Livret A, LEP: Here are the interests you will get with the new rates for 2022!

Regulated financial savings rates are rising From 1 August. The Livret A account will develop by 2% and permit you to learn from €315.56 in further curiosity all through the yr. But in actuality, inflation can lose the buying energy of your financial savings by as much as €1,000. The fashionable Passbook will improve the rate of interest to 4.6% and defend your financial savings a bit of extra.

Inflation impacts the passbook

Booklet A’s charge has quadrupled in six months! Yes, 4! Fixed at 0.5% on February 1, 2020, its lowest degree, it reached 1% on February 2022. As of Monday August 1, it has now reached 2% And it’s, similar to its cousin the Social and Solidarity Savings Booklet (LDDS). This is a charge that has not existed for 10 years.

That’s excellent news for house owners of 56 million individuals a bookletThat is, greater than 8 out of 10 individuals are French Decrease your buying energy. This is the results of inflation, which ought to be 5.6% for the complete yr. As a end result, the precise return in your Livret A account turns into unfavorable.

Livret A: Damage as much as €1,000

Including 1000€

If you put €1,000 in your Livret A, you will earn €13.75 in curiosity. But at the similar time, you will face a lack of €56 attributable to inflation. yours Purchasing energy decreases So €42.25. On a stand-alone foundation, €1,000 invested on January 1, 2022 earns €1,013.75 in money in your Livret A on January 1 of the following yr… besides that the “actual worth” of this cash deteriorates at the similar time. Conceptually, the financial savings accrued in your Livret A at the finish of 2022 will solely be “price” €957.5 if inflation is caught at 0% all through the yr.

With €5,000 or €5,800 in your financial savings account A

If you put €5,000 in your Livret A, you will earn €68.75 in curiosity. And this, in opposition to a lack of 280 euros attributable to value will increase. or 211.25 euros much less buying energy. In addition, 5,800 euros represent the common excellent quantity of a Livret A in line with current statisticsRegulated Savings Observatory For the yr 2021. On the constructive aspect, 79.75 euros of curiosity at the finish of 2022 which, on the different hand, is swallowed up by 324.80 euros of inflation. Finally, the buying energy decreased to 245.05 euros out of 5,800 euros initially.

together with 10,000 and 15,000 euros

By investing €10,000, the annual curiosity rises to €137.5. On the different hand, the buying energy of financial savings decreased by 422.5 euros, as inflation decreased by 560 euros. However, with 15,000 euros, the curiosity will increase to 206.25 euros. But at the similar time, you lose 840 euros Due to inflation. Finally, you will lose 633.75 euros of buying energy in a single yr.

With 22,950 euros in your Livret A

This quantity corresponds to the most that you can deposit in Livret A, representing an curiosity of 315.56 euros. On the different hand, inflation results in a lack of 1,285.20 euros, i.e. a discount in buying energy of 969.64 euros. In different phrases, about 1,000 euros!

LEP at 4.6%: What is the curiosity in 2022?

The People’s financial savings e-book (LEP) usually supplies safety in opposition to rising costs. And this, not like Livret A, has undergone a change in the technique of calculation. For LEP, open based mostly on earnings. For a tax family of 1 particular person, for instance, it’s €20,297. The ceiling for deposits is €7,700, the calculation formulation follows the common inflation charge of the final six months. This is why the LEP charge “solely” reaches 4.6%, no more

An unbeatable charge for a protected funding that will profit 18.6 million French individuals. But in actuality, there’s barely 7 million LEP holders. And this, in line with the newest statistics from the Banque de France. If you can profit from it, decide to open a LEP as a substitute of maintaining your financial savings in Livret A.

The common quantity owed on a LEP in 2021, setting the charge at €5,600Interest charge hiked to 4.6%. Then, the curiosity quantity will attain 173.60 euros in 2022, in opposition to 77 euros for a Livret A. Inflation will scale back the worth of your financial savings by 313.6 euros, i.e. a buying energy discount of 140 euros in a LEP. This would have reached 236.6 euros in a Livret A.

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