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He had a preventive detention decree for alleged abuse and abuse of children. To the STF, the defense claims that there is no element that justifies the arrest, since she has no criminal record, has a fixed residence, is the mother of a six-year-old child and is “not an irresistible offender.”

Lewandowski declined the request on procedural grounds. The Minister understands that the Supreme Court cannot analyze the move to prevent any repression, as the case has not yet been passed by the Superior Court of Justice (STJ).

The Minister further understood that the Defense was unable to demonstrate that the arrest represented any abnormality, apparent illegitimacy or abuse of power which would justify the analysis of the request.

Fernanda was arrested on April 25 after an execution warrant was issued by a S আদালo Paulo city police court. He was arrested while staying at his relative’s house in Mogi das Cruzes in Sao Paulo. On the same day, he was taken to a prison in the neighboring municipality of Itakuake Setuba.

There is no expiration date for pretrial detention.

When he was arrested, Fernanda denied the allegations to the press. “None of us [maltratava as crianças]. That fact must be taken into account. ”

In addition to sisters Fernanda and Roberta Sarme, Solange da Silva Hernandez, 55, a day care cleaning assistant, was previously charged by the investigation. All three are responsible for child abuse, abuse, criminal association, life-threatening and embarrassing situations.

Police did not ask for the arrest of Solanj, who was responsible for the crime of independence.

Sওo Paulo Civil Police ended an investigation Monday (2) and found two owners and employees criminally responsible for torturing nine children who were tied up and crying in video and photos inside a daycare bathroom.

Other students also appeared as victims, but their total numbers were not disclosed. The case was published last March g1.

In addition to torture, they were charged with abuse, criminal association, risk of life and embarrassing circumstances.

The final investigation report was sent to the Public Ministry (MP) for analysis, along with the allegations of sisters Roberta and Fernanda Semar and cleaning assistant Solanz Hernandez. The agency will decide whether women will be condemned for the crime. If the judge accepts the prosecution’s allegations, all three will become defendants in the process.

The g1 Until the last update of this report, Sarme was unable to identify the sisters and Solange’s defense for comment. In an earlier statement to police, Director Roberta, 40, teacher Fernanda, 37, and Solanze, 55, have always denied the allegations. Their lawyers also asserted their innocence in an interview with the press.

The school children were arrested

Sao Paulo Civil Police have completed an investigation into allegations of abuse at a school in the city

The school owners were arrested for the crime. Roberta was arrested on Thursday (26) after surrendering to a police station in Itakuake Setuba, Greater Sao Paulo. He had been on the run for more than a month.

For security reasons, the Serme sisters were transferred last week to the Trembe women convoy in the interior of the state. Solange was not arrested for requesting an investigation and responded independently.

Police said that in addition to obstructing the investigation, the Serme sisters left their home without informing the court of their new address. Solanj appeared at the police station and assisted in the investigation.

Video of abuse with students recorded

Parents of students protest in front of Colmia Magic this Tuesday (15) in the East Zone of Sao Paulo – Photo: Reproduction / Social Network

Magic Hive is currently closed after the allegations were made. She has served students aged 0 to 5 from nursery to kindergarten. Videos and pictures of children wearing straight jackets, tied to children’s seats, standing under a sink and with a sheet near a toilet have gone viral on social media. And they provoke protests from parents of students and public outrage.

The images have come to the notice of the 8th Divisional Precinct’s Crime and Miscellaneous Incident Center (Cerco), which has launched an investigation into the case. There is no confirmation as to who recorded the videos. The suspicion is that it may have been a day care worker who was dissatisfied with what he saw.

Despite what teachers at the school told police, Roberta was the one who tied the children up, believing they would stop crying, despite not being directly involved in the student abuse. According to them, the principal could not bear to hear the cries of the students.

The boy was admitted to the hospital with a wound near his eyes and a respirator After leaving the Colmia Magica Nursery in So Paulo, they both arrived home injured and sick – Photo: Reproduction / Revelation

Also according to the testimony, Fernanda matched the situation. There are also reports that Solanj even covered a baby’s head with a blanket and he was hospitalized after having difficulty breathing.

Educators also said in the investigation that they saw other punishments: some children who disobeyed the instructions were taken to a dark bathroom without the presence of educators. And the elderly were kept at their feet for hours in Robert’s room to “think” about what they had done. Teachers are heard as witnesses.

Also, according to the teachers, the director shouted at the staff and children, who were “very scared” of him.

The deputy said the investigation was legal

Justice maintains preventive detention of school owner arrested for abuse and torture in SP, correspondent says

Justice maintains preventive detention of school owner arrested for abuse and torture in SP, correspondent says

It is because of these allegations that Roberta, Fernanda and Solange were criminally charged with investigating whether the children cried or refused to eat on suspicion of participating in their punishment.

During the trial, lawyer Andre Dias, who defended Roberta and Solanze, even accused the police of abuse of power during the investigation. Wanted by g1 For comment, Rep. Renato Topan, who presided over the investigation, denied the allegations.

“The civil police have acted with absolute legitimacy and have honored more than 40 people in the police station, including the accused. False accusations of abuse of power will be the target of moral and criminal redress against those who have made them irresponsibly, ”Topan said.

The report did not identify Dias to address the issue. The reports of some experts have not been finalized yet. Their results will be taken to the MP.

Children have been harmed, MP said

The photo shows the baby sleeping on the floor of Magic Hive – Photo: Reproduction / Social Network.

Parents of the students interviewed in the investigation identified their children in the video and photos, and said that some of them had returned to school with injuries.

When the arrest warrant against Roberta was approved, the public prosecutor’s office stated that there were videos of the detained children, pictures of some of them injured after leaving school, and eyewitness accounts (of both teachers and parents of the students). Those who are with the police show that the students have suffered “severe physical and mental distress”.

In the judge’s perception that the judge was ordered to be temporarily detained for 30 days, the evidence shows that “There are strong indications” That he is involved “In criminal practice”.

What 3 respondents said

Roberta Sarme Escola Infantile Colmia Magic Director – Photo: Reproduction / Private Archive

Before fleeing, Roberta even confirmed in her statement to police that the videos were recorded at her school and that the children who attended were her students. But he refuses to bind them or order anyone else to bind them. He also said that he did not know who caused the incident. But she suspected that the scenes may have been staged by some disgruntled employees to the detriment of her and her sister.

Fernanda was also surprised to see the videos when she heard them at the police station.

Solanz also denied any wrongdoing. In addition to accusing Roberta of “packing” the children, the employee spoke with police and in an interview with TV Globe and g1, That Colmeia Mágica teachers were instructed by the director to do the same “process”. He further added that he did not help the boss to keep the students tied up. And he denies that he threw a blanket at a child’s head, leaving him breathless.

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