Major of RN’s military police will go on peace mission in Africa – 04/30/2022 – News

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At age 46, with extensive experience in the military police of the Rio Grande do Norte (PMRN), Major Walter Lucio Monteiro dos Santos is preparing to leave for South Sudan, a country in north-central Africa, soon. . Patigua was nominated by the United Nations (UN) for a peace mission after an intense election process last year. No date has yet been set for the launch – the first of its kind in the military’s 25-year career – but the major is expected to travel to Africa next June.

Adriano Abreu

Walter Lucio Monteiro, one of the RN’s prime ministers, has dreamed of taking part in peacekeeping missions since the beginning of his career in the police force.

In South Sudan, Major Walter will join forces from other parts of the world to work for the security of refugee camps and the social reconstruction of the country, which is facing serious problems due to political differences and conflicts and economic problems. . “My position is that of a private police officer [IPO, na sigla em inglês]”, Said the Major.

“First of all, we will work to secure these camps, through patrols, to maintain peace and order among the various ethnic groups living there. It is an unarmed and voluntary mission. Refugee camps gather thousands of people from different parts of South Sudan, especially from far corners. “These are people who are being tortured and going to the UN for help,” he said.

The work should focus on the capital, Juba, where most of the refugees are. However, large inner cities also register people in this situation. According to Major Walter, actions will also focus on conflict resolution in the camp. “Religious and cultural differences in these places are often resolved through conflict. And then, police officers come up with skills to calm these places down, “he reported.

Already near boarding, the Major recalled that preparation was not easy. The first part started with English classes in 2013, almost ten years ago. “As I developed the language, I became more confident and followed the bureaucratic approach so that things could happen,” he said.

The participation of the Brazilian Military Police in the United Nations is through the General Inspectorate of Military Police (IGPM), a Brazilian military body that regulates the call-up and training of military police (integrating military police auxiliary and reserve forces. .

“The army sends vacancies to Brazil’s military police and I volunteered last year,” Major explained. Prior to the selection, the candidates did a preparatory internship for the Peace Mission (EPMP) in Rio de Janeiro. “I spent two months from October to December last year, living in the barracks of the Villa Militar do Rio, with all the difficulties inherent in military life,” he said.

During this time, the Major and other soldiers who went through the internship had a class on simulated attacks, ambush, conversations and conflict resolution with the local population. Throughout the course, in one scene he described as “very realistic”, the only language allowed was English, the official language of South Sudan.

After a two-month internship, the soldier was able to compete for a vacant position to go on a mission, but he still had to complete a set of tests and compete for the second round of the election. Major Walter said that at the end of the process, 34 people received the seal of eligibility for the approved peace mission. About 14 of them will go to South Sudan. Others will have to wait up to two years for the call.

If after this period, they are not called, they will have to restart the process if they want to apply for a new vacancy. In addition to Major Walter, two other Potiguars were approved for UN peacekeeping missions: Major William and Captain Montenegro, who have already participated in other such events. According to Army parameters, priority is given to those who have not yet experienced Major Walter.

Done with the victory, he claims that he is dealing well with anxiety before the trip. “Anxiety always hits, but it’s more controlled, above all, it’s 46 years old and 25 years of service,” he guarantees. The hardest thing, according to him, is to cope with the longing for his family.

“My son is 10 years old and my daughter is one and a half years old. They are the most precious thing to me. Thank God, I’m married to a very close person. My wife is awesome and always understands my routine. It’s hard to stay away from home. There are times when loneliness comes and we really cry, to overflow. And this time too it will be no exception. ”
Major dreamed of a peace mission
Major Walter Lucio Monteiro dos Santos joined the PMRN in 1997 after being approved in a public tender. These 25 years have been marked by trajectories, through the Department of Internal Affairs of the Military Police, in the field of legal and disciplinary advice, and also in the operational area. In addition to performances with Radio Patrol, the majors were tasked with commanding environmental policing and traffic command.

“I had a participation, which I think is very important in my career, in the National Public Security Force. It was a very rich experience. “At the time, Major Walter was working in various parts of Brazil. He was chief of police during the construction of the Belo Monte plant in Parato, the indigenous peoples (Guaranis and Cayapos), Dorados (MS), as well as the Amazonas and the Parate Quillombola and Khoni. Worked with.

Also, along with the national forces, the soldiers participated in two of the most important events in the world sport: the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. “My role in the World Cup lasted for about two months I worked for the Do Sule Riot Police in Rio Grande. It was indescribable. I have seen great moments in world football, “he said.

“After that, I was delighted to be invited to be the security coordinator for the benefit of the Villa dos Atletes in Rio de Janeiro for the Olympics. It was my honor to see three meters away, Messi, Usain Bolt, [Novak] Djokovic, Daniel Hypolito, Neymar … it’s a job well done, because there were so many people involved and everyone was committed to creating the best event and making our motto complex mysterious. We had a great and safe ceremony. I consider this to be the golden end of my participation in the national army, “he added proudly.

The achievements are, in fact, the realization of that soldier’s childhood dream. “My father is also a military police officer and in fact, I grew up in the organization. It was my dream to become the Prime Minister since childhood. Thank God I did it. But it was not easy. ” There was a second wish with the realization of the first dream, which he will now fulfill.

In these 25 years of career, the desire to serve in peace missions was inspired by inspiration. “When I joined the Prime Minister, I had a teacher, Captain Ronaldo, while training in the Officer Training Course (CFO). He was intelligent, spoke very good English and had already taken part in UN missions with other military police officers, “he recalled.

“Our current Secretary of Security, Colonel Araujo, has also participated in UN missions, as has Colonel Silva Jr., who was the commander of the traffic police. These people, in a way, inspired me to fulfill this dream from the beginning of my career, “said Sainik. Inspirations acted as inspiration, and the chief primarily bet on the study of a language, English, to begin the search for an enterprise that would take him on a peace mission.

The soldier wanted to use the experience for a new transformation and said he was aware of the problems he would face in the African country. “I know we’re going through hardships here too – I was born in this region myself and didn’t grow up in a golden cradle – but I know it’s worse there. To go on such a mission is to meet people who have nothing to eat. Colleagues who have already been to South Sudan have told me that it is normal for boys to start walking after wearing worn-out shirts that hit their knees, “he said.

“This is because these kids basically have a T-shirt and they are going to wear it until they are about five years old, when the dress will fit them in the right size. So I think it’s important to go on such a mission because I’m definitely not going to be the same person again. “

The country is characterized by ethnic conflict

South Sudan is considered the youngest country in the world, recognized only 10 years after its secession from Sudan. There were bloody wars year after year. The last occurred in 2013 and killed more than 380,000 people.

In 2018, a peace agreement was signed in the country, but internal conflicts between nations still concern the UN. South Sudan is currently characterized by guerrilla and huge economic and social fragility. Institutions are fragile, with a long history of corruption. The country has faced several obstacles to peace and some of the steps given in the peace agreement have not been implemented.


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