Learn how to choose the ideal car seat for infants and children Gardenia Cavalcanti

Learn how to choose the ideal car seat for infants and childrenInternet reproduction

Did you know that traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for children aged 1 to 14 in Brazil? The information may be shocking, but according to NGO Krianka Segura, 90% of cases could have been avoided with some care. Lack of car seats is one of the reasons for this alarming rate.

The safety of our children is the most important issue for our women. This month was chosen to raise awareness about the high rate of traffic deaths – Yellow May. The issue of child safety has been highlighted in this campaign. To answer the question, Tatiana Cassoy, a multilaser product development expert, gave important tips with the help of the Fisher-Price team. Look at this!

Is it necessary to use car seat considering age, height or weight? How old should it be? In which position is the car seat most suitable for baby?
Currently two values ​​are valid in Brazil:
A-) ECE-R44 – uses baby weight as a reference for evolutionary stages and chair use requirements
b-) R-129 – Uses baby height as a reference for evolution of stages and chair use requirements.
To follow this correctly, it is important to understand the rules that fit your chair (the information will always be on the guide manual and the sticker / label provided on the product).

Why is it important to use a car seat?
Generally speaking, children up to the age of 12 do not reach enough height to properly fit their car seat belts. When an adult wears a belt, the diagonal strap goes over their chest. If a baby crosses the diagonal strap, it will either pass through your neck which presents a risk of suffocation, or it will not reach the baby. More specifically, newborns around one year of age, using car seats, travel in reverse motion, that is, in case of impact, the baby will be pushed into the seat, which will put less pressure on their body. And your head is better protected. After some time (according to the standard), the chair can be used towards the front, but nevertheless, the structure of the chair is a protection against the effects, preserving the body and head of the child whose bone structure is still in formation.

What’s the difference between a car seat and a baby seat? And between the car seat and the booster seat?
The main difference is the groups (depending on the weight or height range they follow). Baby carriers can only be used for newborns and usually in the first year of life. The chairs come in different versions and can be used by all children or only a few groups. The booster seat is suitable for older children who need only a “slight push” to reach the ideal height for safe use of the car seat belt.

We recently changed the car seat law. What’s new?
Previously, no booster seats were required for children over 6 and a half years old. Now, children between the ages of 7 and 10 – or less than 1.45 meters – must be carried in the back seat of a booster seat using a seat belt. Also, the Chair Law Project also mentioned exemptions from fines for non-compliance with the rules, which now impose a very severe fine of R 293.47 and 7 points on CNH.

If the child is very tall (more than 1.45 meters), but less than 10 years old, is it still necessary to use a car seat?
Age is for reference only. The weight or height of the baby is calculated depending on what standard the chair is certified to. According to Resolution 819 of the Contran (National Traffic Council), the use of restraint devices from a height of 1.45 m is not mandatory.

What are the most common errors when installing? How to make sure the car seat is securely attached to the seat?
The most common mistakes are related to the passage of the belt – both to secure the seat and to protect the child. It is very important that the installation is done correctly and the chair is used in the correct position (front or rear) and with the backrest leaning in the correct position. It is essential to use the manual to install the chair properly.

Are there penalties and / or penalties for those who do not use child safety equipment?
Yes. Transporting children without restraint devices with the right to 7 points in the wallet is considered a very serious violation.

Is there a better direction (driver or passenger) for car seat position?
The back seat is always the best option. Apart from that, there is no good side between left and right. Unless there is an airbag outlet on the selected side, it can be used. If you have an airbag, it must be disabled for safe use of the car seat.

These are life-saving tips! I am a beautiful 12 year old boy, Miguel’s mother and I never neglected his safety. My biggest asset is my son, so I can’t make it easy. The information is available, now is the time to implement it. Children need affection and protection, by all means.

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