Mac Jones’ Forrest Gump views as Patriots offenders

1 – Patriots case undergoing major changes. Some of them are the most disgusting, seemingly newcomers to Joe Judge and Matt Patricia – formerly specialists in special forces and security, respectively – taking on key roles in Bill Belichick’s policy after Josh McDaniels’ anti-corruption campaign.

There has also been work on the plot and terminology as well as this offseason. During OTAs and last week’s official minicamp, the error was described as “modified” or “absurd.”

What exactly does that mean? Who can question him more than anyone who can pull the blame to the court in advance?

“I think the idea of ​​every mistake is to have knowledge,” Patriots second-year-old Mac Jones said. “And being able to play fast and play fast and focus on safety is important in any case. We want to be able to do it all the time. We have some young men who have been in this system for many years and we have young men like me who have seen both sides. very much. ”

Jones then ended his answer with a new look, a new New England offense that would probably make it easier for you, sounding like Forrest Gump in its simplicity.

“At the end of the day football is football. Dirty ball there is a lot you can do. You will not be able to repair the wheel with various systems. You either run or you lose. It’s very simple. And that’s all there is to it, “Jones said.

2 – Several players became known for their impressive performances in two days of minicamp gymnasium behind Gillette Stadium last week. Jones would have been almost at the top of the list, along with guys like punter Jake Bailey and rookie cornerback Jack Jones.

One young man who seemed to be receiving a lot of Jones’ prizes, plus some deep balls, was a two-year-old receiver Tre Nixon.

Recall that Nixon was nominated by former Belichick teammate and retired Patriots football analyst Ernie Adams and New England finalists in the seventh round of the 2021 NFL Draft. The sale in Central Florida was cut short at the end of last summer’s training camp but he spent most of his playing career in New England.

Last year he formed a relationship with Jones, driving a car and a rookie QB to work every day and test the COVID tests every day. In light of minicamp’s actions, Nixon has formed a bit of a player relationship with Jones, which may be worth watching in a big welcome game as they transition to training camps and take action before the season begins.

“He’s a grinder,” Jones said of Nixon. “In the break he has all the guys in the game. I don’t think he missed a single one. He’s been grinding. He has to keep doing the same as everyone else.
I hope he will continue to grow like everyone else. And we can have a whole team here where we can go in and out and let the guys play. ”

3 – If there is one podcast we can encourage you to listen to its WEEI “6 ring,” which looks at all things related to the Patriots and Patriots twice a week.

But if there were two podcasts we could encourage listening to, the second one could be Chris Long’s recent “Green Light” “podcast” in which he talks openly with New England defensive back Steve Belichick. The two specialists discuss the Patriots’ former Super Bowls, including Long’s stay in New England and his rivals in the major leagues. He talks about the unique players, personality and environment in New England.

Perhaps most interesting, with the two men discussing their work on the achievements of their Hall of Fame fathers, Howie Long and Bill Belichick. (Yes, I refer to Elder Belichick as a Hall of Fame teacher. I feel like a safe bet at the moment.)

“You have not been questioned by a young man who is being questioned about his father,” Long said in initiating the discussion. “We talk a lot about racism in teaching. ‘Men, did you really deserve that person?’ Such a thing. Every young man I have talked to says that you are good enough for the job. Do you think that your head teacher, I will not call him daddy, is good enough to get 100 percent of everything? “

“I want to,” Steve Belichick said. “This is how I was raised. The qualities and things my grandfather used to talk about as well. You need to find what you are looking for. Also, it is my father’s job to be the head teacher and I do not think that leaving me would allow him to have a bad teacher. I just don’t think, I think he might pull me aside and say, ‘Listen this is not going well for any of us, so go do something else.’

“That is how I grew up. I’ll always be in his shadow. That’s just the kind of reality of life. But at the same time I do not compare myself with him. Just like you do not compare yourself with your father. There are comparisons. It’s natural because it played, you played. I teach, my father teaches. But there are many other teachers out there who you can compare me with, good or bad. But it is easy to compare him to my dad because he is my dad. ”

4 – There was also one very quick, hands-free comment from Long in his interview with Steve Belichick that he should be careful. Talking about his one season in New England and seeing the greatness of the Patriots, especially the offense led by Tom Brady almost daily, Long had a clear interest in looking not only a quarter at work but also marveling at a solid end. Rob Gronkowski.

“I would be shocked to see it [Brady] in practice, ”said Long. “Honestly, I like to watch Gronk a lot. I remember getting there and being like a damn, I know Brady is GOAT but Gronk could be the best player I’ve ever seen. Just looking is crazy.”

5 – The Patriots arrive Mac Jones and No. A total of 15 nominees in the first round of last year’s NFL Draft have already donated to New England. Jones led his team back to the playoffs as a rookie, earned the honor of Pro Bowl and is now a regular QB franchise in Foxborough.

A 13-year-old boy in Ohio recently approached Jones in a different way and he too quickly benefited. Johnny Stone and his father-in-law Chad card issued a very unusual Black Finite Jones card in the Panini Prizm Football card box.

“One of Mac Jones!” Johnny Stone screams at the sight of the card in a memorable moment on his YouTube channel. The pair sold the card very quickly, claiming to have earned $ 100,000 in cash from another collector.

Jones was asked about the exciting story this week.

“I did not know that, but it is very good.
Very good, I think, “says Jones with a laugh.” I’m happy with the credit cards and everything, that’s fine. I don’t follow too much, but thank you very much. “

6 – With the OTAs of spring and the minicamp now in the books, the so-called “offseason” is heavily wrapped. Next up on the NFL calendar is a training camp, a writing competition and a job that goes into preparation for the September opening season in Miami. As time goes on, there may be changes and additions to the Patriots list. In the meantime, if New England were to boost its talent with the competition of the two major regions to follow it could be a setback with a disappointing line-up. Although Malcolm Butler looks solid in the spring and fourth rookie nominee Jack Jones seems to be competing in the back corner, he still has a very deep chart with starting tasks and titles. The Rebel Line has five clear beginnings, regardless of whether Trent Brown and Isaiah Wynn are on the left or right lane as bookkeepers. But there does not seem to be any depth in the mix of a group of young men – led by Brown and Wynn – who have dubious powers throughout their careers. Maybe the new street coach Patricia has faith in guys like Justin Herron or Yodny Cajuste, or maybe the Patriots should and could look to add a public street talent to the depth of the team from now until August.

7 – Final win over OTA and minicamp spring: Don’t be surprised if three-year-old defender Kyle Dugger takes his game to another level in 2022. Anyone with eyes can see that 2020 second round has it all. material weapons become a star in the back end of New England defense. His team-mates are proud of not only his skills, but also his approach to his career. Steve Belichick has great confidence in his young, flexible players. And considering that Dugger is surrounded by other defensive weapons in place such as Adrian Phillips, Devin McCourty and Jabrill Peppers, the young defender could be put in place to make the right play.
The Patriots are expected to use the defensive zone as a major part of their defense this fall and the Dugger will be a key player in the middle. From his hard hit in the box to the end that saw him make an amazing way to jump into a minicamp, Dugger could do it all. June’s Bold prediction: Dugger finds his way to the Pro Bowl with his play this fall.

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