Liverpool reach the Champions League final with a tough time, surviving the first fear of Villarreal to win the second leg

Liverpool’s dream in the Champions League looks set to be a nightmare of almost half the time. But when the final whistle was blown by mainstream Danny Makkelie, Jurgen Klopp’s team’s dream of survival was still alive and well with Fabinho, Luis Díaz and Sadio Mané as the Reds prepared for their final trip to UCL. Paris Tuesday.

After scoring a 2-0 win over Villarreal in the first half of the second half, the Reds blasted three goals in the second half to win 3-2 away from home and reach UCL for the third time in five years. They won 5-2 on both teams. Fabinho, Díaz and Mané all scored in the 12th minute to turn the tie over their heads, much to the surprise of 21,872 fans at the Estadio de la Ceramica in the rain when their team faced Liverpool with a 45-minute opener. A third-minute goal from Boulaye Dia and 41 minutes from to Francis Coquelin allowed the Spanish club to believe they could get rid of it, but in the end it failed to produce enough at the end of the court.

Fabinho could not have chosen a better time to score his first UCL goal for the Reds in the 62nd minute, leading them 3-2 on aggregate. Five minutes after the eagle landed past Geronimo Rulli, Díaz headed home to Trent Alexander-Arnold to cross to finish Cinderella’s time on the ball. Mané bolstered the victory with a 16-minute finish to complete.

A common theme in all three of Liverpool’s goals was the brutal killing of player Geronimo Rulli and his defenders. It made things easier for the guests, who lived at a time when it was very important.

As a result, Liverpool now await Manchester City or Real Madrid for the final, both of which play in the second semifinals on Wednesday.

Here’s what you need to know about this game:

This was a great start from Villarreal

You can remember Villarreal’s first quarter-final match against Bayern Munich where it took the Yellow Ship just eight minutes to open the scoring through Arnaut Danjuma. With no Dutchman tonight due to injury, it took Villarreal three minutes to progress.

Dia, a 25-year-old French player in his first season at the club, slammed the door to pull his team back to the top and made them perform better, using the unbeaten half of Liverpool:

It was an exciting sequel to Unai Emery’s side, also using his European magic, giving them the confidence they could kill a European giant. It was also Dia’s first goal at UCL.

He just had to get the first goal, and he did, starting what was 45 minutes open for the low.

What was Alexander-Arnold doing?

The string is hanging tight, the next goal was to eliminate Villarreal’s chances or make them bigger. That’s when Coquelin offered. The former Arsenal youngster rose from the cross and skillfully outscored Alisson to make it 2-2 before the break.

But just look at Alexander-Arnold, who did not even jump to defend his head:

Incomprehensible is the English defender, and he knows. Fortunately, he could have redeemed himself. But not to try to even throw Coquelin at a strange and unthinkable level. Either they underestimate what the Frenchman can do or they just feel like they are too late in wet and slippery places because of the rainy season, but anything other than what they did would be better.

Evil from Rulli

With the second half starting, the game could have gone either way. But Díaz’s introduction saw Liverpool look their best in the third team, and having a good one allowed more players to move forward. That’s when Fabinho came in, got into the box and found the lucky goal that Rulli probably should have stopped:

From then on, it all came down to the Argentine striker, and he ended the night knowing he would have done well on all three goals he conceded.

Alexander-Arnold repurchased himself

The defender didn’t take long to redeem himself, giving Díaz a good cross to make it 2-2. Alexander-Arnold, who finished with two shots from a single shot that diverted Coquelin and hit the cross, found a Colombian back post with a football signature to give his team the rest he needed:

Diaz brought fire in the second halfbut Alexander-Arnold was able to bring the goods when needed, playing at the right time so that the attacker could not continue.

Magnificent Mané finishes

The game opened, and he had to chase Villarreal. And it’s always about Liverpool from there. With Villarreal so clear and desperate, it was another Rulli mistake that allowed the Senegalese star to put him down. Mané was sent in, touched a player who was out of the field with his defender, and made it look easy.

As a result, Liverpool will hear

As united as ever. Look, at the break, it didn’t look good to them. But Klopp brought in Díaz, his team followed suit, and they managed to settle down. With 55 percent, about 20 percent less than the first leg, they needed to be a little more active, and they did. It took longer than he wanted, but it came. They did not give in, remained calm, and put on their flat shoes for half the time. As a result, they could be just 90 minutes away from their seventh UCL crown.

That would have been for Villarreal

desirable. It was not possible for him to get rid of it, especially after what he did at Bayern, but the young man did very well. They had red on the strings, and in the end there was not enough character.

For many years to come, Villarreal fans will be able to share the story of what 2021 and 2022 were like. From their first European victory last year in the Europa League to their second and most impressive run to the end of UCL, he showed that La Liga is not facing its demise, but is strengthening its revival.

What’s next?

Manchester City and Real Madrid will play Wednesday in their second leg, and the winner of the show will meet Liverpool on May 28 at 3pm ET at the Stade de France. You can see all the remaining UCL matches on CBS and Paramount +.

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