LIV Golf: PGA Tour officially bans golfers from participating in the opening ceremony

“As you are aware, the players listed below did not receive the required infringement of the press rights – or did not request any release – and participated in the Saudi Golf League / LIV Golf event and violated our competition rules,” Monahan said in a memo.

“The same thing will happen to any other player who participates in future Saudi Golf League activities in violation of our Code.”

Players who have left their membership will be removed from the FedEx Cup points list while RBC Canadian Open goals will be sent on Sunday.

The 17 named golfers, including former winners Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson and Sergio Garcia, will not be allowed to play in the PGA Tour competitions if they do not become a member through a team not provided by sponsors or any other eligible team, the memo said.

Mickelson, who was originally eligible for a lifetime on the PGA Tour, said Wednesday he was not prepared to leave the tour because he had the freedom to participate because he had “a lifelong membership he gained, and he worked hard for it.”

What’s next?

Based on the current situation on the PGA Tour, Monahan added: “Maybe you have a lot of questions. What is the result? Can these players come back? Can they finally play PGA TOUR Champions? Believe we are ready to deal with them. we have the whole process: by appearing and respecting the rules of the PGA TOUR that you helped to establish.

“These players have made a decision for their financial reasons. But they will no longer want the opportunity to be a member of the PGA TOUR, ideas, opportunities and platforms like you. That hope humiliates you, our fans and our friends. PGA TOUR card holders and – most importantly – compete with them as part of a world-renowned organization of golf professionals. “

What is the LIV Golf list?

The LIV Golf series is sponsored by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) – an independent financial fund led by Mohammed bin Salman, a Saudi Arabian prince and a man whom US lawmakers have credited with overseeing the project. in 2018 assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Bin Salman has denied any involvement in Khashoggi’s assassination.

The tour features eight events around the world, starting in London on Thursday.

Guided by the old world No. 1 Greg Norman, a series of teams from June to October with the goal, says, “to improve the health of golfers around the world to be able to open the game” (sic) that can take place. “

Saudi Arabia’s PIF has pledged $ 250 million in total funding. Each of the first seven games will cost $ 25 million, $ 20 million divided between each player and the remaining $ 5 million divided between the top three teams at the end of each week.

Ahead of the first event in London, 12 teams were announced, along with their leader. On Tuesday, the directors selected all their other teams in the same list as the NFL and NBA records.

In contrast to the golf course, the London event lasts three days and not four, with the 48-person club starting and shooting – all at once – hoping to be an exciting, action-packed event.

Competing in a traditional stroke game, the lowest scores will be the winner.

How did LIV Golf respond?

LIV Golf responded to PGA Tour’s suspension for players on Thursday, saying: “Today the announcement of the PGA Tour is in retaliation and further divisiveness between Tour and its members. prohibits golfers from playing.

“This is not the last word on this topic. The era of free will begins as we are proud to have so many players who have come with us to London, and beyond.”


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