Liverpool dominated Villarreal but Klopp’s team know the Champions League could happen

LIVERPOOL, England – Don’t be fooled by the lower limits. Liverpool’s 2-0 win over Villarreal at Anfield was the final one-on-one you could see and it would have been much more than six-year-old European champions.

But 2-0 could be enough to keep Liverpool’s dream of winning four major trophies in one season. Unai Emery’s side still have 90 minutes to go in the second leg on Tuesday to survive and reach the Champions League final in Paris on May 28, but it would not be enough to prove that Liverpool will lose to Villarreal which looks impossible. to fight.

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“It’s 2-0 at the break [in the tie], “said Jurgen Klopp.” This is an excellent example of the results when you need to be vigilant. We will have to be 100 percent in the right direction and play the second leg the same way we played the first. Scoring is good, but we didn’t finish. “

The competition has given us an amazing second game in recent years, with Liverpool rolling out a 3-0 win over Barcelona to win 4-0 on the way back. If Villarreal can beat Klopp’s team at the Estadio de la Ceramica, it will be in the league as a spectacular night at Anfield in May 2019.

But Liverpool’s failure to translate their reign into a winning streak that means the game means Villarreal, who won the Europa League last season, still have hope in the second leg. The “Yellow Ship” has ended the European ambitions of Arsenal, Manchester United, Juventus and Bayern Munich in the last 12 months, so Liverpool will not take them lightly, but the reason Klopp’s side dominated so much in the first leg was the reason. Liverpool did not beat Villarreal.

Juventus and Bayern both failed to recognize Villarreal’s danger in the match and paid a hefty price, but Liverpool made no such mistake and their safety oversight was as critical as they were. At the end of the game, Liverpool scored 20 goals per game compared to Villarreal. According to UEFA statistics, Liverpool have made 93 appearances (Villarreal only managed 15) and finished 645 against 182 against Emery. In terms of acquisition, Liverpool enjoyed 68% in 90 minutes.

Just to win 2-0 he missed a chance to miss as well as Villarreal’s team and defensively. In the first half, the Spanish team did well to disrupt the atmosphere, delay the game, waste time and deny Liverpool a place to play at their impressive speed. Villarreal’s move upset the home team and calmed them down – – the same victory at Anfield on the night of the Champions League – but there is always the impression that the club could be broken if Liverpool continue to pour.

It was about game management and patience, which was made possible by the presence of Thiago Alcantara between Liverpool, a former Barcelona and Bayern player making sure no one wore a red shirt who was intimidated by Villarreal trying to stop the game. But when Fabinho found the back of the net for 50 minutes, it was clear that Liverpool were ready to rush the gears to reach the opening goal, which came three minutes later when Jordan Henderson hit defender Geronimo Rulli. and Pervis Estupinan.

The goal brought relief and speed, with Sadio Mane adding to Liverpool’s lead two minutes later when he threw the ball under Rulli after being released by Mohamed Salah. In the blink of an eye, Villarreal had moved from a tight tie to a stick with his fingers. Andy Robertson then the goal was not guaranteed to be offside and Virgil van Dijk and Luis Diaz both came close to scoring, but Villarreal failed to lose by just two goals.

This Liverpool team is the best team to win two goals in the Champions League semifinals, although they have conceded seven goals in the last two games in the Liverpool semifinals under Klopp, in 2018 and 2019. While Manchester City Premier League players must defend one goal against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu next Wednesday following their 4-3 first-leg win, Liverpool’s odds are not uncommon.

Klopp reminds his players of the same night against Barcelona, ​​when no one gave Liverpool a chance, and urges them to be careful for Villarreal to achieve their miraculous return.

“I looked at Villarreal and the way it was done was a lesson to me,” Klopp said. “But let’s not forget that we are also good. It will be difficult, but the best way to deal with the 2-0 lead is to ignore it and start again 0-0.”

For Villarreal and Emery, however, they are still disobedient and have the belief that they can be intimidating.

“[Liverpool] We suffer more than tonight in Villarreal, “said Emery after the game.

This may be the case, but the reality is that Liverpool and their fans could start preparing for Paris.


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