Lewis: Royals’ indifference has begun again. What do you need to keep in mind during this time?

He looked up and then down at the gloves, pulling on the blue leather straps. He seemed to be looking for something: an answer, an explanation, a hope.

Carlos Hernández, a 25-year-old Venezuelan right-back who promised last season, had just conceded six goals in the inning when the Royals lost 6-1 in the Baltimore Orioles. Defeat created another embarrassing series in 2022. The Royals have only won two of nine games this season.

It’s May 10, and the Royals are 9-17. Without the suffering Detroit Tigers, the Royals would have boasted of the worst record in the American League.

The numbers refer to the origin of decay. On the plate, the club is ranked 28th in OPS (.601), 28th in the league (69), 29th in the home games (13) and 22nd at the highest level (37.1 percent). The descent seems to take over the layout individually – and uplift. The Royals are 27th in the ERA (4.62), 27th in the WHIP (1.39) and 29th in the strikeout-to-walk ratio (1.90).

This would have been easy to do if it had been a coincidence. But it is not. Not at all.

Since 2018, the year the Royals resumed construction, they have been 28th in OPS (.700) and 27th in ERA (4.85). Perhaps this explains why the Royals put 25th in attendance (16,435 fans in a game at Kauffman Stadium). Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly in BD The Athletic: “The worst thing that can happen to a person — to provoke and anger those who love him — is to do what comes next: indifference. Once again this year, the Royals are close to doing just that. “

If you want a reminder, the Royals lost 10 games in a row in the first two weeks of 2019. They lost six in a row for the second week of 2020. And lost 11 games in a row last May. Although the Royals only played 16 percent of their season in 2022, anger is not limited to fans. Several players have expressed frustration with the situation, leading to the following questions: What will it take to keep your interest? What will give people hope that the club is preparing to run soon?

The questions, in general, bring to light events from July 2 last year. Royals baseball president Dayton Moore sat in the backyard before the game. A reporter asked how surprised he was by the Royals’ poor performance.

“You’ve already heard me say this, but you have to do a lot of things to win Major League baseball games,” he said. “When you have distractions in several places, I mean, it makes it harder for you to win. But you can’t give excuses. At the end of the day, you should look in the mirror as a general manager and monitor your performance. But at the end of the day, I trust our players,” he said. (manager) Mike Matheny is a coaching staff. “

What’s interesting is how these words fit into the story after one year – a year in which the club should be close to the controversy.

Expectations are different. FanGraphs ZiPS sees Royals heading into 94 losses.

Slow damage is one of the reasons. Kris Bubic, who the club announced as the first Brady Singer Singer after finishing three spring courses, has made 12 1/3 innings for the first five. The Royals picked Jackson Kowar out of the major leagues, and he currently has a 10.18 ERA out of five starts in Triple-A Omaha. Hernández, who has seen his speed and form drop quickly, has a 7.15 ERA in five starts.

It is hard to see these events and not remember them from last year. On the singing side, Jakob Junis became one of the Royals’ top scorers through six appearances. He had a 3.47 ERA. The Royals then dethrone him. He allowed five times on his first trip. No Cal Eldred play coach or bullpen coach Larry Carter was seen to be helping Junis find his form.

This is important because Junis is now chasing the San Francisco giants. In 15 innings (plus one start), he has a 1.20 ERA. Wait a minute, and you will see some interesting features in the mix. In 2019, Junis threw 33.7% four seamers, 29.7% slope and 17.3% depth. This season, they drop 54.9 percent slider, 22.1% sinkers and 6.9 percent four seamers. His slider is his best word. His four long taxes were one of his difficulties. Using floppy has done amazing things. Then you have a change. The Royals wanted Junis to turn the tar instead of dividing. Given the opportunity, that was not an easy task.

Interestingly, Junis was not the only one who moved forward and did well. Brad Boxberger was about 90 mph on his four-point running back in 2019, and the pitch was down 20.1 inches average. In 2021, after signing with Milwaukee Brewers, Boxberger was about 93.5 mph on his running ball, and the pitch was about 14.1 inches down, increasing the height and making it harder to hit. In 2019 with the Royals, Wily Peralta did not throw. Now it’s Tigers, and that’s how they make more money than anyone else. Jorge López throws about four mph faster with the Baltimore Orioles this season than he did with the Royals in 2019. Tampa Bay Rays assistant Jason Adam is one of the best players in baseball this season. He changes frequently (just throwing 7.9 percent with the Royals in 2018) and uses a slider, which he didn’t throw with the Royals.

In particular, the Royals’ senior players are unaware of what others have done elsewhere.

On the hit side, it’s very similar. In 2021, Jorge Soler was suffering terribly. Matheny did not seem to have an answer. “It’s amazing what he can do,” Matheny said last June. “We just look for the keys to unlock.” Beating coach Terry Bradshaw had a hard time finding them. It was only when special boxing coach Mike Tosar appeared that Soler transformed into the type of batsman he helped to play in the Atlanta Braves’ World Series.

In fact, the Royals added former striker Keoni DeRenne to teammates in the major leagues this season to help them change the tactics the strikers used before the game. However, Whit Merrifield, for example, becomes the finalist among all qualifying fighters in wRC +. Salvador Perez is just hitting .204. Carlos Santana, who the club did not sell on the last day of last year, has .566 OPS. Adalberto Mondesi hit 20 of the 50 bats before cutting his ACL. Footballer Edward Olivares – whom a scout named last year and asked: “Why doesn’t he play?” – was the club’s best striker (172 wRC + in 38 appearances) before facing four challenges this week.

As Moore said last year, the group could not provide any reasons for the injuries. Here are the facts: The Royals have retained Merrifield, Santana and Mondesi over the years, instead of trading. He has given Eldred and Carter to run small pitchers in the big leagues since 2017, the same goes with Bradshaw on the batting side. They will continue to work with their feet in the water of the present and in the future. They all look more like clouds than ever. So, what can the Royals do?

Looking in the mirror, testing methods and trusting colleagues was the answer for last year. And that sounds exactly like a problem.

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