LIV Golf series: Everything you need to know

A new golf tour kicked off Thursday in London, with fans arriving at the Centurion Club to watch some of the biggest names play at the opening ceremony in north London.

But what kind of LIV Golf, a new business that threatens to shake the foundations play to its climax?

It is a new tour organized by LIV Golf Investments with eight events around the world, which kicked off in London on Thursday.

Guided by the old world No. 1 Greg Norman, a series of teams from June to October with the goal, says, “to improve the health of golfers around the world to be able to open the game” (sic) that can take place. “

It is funded by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) – an independent financial institution led by Mohammed bin Salman, a Saudi official and a man whom US lawmakers have named as the frontrunner for the 2018 presidency that killed journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Bin Salman has denied any involvement in Khashoggi’s assassination.

PIF has promised to provide $ 250 million in total prize money. Each of the first seven games will cost $ 25 million, $ 20 million divided between each player and the remaining $ 5 million divided between the top three teams at the end of each week.

Ahead of the first event in London, 12 teams were announced, along with their leader. On Tuesday, the directors selected all their other teams in the same list as the NFL and NBA records.

In contrast to the golf course, the London event lasts for three days, not four, with the 48-person club starting and shooting – all at once – hoping to be an exciting, action-packed event.

Competing in a traditional stroke game, the lowest score will be the winner.

In the first two matches, two winning goals will be scored for each team, in the final round, three winning goals will be scored, and the lowest score for all teams after 54 holes have been named the winners.

For the final event – the team competition – the form is changed to a deaf race around four.

Greg Norman smiles at the first tee on the first day of the LIV Golf series at Centurion Club.

Which golfers did you sign up for?

The extravagant, surrealistic dresses to look like this are just some of the goal setting shareware that will be available to all.

Six-time winner Phil Mickelson and former world No. 1 Dustin Johnson is in charge of the event, with the other big names Sergio Garcia, Martin Kaymer, Graeme McDowell, Louis Oosthuizen and Charl Schwartzel also taking part.

Ryder Cup players Ian Poulter and Lee Westwood were also in the first team to sign, and the field contains 18 players in the 100th team in the world.

On the other hand, it also provided a platform for other golfers who have just won their first game of the game, including 15-year-old Ratchanon Chantananuwat from Thailand.
According to a number of reports, Bryson DeChambeau and Patrick Reed will be the next big names to register for the upcoming tour.
Johnson attends a press conference ahead of the LIV Golf event at Centurion Club.

Why do people fight?

The LIV Golf series did not come without question.

The source of the funding, PIF of Saudi Arabia, has raised questions and criticisms of developers and players for choosing to play money from this country based on its human rights record.

The country has been criticized by human rights organizations for years. In March, Saudi Arabia killed 81 men in a series of high-profile attacks over the years. Liberation groups have condemned the country for killing young people during criminal cases against them.

Another form of contention around the league is instability on regular golf courses.

The PGA Tour is the DP World Tour – formerly the European Tour – for a long time and where players have been trading on the golf calendar, outside of the four major ones.

But, citing financial and life crises as reasons, the idea of ​​a group of players who have stopped playing in the LIV Golf series has met with mixed reactions from fellow travelers.

Members of the HY Flyers GC (from left) TK Chantananuwat of Thailand, Justin Harding of South Africa, Mickelson and US 'Chase Koepka posed for a press conference ahead of the LIV Golf event at Centurion Club.

What are the players saying?

On the eve of one of the most profitable golf courses in the world, participants competed in a press conference at St Albans, England.

Mickelson was a huge fan, especially because he is one of the biggest players in the game and this will be his first competition since his comments against Saudi Arabia-sponsored events were published earlier this year by his historian.

The six-time winner was mentioned in a 2021 question by author Alan Shipnuck in his forthcoming book, “Phil: The Rip-Roaring (also Unpopulated!) Super League because it is” a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to revamp how the PGA Tour works. “

Shipnuck quoted Mickelson as saying that he had shot dead Saudi Arabia’s human rights record and that the regime had killed journalist Khashoggi.

In his opening remarks at a press conference Wednesday, when asked about the history of human rights fundraising for the country, Mickelson appeared disappointed.

“I do not condone human rights abuses,” he said.

Mickelson attended a press conference ahead of the LIV Golf event at Centurion Club.

Johnson – a top player in the 15-year-old world championships – relinquished his PGA Tour membership and said Tuesday: “I don’t want to play for the rest of my life, this gives me a chance to do what I want to do.”

Graeme McDowell of Europe Ryder Cup was also questioned about Khashoggi’s assassination during a press conference.

“We all agree that it was wrong, no one can deny this fact but we are golfers, we are not politicians.

“If Saudi Arabia wants to use golf as a way to get where it wants to go, we are proud to support them on this journey, using the golf course and the skills we have to help develop the game.”

What about those who do not participate?

The first LIV event takes place at the Centurion Club. This is the PGA Tour’s Canadian Open taking place almost simultaneously and is the first show between the two tours.

The $ 25 million Centurion Fund is almost three times the $ 8.7 million Canadian Open Fund. Defending his Canadian title will be Rory McIlroy, No. 8.

“Any decision you make in your life that simply costs money does not always go the right way,” McIlroy said Wednesday, according to Reuters.

“Obviously, money is a choice in many things in this country, but if it’s just money, it isn’t, it doesn’t seem to be going the way you want it to.”

When it comes to star power, the Canadian Open will easily play the Centurion line. Among the leaders in Toronto will be World No. 1 Scottie Scheffler and PGA Championship winner Justin Thomas.

“People have the right to choose what they want,” said Thomas. “I don’t like DJ now. I don’t think he’s a bad person. I won’t treat him differently.

“They have a right to choose what they want.

“Now, I’m disappointed and wish he and others wouldn’t, but that’s their decision.”

What does the future of golf mean?

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Many players affected by the ban – Mickelson, Westwood and Poulter – are in the final days of their career, possibly reducing the risk of suspension.

A handful of players, including Johnson, Garcia and Kevin Na, resigned from their PGA Tour game before starting Thursday in London.

But for six-time winner Mickelson, who already has a PGA Tour history, there is little doubt about his long-term commitment to the sport. He told a press conference Wednesday ahead of the opening ceremony of the LIV Golf that he did not want to give up his PGA Tour membership, saying: “I have found this, and I am not just planning to quit.”

Johnson and Mickelson are out of the first show after playing their first shot at the LIV Golf opening ceremony at Centurion Club.

And for a young talent in the game, suspension presents a challenge.

The PGA Tour is the highest golf course in the world right now, which is why it is considered a peak. However, the new, big-money journey offers the opportunity to earn money for players around the world, especially those who are coming.

Do young players choose to join the LIV Golf team, thus ruining their chances of playing on the PGA Tour, or following a traditional path and playing on the PGA Tour and reducing their earnings?

The DP World Tour – the second largest game tour – did not announce the penalties for players. After being linked to CNN, it said it “had no comment” on the LIV Golf list.

In terms of the four major golf courses, the appearance of the players on the LIV Golf has also led to participation in the show.

Although the US Open next week says players are free to play if they qualify, next month’s Open Championship in St. Petersburg Andrew did not make a public decision.

Shortly after the announcement, LIV Golf issued a loud voice, calling the suspension “retaliation.”

“Today’s announcement of the PGA Tour is in return and widens the gap between Tour and its members,” it said.

“Unfortunately, Tour, an organization dedicated to giving golfers the opportunity to play the game, is the only team that is preventing golfers from playing. This is certainly not the last word on the topic. with us in London, and beyond. “


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