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87 minutes: Ben Davies runs connected and the ball is played by Son. Shooting long from the solid side, Harry Kane calls for the ball from a distance.

87 minutes: Tottenham are wasting some time and it looks like they will be happy to take a bit that could send them one point ahead of Arsenal until the fourth, after playing just one more game. Arsenal face Leeds tomorrow next week before the North London premier match on White Hart lane.

84 min: Entering Tottenham: Harry Winks comes to Dejan Kulusevski.

83 minutes: Diogo Jota runs down the aisle if Cristian Romero is selected in the Tottenham penalty area by Luis Diaz. Good protection.

82 minutes: Son’s return to the corner flag is clearly marked by the head of Ibrahima Konate.

80 min: Tottenham corner. The child stands the ball near the post, where Thiago lays it to pick up another.

79 minutes: Fabinho finds the reservation that comes with grabbing Baby by the evil arm. There is a break when Son receives treatment for a shoulder injury.

78 minutes: Spurs entry: Ryan Sessegnon has been replaced by Davinson Sanchez. He sits behind three, with Ben Davies moving back and forth.

77 minutes: The Tsimikas cross in the Spurs box has been removed and Sadio Mane has fallen. Kop has appealed for a ruling but the Senegalese international does not.

76 minutes: Well, this little drive has upset the Anfield loyalists, who now have a full voice as they return to the back of their squad.

OBJECTIVE! Liverpool 1-1 Tottenham (Diaz 74)

Liverpool Similar! Luis Diaz went through the edge of Spurs’ penalty area and fired a shot. The ball removes Rodrigo Bentancur’s finger, which hits the helpless Hugo Lloris. All left in 15 minutes!

He shoots, he gets: Luis Diaz scored the same goal. Photo: Peter Byrne / PA

73 minutes: Wales and Tottenham defender Ben Davies is doing his thing again, this time stretching his leg to stop Mo Salah from scoring.

71 minutes: Trent Alexander-Arnold has been punished for entering Son along Tottenham’s penalty spot. He shoots the ball in frustration and then tries to help (or pull, depending on how you see) the baby climbing. Sonny, of course, is not in a hurry and just sits there and gathers his thoughts for a few minutes.

70 min: Sessegnon was now booked to spend time with Mo Salah while the Egyptian found his side with the ball at his feet.

70 min: The Child Cross from the right towards Romero has been taken over by Konate, who is heading.

69 min: Tsimikas was detained for placing his arm on Kulusevski and pulling the Spurs man back as he tried to break into the street.

68 min: Tsimikas tries to pull the ball back from the left but Romero passes it again and throws it well.

66 minutes: Liverpool continue to chase but Tsimikas cross to Alexander-Arnold has been ruled out. Shortly afterwards, Cristian Romero jumped to lead another ball to the Spurs penalty area.

65 min: Liverpool twice: Diogo Jota and Kostas Tsimikas on Jordan Henderson and Andy Robertson.

63 min: Tottenham’s goal seems to have briefly confused Liverpool fans, if not their players. Anfield is just gone. Selected by another amazing pass from Thiago, Henderson has a cross placed in the corner. Tottenham need a strong defense and Ben Davies has made an important point, this time from Luis Diaz.

61 min: Liverpool win the corner but Robertson’s exit is clear.

58 minutes: That’s the main goal on the counter for Spurs. Lloris picked Royal with a long push and got Kane. He played left ball to the left of Sessegnon, who could have fired slowly but chose to ride the ball to an unknown Son. He never missed it since. That’s a wonderfully made purpose.

OBJECTIVE! Liverpool 0-1 Tottenham (Son 56)

Crikey! The kid enters the yard six yards to shoot Tottenham forward after the ball with the unselfish Ryan Sessegnon.

Goal: Heung-Min Tottenham Hotspur's son celebrates after scoring his team's first goal.
Goal: Heung-Min Tottenham Hotspur’s son celebrates after scoring his team’s first goal. Photo: Tottenham Hotspur FC / Getty Images

55 min: Tottenham have won a corner. Son sends the ball to the penalty spot in Liverpool but his delivery is dangerous and Thiago clears a nearby post.

55 min: This has been the case in the post of Davies, who ran away without keeping track of several animal problems in the first half.

54 min: As soon as I write this, Oliver takes Ben Davies’ name against Mo Salah under the ball.

51 min: Fabinho has been punished for misconduct against Harry Kane and Tottenham captain Michael Michaelver has questioned why the Brazilian was not detained. Using his fingers, he quickly erases Fabinho’s mistakes to show why the yellow card should be issued. No one likes grass, Harry! In Kane’s fairness, the judge appears to be calm and forgiving tonight.

51 min: From the line, Trent Alexander-Arnold has stopped the ball at a distance. Tottenham well.

49 min: Once his hair is set, Thiago chooses to run Henderson to a faraway place and the Liverpool captain tries to lift the ball. Ben Davies makes a very important point.

48 min: Thiago tries to pick Robertson on the left lane and passes 10 yards down but sends the ball away. You don’t see him misleading many posts like that.

47 minutes: Towards the end of his sentence, Romero gives the ball to Sadio Mane, who fails to kill his teammate to shoot.

47 minutes: Tottenham only had 30% in the first half and it looks unlikely they will have much more in the future. Although Liverpool ruled, they made several chances to try and do the same.

Second leg: Liverpool 0-0 Tottenham Hotspur

46 min: The game resumes with Liverpool starting and there is no change of staff on both sides.

Liverpool's Rachel Furness carries the FA Women's Championship trophy in mid-season.
Liverpool’s Rachel Furness carries the FA Women’s Championship trophy in mid-season. Photo: Laurence Griffiths / Getty Images

Half: Liverpool 0-0 Tottenham Hotspur

Peep! It did not have time in half and the Spurs have done well to avoid being beaten by the big Liverpool. Virgil van Dijk walked very close to his roommates, hitting the wound with his head in the corner. For the Spurs, Hojbjerg hit the boards at the end of one of their roster, often threatening attacks.

'This is Anfield'
‘This is Anfield’ Photo: Andrew Powell / Liverpool FC / Getty Images

45 min: Rodrigo Bentancur was thrown under pressure and sent off for a foul but was given a free-kick in the middle of his half.

43 min: Now with Spurs approaching nearby, with Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg hitting the outside left straight and driving slowly from a distance.

Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg
Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg hits the post. Photo: Paul Ellis / AFP / Getty Images

42 min: Spurs tremble in the face of Liverpool’s relentless onslaught. Luis Diaz has a small photo saved by Hugo Lloris.

42 min: Liverpool Corner. Andy Robertson’s delivery is good but Tottenham make sense.

40 min: Liverpool won a free-kick a few yards outside the Spurs penalty area, to the right of D. Trent Alexander-Arnold whipping his effort straight into the wall and Tottenham eventually cleared the ball in a row.

39 min: Oops! In the corner, Virgil van Digk grabs Emerson Royal slip and hits the chair with his head.

Virgil van Dijk's head hits a bullet.
Virgil van Dijk’s head hits a bullet. Photo: Phil Noble / Reuters

38 min: Bentancur sells Davies briefly with a bad pass and Wales international are forced to mock Thiago. Once again, they run away from the card. From the free-kick that followed, Eric Dier took the ball out of the corner.

37 min: Ben Davies has been punished but not detained for wrongdoing on Mo Salah after a kamikaze pass from Cristian Romero put the SPurs in trouble.

32 min: From the free-kick, Trent Alexander-Arnold sends the ball to the Spurs penalties and has been ruled out. Thiago directs the ball into the far corners and Luis Diaz jumps but can’t direct his head towards the goal or on the Sadio Mane route under pressure from Lloris.

30 min: Thiago plays Henderson’s ball in the space bag and the Liverpool boss sends Mo Salah off the road. He runs into a blind road but Rodrgio Bentancur insults him for freeing out of the line.

28 min: Thiago cuts the ball to Henderson in the distance. Sessegnon had read the run but was directing the ball in the face of his goal, forcing Hugo Lloris to win. It was a good and dangerous combination of defense at the back of Tottenham’s wings.

Hugo Lloris was able to push the ball away from Liverpool's Mohamed Salah.
Hugo Lloris was able to push the ball away from Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah. Photo: Paul Ellis / AFP / Getty Images

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