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It is that this Friday morning (9), on the outskirts of Pazúcara, the new leisure space put in by Maceo City Hall. The house continues the work made potential by the Municipal Superintendence for Sustainable Development (SUDES), adopting a public space via the mission. This time, the partnership signed by City Hall was with Coconut and Cerveteria Bali, which invested in the construction and can be liable for the upkeep of the park.

Children can play in the playground arrange on the seashore in Pajuca. Photo: Juliet Santos/Secom Maceo

The sustainable playground was constructed with toys carved from eucalyptus and pine wooden, handled and sourced from reforestation. For Kedyna Tavares, director of planning and particular companies at Sudes, house is built-in as one other leisure choice.

“Maceo is buying one other sustainable playground, a leisure space for kids, Maceo residents and vacationers. And better of all, for free of charge to City Hall. We supplied the house and associate corporations constructed this complete construction in reclaimed wooden”, he famous.

The equipment was built with reforested wood.  Photo: Juliet Santos/Secom Maceo

The tools was constructed with reforested wooden. Photo: Juliet Santos/Secom Maceo

The house follows a nationwide development in utilizing environmentally sound and sustainable supplies in public areas for leisure and social interplay.

“Another tackle public house supplies one other leisure choice for kids and households right here at the fringe of Maceo, the most democratic house in our metropolis. The City Hall desires to put the Sustainable Park in the most important locations in order that we can occupy the metropolis, occupy the squares that convey nice advantages to all”, concluded the Director, who represented the Superintendent, Ronaldo Farias.

The park was built with sustainable materials and will be a leisure space for children.  Photo: Juliet Santos/Secom Maceo

The park was constructed with sustainable supplies and can be a leisure house for kids. Photo: Juliet Santos/Secom Maceo

The construction is proof against sea breezes, easy and low upkeep, aesthetically adapting to a extra rustic atmosphere, typical of the sea flooring. In addition to eucalyptus and pine, nautical rope was used, a fabric that can also be climate resistant.

Wood from reforestation helps scale back strain on native forests, helps take away carbon dioxide from the ambiance, and reduces the greenhouse impact with environmental potential.

Businessman Ricardo Wagner highlighted the importance of equipment for tourism.  Photo: Juliet Santos/Secom Maceo

Businessman Ricardo Wagner highlighted the significance of apparatus for tourism. Photo: Juliet Santos/Secom Maceo

Ricardo Wagner, proprietor of Coconut, the firm liable for the adoption, sees the institution of a sustainable playground close to his enterprise as a constructive.

“This implementation provides lots to the inhabitants that circulates right here, as a result of it’s an space that isn’t very effectively used. In truth, the park is sort of effectively positioned, in an space that has a number of eating places and different gastronomic choices. It simply arrived,” he added. He stated.

Businessman Carlos Regis highlights fun for children.  Photo: Juliet Santos/Secom Maceo

Businessman Carlos Regis highlights enjoyable for kids. Photo: Juliet Santos/Secom Maceo

“This is a new place for kids to have enjoyable, so it is crucial that we take part. A well-located place, going through the sea and above all, sustainable. A really good perspective, which deserves our help”, added the businessman. Carlos Regis, proprietor of Sorveteria Bali, a company that helps adoption.

Although the materials is vulnerable to decay by pure and natural elements, the eucalyptus and pine bushes that make up the lead, swings, easels, playgrounds and different toys are handled and supply good circumstances to achieve the lengthy lifetime of the park. Useful, greater than 10 years, with security, magnificence and sturdiness in environmental and financial context.

Sister Agnes and Maria Flora actually loved the toys and promised to return again extra usually to make use of them.

“We have performed in all of them and loved lots. Next time we come again, we’ll enjoy much more”, he stated.

Sustainable parks have a useful life of 10 years.  Photo: Juliet Santos/Secom Maceo

Sustainable parks have a helpful lifetime of 10 years. Photo: Juliet Santos/Secom Maceo

The administrators of Amaru Sustentabilidade, Otávio Tavares and Shirlan Medeiros, emphasised the firm’s participation in the distribution of sustainable parks.

“Amaru has been growing sustainable parks for a number of years which have been put in in Maceo. We have additionally constructed sustainable bus stops on the waterfront. So, we solely work with sustainable supplies, handled reforestation wooden, with an enormous helpful life”, he emphasised.

In addition to offering leisure areas, the superintendence has put in paper bins in the space, aiming to cut back the disposal of used plastic, paper and different varieties of waste by those that stroll the boardwalk.

The exercise ended with the distribution of litter to folks strolling alongside Pajucara, making the most of the new sustainable playground amenities.


Sale Street Pedro Lima, 69 – Zaragua;
CEP 57022-220 // Phone: (82) 3312-5380 | Sudan Monitoring Center: 0800 082 2600 / (82) 98802-4834 (WhatsApp) | Park Information/Scheduling: (82) 98801-3651
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8am to 2pm


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