Los Angeles Dodger’s Trevor Bauer has been suspended for two seasons

Major League baseball announced the 324-match suspension of Los Angeles Dodgers ball thrower Trevor Bauer on Friday, which coincided with two full seasons, making it the toughest penalty ever handed down under the rules of domestic violence.

Bauer immediately issued a statement announcing his appeal against the suspension, thus becoming the first player to appeal a penalty through MLB domestic violence laws.

“Strongly, I refuse to violate the rules of domestic violence and sexual assault,” Bauer’s said. words read. I ask for this and I hope to win. As we have done all this time, my representatives and I respect the privacy of what is happening. “

Bauer, 31, is accused of raping a San Diego woman who pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual misconduct at two meetings in April and May. A LA judge denied the woman a permanent injunction in August, and the LA County District Attorney’s Office refused to file charges in February.

Bauer joined Dodger on a three-year contract, $ 102 million in February 2021, the heels of winning the National League Cy Young Award in the COVID-19-abbreviated 2020 season. his 324 game suspension does not start until Friday, meaning he does not get a long-term record.

Bauer’s suspension, if he continues to appeal, will remain until the 19th game in 2024, when his three-year contract with Dodger expires. The Dodgers will not be paying Bauer when he is suspended.

The MLB announced the suspension with a brief statement that did not elaborate on its findings, adding: “In accordance with the provisions of the Policy, the Office of the Commissioner will not make any further decisions at this time.”

The Dodger, who are at home against the Detroit Tigers this week, made the following statement:

“Today we were informed that the MLB has its investigation into the reasons confirmed by Trevor Bauer, and the Commissioner has rendered its decision on the sentence. “We understand that Trevor has a legal right to appeal the decision of the Commissioner. Therefore, we will not comment further until this work is completed.”

Bauer is the 16th player suspended since August 2015 when Major League baseball and the MLB Players Association disclosed their policies on domestic violence, child abuse and child abuse, which gives MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred the right to suspend players “on reasonable grounds.” The suspension – not to mention Felipe Vazquez’s former assistant, who is currently serving a prison sentence for raping a 13-year-old girl – ranged from 15 to 162 games and was the result of a discussion in which players were removed. their right to appeal.

Bauer made his final ride on June 28 last year. The next day, a 27-year-old woman at the time filed a petition against domestic violence in which she described in detail the allegations that Bauer sexually assaulted her twice during her sexual assault at her home in Pasadena, California, in April and May. In a statement, the woman – whom ESPN chose not to name – said Bauer had sexually abused her several times, claiming she had provoked him several times, beating him and repeatedly beating him all over her body, forcing her to have sex without permission. and left her with injuries that caused her to go to the hospital.

Bauer and his lawyers, Jon Fetterolf and Rachel Luba, vehemently denied the allegations, calling them “fraudulent” and “baseless” in the introduction.

Bauer was first placed on a supervisory leave – a process in which players are paid all their salaries but are not allowed to move around major league venues during the investigation – on July 2. Five days later, the Dodgers banned Bauer’s bobblehead night and were fired. his goods in his stores, saying the group “did not find it necessary while the investigation was ongoing.”

At the end of the four-day trial on Aug. 19, LA High Court Judge Dianna Gould-Saltman reversed the restraining order, saying Bauer had not harmed the woman and that her injuries were not the cause of any accusations made before or during the hearing. texts from a woman who asked to be strangled.

The judge stated that “the injuries shown in the photographs are serious,” but added: “If they set the limit and continue, then the case would be reasonable.

A few days before the trial began, The Washington Post published an article about a second-born Ohio woman who wanted to temporarily ban Bauer in June 2020 and charge him with assault. The woman rejected the ordinance six weeks after Bauer’s lawyers threatened to take action, according to the report. The Post article included photos showing Bauer’s injuries, as well as threatening messages, which Bauer reportedly wrote: “I do not want to go to prison for murder. And that is what will happen when I see it. You too.”

Bauer’s lawyers called the woman’s actions “very false” and questioned the authenticity of the photos and messages.

The Pasadena Police Department is investigating what Bauer ended up with a San Diego woman on Aug. 27, to refer the case to the LA County District Attorney’s Office, which lasted five months before reviewing the case before Feb. 8 that it will not follow cases. The District Attorney’s Office considered and denied the charges of assault on a man who had fainted for the first time on April 22 and domestic violence during the second sexual assault on May 16.

As part of its decision, the District Attorney’s Office wrote: “After a thorough review of all available evidence, including a civil case, the testimony of witnesses and factual evidence, the public is unable to prove the allegations. “

Bauer quickly released a seven-minute video on YouTube in which he described his experience, at one point saying: “I never hit this woman in the face. I slept with her in any way, or slept with her in any way. and in spite of our consensual sexual activity, the shocking events he described did not occur. ”

The woman, who provided photographs and medical notes as part of a domestic violence awareness campaign, said she woke up in the morning after having sex again with two black eyes, a swollen jaw and cheekbones, a reddish tinge on her right. face, broken cheeks, bump on the sides of her head, split lip, black bruises on her vagina and many bruises on her right cheek.

In the past two months, as MLB continues its investigation, Bauer’s lawyers have sued two media companies, alleging that Deadspin had spread false information in the media and that The Athletic had led a “campaign against violent torture.”

Bauer’s lawyers have also appealed to the Pasadena police department for a lack of telephone calls from the accuser, saying in court that “his request would also expose Petitioner’s plan to tarnish the Defendant’s reputation and work and to pay more for false and misleading allegations.”

But Mr Gould-Saltman ruled in the April 4 case that Bauer did not have a telephone record, saying his lawyers had not given a fair verdict and that he would doubt the argument that the documents could help them show it. the woman misled the legal system and had to pay her attorney’s fees.

On Monday, Bauer’s lawyers filed a lawsuit against the woman in a U.S. District Court in Central District of California. The lawsuit alleges that he asserted “he was a liar,” “a liar and a liar,” and “a liar and a liar,” and “a liar and a slanderer” in order to “destroy” Bauer’s reputation. self-interest “and” withdraw millions of dollars. “


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