do at residence, as public terminals are conspicuous by their absence! So, we’ve got a cumbersome and nearly unusable automobile, particularly in winter, when heating reduces autonomy. There are some administrations, it appears, geared up with Fluence ZE… We do not even want to purchase it to acquire it, as we might with an Avantime however with a extra distorted soul, its line is a generality for crying. !

Porsche Cayenne Diesel

Luxury livestock, Porsche Cayenne diesel?  Anyway, buyers bought.  Like, with a solid brand image, you can sell almost anything.
Luxury livestock, Porsche Cayenne diesel? Anyway, consumers purchased. Like, with a stable model picture, you may promote nearly something.

“No, there will likely be no diesel Porsche. Why? Because the diesel stops at 4,500 rpm, the place the enjoyable in a Porsche begins”. That’s principally what I heard in the course of the press convention to mark the launch of the restyled Cayenne, the Type 957, in 2007. Six months later, the Cayenne Diesel got here out.

So, we knowingly lied to Porsche as a result of it was already tough to market a 2.2 tonne machine burning diesel. The producer vaguely tried to justify it by paralleling it with a tractor produced within the Nineteen Fifties… Under the hood, we didn’t trot to Zuffenhausen, restored a V6 TDI Audi.

However, prospects purchased this oil-filled SUV in vital numbers, primarily due to tax. The second technology Cayenne (958) additionally ran on diesel, then the producer got here to its senses …

Lancia Flavia 2

Cumbersome, sluggish, not very dynamic and poorly finished, the Flavia II is somewhat the opposite of the coat of arms stuck to its hood: Lancia.
Cumbersome, sluggish, not very dynamic and poorly completed, the Flavia II is considerably the alternative of the coat of arms caught to its hood: Lancia.

I’ve already written all of the dangerous issues I take into consideration “badge engineering”, and it isn’t the Lancia Flavia that is going to make me change my thoughts. Please word, I’m not speaking about sedans from the 60s, however in regards to the inexcusable coupe-cabriolet that appeared in 2012.

It’s truly a Chrysler 200, itself a restyled Sebring. In different phrases, an American is technologically outdated, poorly made, poorly completed, and motorized regardless of widespread sense for the European shopper. Indeed, it is a 2.4 liter Atmo caught to an computerized gearbox that is ethereal, noisy and greedily happy. For a constructor who has gained the World Rally Championship ten instances, it is a dream come true… or not!

Also heavy, cumbersome and softly cushioned, the Flavia is not any queen of mobility. Is she not less than fairly? But no! Apart from some disenchanted sellers, one shock who purchased this rolling error, withdrew from the market on the finish of 2013…

Naturally, the cars that put their producer to disgrace aren’t restricted to these talked about right here, we will point out the Suzuki XC90, the Maserati Biturbo (I gave myself numerous hassle mentioning it within the Trident in Modena!), the Fiat Panda i Diesel. (even the Italians did not want it), VW Fox (a nest with electrical failures), 1990 Ford Escort (unreliable, badly suspended, susceptible to rust), Opel Sintra (unreliable and harmful in an influence), Toyota Urban Cruiser (no one figured it out Who was the goal and never prospects particularly), the Cadillac Cimarron (an Opel Ascona offered for the value of a BMW) …

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