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Charles Leclerc took part in a spectacular fight in the first round of the Miami Grand Prix, with teammate Max Verstappen being third on the team – with Carlos Sainz supporting Ferrari one-two.

Leclerc made the first two qualifying rounds but Verstappen came close to finishing, finishing with 10 wins.

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Verstappen made a mistake at the end of his flight and finished third, 0.005s behind Sainz, while Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez took P4.

Valtteri Bottas, Ferrari’s new strong component in his Alfa Romeo, gave P5 – ahead of Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton, who was sixth even though he had to take immediate action in Q1 to avoid relegation.


1: 28,796

1: 28,986

Red Bull Competition
1: 28,991

Red Bull Competition
1: 29,036

Alfa Romeo
1: 29,475

Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsinetsa both reached Q3 for AlphaTauri, the seventh-ranked Frenchman and the ninth Japanese pilot. Among them was Lando Norris, eighth in the qualifiers even going to P3 in Q2. Lance Stroll finished 10th in Aston Martin.

Alpine’s Fernando Alonso missed Q3 in P11, ahead of Mercedes’ George Russell – who struggled with pornography in Q2 – while Sebastian Vettel was disappointed to take P13 for Aston Martin. Daniel Ricciardo’s replacement news put him at 14th in the McLaren squad, with Mick Schumacher last in Q2, finishing P15 on Saturday.

Haas teammate Kevin Magnussen (P16) missed Q2 with a tenth, and Zhou Guanyu of Alfa Romeo took P17 after being frustrated by the amount of traffic on his last flight. No Williams driver came out in Q1, Alex Albon taking the P18 and Nicholas Latifi 19th.

Esteban Ocon did not take part in the crash after his FP3 crash and is expected to start the Grand Prix on Sunday from the pit.

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Eligibility for 2022 Miami GP: Leclerc takes over if Ferrari seals front line


Q1 – Leclerc strikes for the first time while Hamilton avoids a permanent defeat

Miami had a lot of games to play after three rounds of fitness, Esteban Ocon was never in its FP3 crash seat – meaning there have been 19 drivers taking part in the first round of the Miami Grand Prix.

Verstappen placed the first benchmark in Q1 but as time went down, Charles Leclerc slammed him to the top with a time of 1m 29.474s, the Red Bull driver was second with 0.362s. Carlos Sainz was third and sixth from a team-mate while Perez took fourth, another two out of ten behind.

Lewis Hamilton gave up his first attempt and the next threat was lifted to the limit, putting the Mercedes driver in a low position with time. But he jumped from P18 to P5 and in the final try, Alpine Fernando Alonso re-entered in Q2 and released late P6.

Hamilton avoided panic in Q1 and all last attempts to fly

Lance Stroll was the seventh-highest for Aston Martin, keeping Yuki Tsotaka sharply back and forth in the top ten, while Mercedes’ George Russell (P9) and McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo finished top 10.

Mick Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel, Lando Norris and Pierre Gasly came out in Q1 along with Alfa Romeo driver 15 Valtteri Bottas, Finn through Haas’S Kevin Magnussen.

Along with Magnussen, Alfa Romeo’s frustrated rookie, Zhou Guanyu – was fired from his last job due to overcrowding – was fired, as were Williams drivers Alex Albon (P18 due to insufficient tire temperature) and Nicholas Latifi (P19).

Knocked: Magnussen, Zhou, Albon, Latifi


Zhou was devastated by the traffic; The Bottas arrived in Q2 when Magnussen lost

Q2 – Leclerc accumulates when the central melee explodes

Fifteen drivers left, the Red Ferrari with a Red Bull handle and grip and the tension intensified the same. All Ferraris invented on soft work; all of the Red Bulls on the new soft spot to start the session. The first saw Verstappen top with a time of 1m 29.202s and Perez second with 0.471s, Ferraris half ten behind third and fourth.

In the downhill for a while were Stroll, Schumacher, Vettel, Ricciardo and Russell, who gave up two attempts to get the car wrecked. With six minutes left, Russell was still in P15 with no time on board; Ricciardo was 14th because of a problem with changing arms at his legs.

Another run sees the pack flooding, Scuderia also shows Leclerc going back to the top with a time of 1m 29.130s, Verstappen now 0.072s behind. Norris jumped to P3 and flew late, 0.504s off speed, knocking Perez to P4 and Sainz to P5.

The Bottas climbed to sixth in front of their former teammate Hamilton while Stroll confirmed a Q3 in the first team from Turkey GP, in P8. AlphaTauri duo Tsotaka (P9) and Gasly (P10) also passed Q3.

That means Alonso (who saw himself frustrated by teammate Carlos Sainz) missed by 0.032s – and Russell finished P12 among the majority, another 0.013s from a two-time champion. Although Vettel did well, he was almost four hundred on the P13 after he made a mistake in his career. Ricciardo managed to control the P14, late to exit on his final run, while Schumacher finished the top 15 of the Haas.

Issued: Alonso, Russell, Vettel, Ricciardo, Schumacher


Ricciardo and Russell missed Q3 with different stories

Q3 – Verstappen and Leclerc face each other and Sanz gets into an argument

The 10 finalists are missing seven teams, Haas, Williams and Alpine alone who came out on Q3. And as Verstappen approached Leclerc, this seemed like a losing streak.

However, the first attempt saw Verstappen rest P1 with a time of 1m 28.991s, Leclerc only went 0.064s and Sainz 0.080s back for a temporary battle. Perez’s first attempt put him in the second half behind P4.

The misunderstanding was a major threat in the final flight in Q3, with Perez allowing Verstappen to pass as the Red Bull duo set up. Verstappen was now in the driver’s seat.

Leclerc did well in Sector 1, setting up the second purple section, but did not do well in the third. However, this could be enough for the final time of 1m 28.796s and stay on the bench if the frustrated Verstappen made a mistake and reversed his last attempt.

The second jump was Sainz, Spaniard denied Verstappen to start in the front and found the Ferrari one-second in Miami, the Dutchman dropped third in front of his team Perez.

The Bottas took the top five ahead of Hamilton, while Gasly took seventh. And although he was a Q2 champion, Norris settled on P8. Ts magic (P9) and Stroll will start in the top 10 of the Miami Grand Prix opener.


Leclerc delivered his third seasonal prize in Miami

Key words

“It’s amazing to be here in the US and see how the game has grown over the last few years and see a lot of people on the show. It’s encouraging and there are so many Ferrari fans. It’s amazing. Last weekend I didn’t do well. .

“[Red Bull] he is very fast on the straight line, we are fast turning corners and it will be tough tomorrow and I hope we win. ”- Charles Leclerc, Ferrari

What’s next?

The first Miami Grand Prix tournament will take place on Sunday in 1530, with Leclerc leading Sainz team-mates Verstappen and Perez. Don’t miss it – go to RACE HUB to see how you can capture all the events – and stay tuned to everywhere.

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