LeBron James wants to play with Steph Curry

LeBron may not want to be Steph Curry's constant companion.

LeBron may not want to be Steph Curry’s constant companion.
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This year’s NBA postseason has been excellent, with all the injuries, despite the absence of LeBron James. When the time for James to play in June each year is over, does not mean that we will not hear from the King during the playoffs and especially once in the NBA Finals. And one thing we already know is that James would love to play alongside Wardell Stephen Curry.

LeBron recently added this, during the recording of the upcoming episode of its HBO series, The Shopthat Golden State is the team that would like to play for teams that are still competing in the competition.

“In today’s game, sh_there are some m_—- f_—— in today’s game, but Steph Curry,” James said. “Steph Curry is the one I want to play with for sure, in today’s game…. He is serious. ”

I was not surprised to hear that James felt this way when playing with Curry, but it is strange to hear him say this openly several times. We rarely hear players speak clearly about other professionals, especially some of the top players in their sport, who are still active. Everything James says, whether good or bad, is carefully examined. As a result, when he says this about Curry and how he would like to be a public friend, he knows it will be chosen.

There is no way he could have chosen the Celtics, he knows the conflict between them and his sea. Fans in Los Angeles would have kicked James out of town after uttering the word Boston. But just think for a minute, James is joining the Celtics list. LeBron, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

He should have reacted angrily, considering that the three players were used to holding the ball in their hands, but in defense, the Celtics could be stronger than they already are. Three long-winged defenders could be hell for any team in the league to deal with, not just the Warriors. When I’m frustrated, I like James ’idea of ​​looking after Marcus Smart anyway. I think they can figure out Tatum and Brown’s share of the equation based on their compatibility with LeBron.

But then again, we can throw the experience out the window because James would not mention playing for the Celtics while playing for the Lakers franchise. And James also has a history with the Celtics, from his days in Cleveland and Miami. As a result, the scenario may not work for many reasons.

And James’ alliance with the Warriors could be a simple change. By mistake, it would not be difficult because Curry, Thompson, and Jordan Poole can all play football. The ball kept moving at Steve Kerr’s error, but James could change. Draymond and LeBron were able to take turns running the offense, and they would have been better off defending themselves with James’ additions. So, of course, he would like to play with these guys at the end of his career.

Granted, there were other teams that James could have chosen (depending on when the story was filmed), but everyone knows what Curry and the Warriors mean by LeBron’s work.

Much of James’ NBA legacy is tied to the Warriors so I can see why they might want to play for them. Curry and Golden State angered Bron and Cavs in 2015.

In 2016 there was an altercation between James and Draymond Green which led to a dramatic comeback in NBA Finals history. Cleveland cleared a 3-1 win to win the first and only NBA title. When you break it down, LeBron seems to be in love with the Warriors and it makes sense.

“I would love to be in a frustrating game with Draymond [Green]” James explained. “I like it when someone criticizes me.”

James and Green have also become good friends and business associates. And this came after their 2016 feud, when Draymond called LeBron a “whore,” which led to James being thrown out. As a result, when James says that he “likes to get into matches” with Green and that he likes to be insulted, I don’t buy it.

King James is widely regarded as one of the toughest players of his time. He constantly sends out secret tweets in response to what someone has said about him. Earlier in the season, James was on Twitter telling everyone he was calling the old Lakers to keep the same power.

The power continued, but the Lakers did not do the same. As a result, I will not be disappointed with James this time. I can’t believe for a minute he got better and Green swears incessantly and gets into his face. Because that’s what Draymond does to teammates and opponents on a regular basis.

Sometimes it’s like James he is so used to being in NBA games at the end of the season that he feels he has to give us something to remember. Not that we can forget, but you know the proverb, the ambiguous, the irrational. If your team does not play any of the key games in the NBA from April onwards, it means you have not been in the postseason. The Lakers never finished play-in this year.

The king has his finger on the heart. James knows what it takes to stay warm on the content. If James is not on the court, he knows he has to hit us with something from time to time, then he stays in our mind. When the king speaks, we all listen. And he certainly knows how he can benefit from that and cause us to speak about him.


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